Best Of VJMP 2019

The Paperback version of the International Edition of the Best of VJMP 2019 is available from Amazon for USD13.99


Our third annual compilation of essays and articles has just been released! Best of VJMP 2019 brings together the best material published on the VJM Publishing homepage during the year of 2019.

The year that brought us the Christchurch Mosque Shooting and the ‘It’s Okay To Be White’ t-shirt saga also brought a year of unprecedented growth for the alternative publishing outfit based in Nelson.

The Asylum at the Top of the Mountain received a record number of visitors, with several hundred people hitting the company page every day by the end of the year.

Best of VJMP 2019 brings the reader the most popular and best regarded essays and articles from the company page. As in previous years, this material covers life from the perspective of the alt-centrists we are.

If you think that we ought to rid ourselves of Establishment predation, but that the alternative left and alternative right are dangerous extremists, then you may be an alt-centrist. If so, this book is for you!

Contents of Best of VJMP 2019 International Edition:

64. The Great New Zealand Chimpout
63. Peterson Derangement Syndrome
62. The Equalitarian Dogma – The World’s Most Damaging Lie
61. Why Intelligence Can Never Be a Fixed Concept
60. The Two Fundamental Political Questions
59. We’re All Slaves On One Big Tax Plantation
58. Orderworkers And Chaosworkers
57. The Tao of Rugby
56. The Three Fundamental Personality Types
55. How The People Are Divided and Conquered
54. Red Pill, White Pill, Blue Pill, Black Pill
53. A Sevenfold Conception of Inherent Human Rights
52. Why Vaccination Should Never Be Made Compulsory
51. The Three Hurdles
50. Hard Eugenics And Soft Eugenics
49. How FaceBook Censorship Radicalises Young Men Into Violence
48. How Mass Immigration Causes Us To Lose Freedoms, And Why It’s Being Pushed
47. 20 Years Since Columbine: Are We Still Nihilists?
46. We Are All One – But So What?
45. The Spear of Destiny
44. Selectionism: The Prejudice That The World May Not Be Ready For
43. The Four Alchemical Realms of Law
42. A Former Black Magician Provides a Magical Analysis of the Christchurch Mosque Shootings
41. Zomblique’s Philosopher
40. The Creeping Normalisation of Political Violence
39. It’s Okay To Be Whatever You Naturally Are
38. Did The World End on December 21st, 2012?
37. Slave Morality in 2019
36. Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Explains How Humanity Is Doomed
35. Understanding the Globalist/Nationalist Dichotomy
34. How to Cope With Climate Hysteria
33. Old Colonialism and New Colonialism
32. Overcoming the Black Pill
31. Signs That A New Spiritual Order Is Arising
30. The Occult Background of The Magic: The Gathering Five-Colour System
29. The Best Way to Raise Wages Is to Strengthen The Negotiating Position of The Working Class
28. The Golden Right, or The Masculine Aspect of the Precious Right
27. Good Nationalism and Bad Nationalism, Good Globalism and Bad Globalism
26. Why The Left Doesn’t Give A Shit About Drug Law Reform, Gun Rights or Free Speech
25. The Alt-Centrist Response To Increasing Polarisation
24. The Conceit of Silver
23. 21st Century Masculinity
22. The First Shall Be Last And The Last Shall Be First
21. Slave Morality and Modern Conceptions of Human Nature
20. Why Alt-Centrism is Necessarily A Spiritual Movement
19. Why Beneficiaries Are Morally Superior to Workers
18. Is The Greta Thunberg Show A Black Magic Ritual?
17. How to Deal With the Fact That We’re All Going to Die
16. The Apparatus of Propaganda
15. The Political Struggle of Our Time is Globalism vs. Nationalism
14. Weapons of Mass Psychological Destruction
13. Civilisation Is An Act of Alchemy
12. The Three Elementary Threats Used by the Ruling Class to Establish Compliance
11. A Universal Basic Income Would Pay For Itself In The Bitching It Would Prevent
10. Mummy Politics and Daddy Politics
9. The Three Failed Political Models of Our Time
8. Democracy Has Failed
7. If The Nazis Had Won World War II
6. Is Being A Worker in 2019 Preferable To Chattel Slavery?
5. The Cult Logic Behind Modern SJW Culture
4. The Second Tenet of Anarcho-Homicidalism
3. The Truth May Incite Racial Hatred
2. The Minor Renaissance And The Major Renaissance
1. The Satanism to Luciferianism Pipeline

Contents of Best of VJMP 2019 New Zealand Edition:

64. The Great New Zealand Chimpout

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