The Government, Media and Police Work Together To Suppress The Kiwi People

Many New Zealanders were shocked yesterday by the news that Right Minds columnist Dieuwe de Boer had been raided by Police, ostensibly to look for a now-banned magazine for a .22 rifle. As this essay will show, the true reason for the Police raid was as part of a wider effort to suppress dissent – an effort carried out in co-ordination with the Government and the mainstream media.

The New Zealand Government knows what it wants to do to the New Zealand people, and it’s going to do it to them whether they like it or not.

Like all authorities throughout history, the New Zealand Government has a number of people who oppose it, and a number of arse-licking slaves who support it. Those who oppose it are the New Zealand people, whose natural will is to live freely. Those who support it are the soulless hordes of weaklings who have always fallen in line behind authority figures.

That the Government works together with the Police is obvious. In theory, the Police are supposed to be politically independent. The reality is that most Kiwi alternative media commentators have now received Police harassment visits. Vinny Eastwood, VJM Publishing, Cross the Rubicon and now de Boer have all been targeted in recent months – all selected for harassment on account of their outspoken criticism of the Government.

What is less known is that the Government and Police also work hand-in-hand with the mainstream media. The media plays an essential role in this suppression by manufacturing consent for the crackdowns. They present pro-Government propaganda, and attack the reputations of anti-Government speakers.

Radio New Zealand did their bit by smearing de Boer as a “far-right extremist” who is involved with illegal firearms. In the minds of the Establishment and its loyal sycophants in the Police and mainstream media, anyone who isn’t part of the Establishment is a dangerous extremist. Thanks to propaganda such as the linked RNZ piece, people are more likely to see the Police actions as fair and proportionate.

The Radio New Zealand article was written to stir hysteria about wrong-thinkers, with the implication that there are legions of far-right wingers out there hoarding firearms in the hope of some future opportunity to massacre some Muslims. Anyone who questions the Government, it is implied, stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Brenton Tarrant and may well be a future mass murderer themselves.

The mainstream media, in its capacity as a propaganda machine, works hard to link people like Dieuwe de Boer and VJM Publishing with white nationalism, and thereby to white supremacism, and thereby to Nazism. As mentioned above, their goal is to get the New Zealand public to see the shadow of Brenton Tarrant behind every criticism of the Government, or of the Government’s globalist agenda.

Fall in line or stand with Tarrant, the authorities bark.

The mainstream media does this not only out of sycophancy. They also know that the alternative media is their greatest threat. In America, mainstream media outlets are getting destroyed by alternative media. The alternative media on YouTube, liberated from the problems of scaling that kept new entrants out of television, now gets more viewers than the mainstream media gets on cable.

Thus, the mainstream media plays the major role in making sure that the New Zealand public, in their sheep-like naivety, see the targets of the Government attacks as evil people. Anyone the Government decrees to be a wrongthinker will have their reputations sullied by mainstream journalists working to link them to terrorism.

The New Zealand Government has already compiled a list of wrong-thinkers. VJM Publishing is on it – this we know thanks to having faced a Police harassment visit already as part of Operation Whakahumanu. The New Zealand Police leaked this list to the mainstream media, who dutifully informed the public that they were being watched.

These wrong-thinkers are being targeted in order to suppress their voices of dissent. The point of the Operation Whakahumanu harassment campaign, as with the targeting of de Boer, is to make people think twice before they take action to criticise or oppose the Government. It is to make people think that they better keep their mouths shut in case the Police target them next.

De Boer is no friend of VJM Publishing. It is his brand of Abrahamic conservatism that VJM Publishing was formed to oppose. Like his fellow Bible-thumper Bob McCoskrie, de Boer couldn’t give two shits about the Police raids on medicinal cannabis growers. Users of psychedelic sacraments, in the eyes of Abrahamic conservatives, are just the kind of “degenerates” that would improve society if they were locked behind bars.

However, when the Government sets its attack dogs on the people on spurious grounds, it attacks all of us. They specifically target people like de Boer first because they know that the mainstream media will paint him as an extremist, and that this smearing will discourage people from standing up for him – or for the next victim.

The grim reality is that the New Zealand Government works hand-in-hand with the Police and the mainstream media to manufacture consent for neoliberal objectives. The people who own the New Zealand political class have directed that class to open the country up for the mass importation of cheap labour with the intent of driving wages to the floor and house prices to the roof. Because much of the surplus cheap labour is Muslim, anti-Muslim attitudes have to be smashed.

Whether admitted or not, that is the fundamental reason for the Police attack on de Boer.

Pictured: a propaganda victim


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10 thoughts on “The Government, Media and Police Work Together To Suppress The Kiwi People”

  1. The problem is that most people in this country, either in Government or just the general public, don’t realise the real dangers that face this country: which have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism or war or mass migration, but stem from the natural forces of this land.

  2. Fuck the government. I’ll criticise them until they have to jail me indefinitely or perhaps execute me after a show-trial. I challenge them to build enough prisons to lock us all up, lol, but they can’t even get one new house built.

    What a shame, we’ll just have to become more radical until dumbo-cinda gets the fucking picture.

    read the above for inspiration

    Trust me, when Trump gets re-elected and democrats start getting murdered at political rallies the amount of intimidation will only get worse. Speak out now and go public with your views. Nobody does themselves any favours by being pussies and hiding being @Twitter handles.

      1. i worked out some real big deal stuff that made trillions i got no money no reconnection and basicly got craped on ..

  3. There are many police that oppose what is being done to us (and them, they’re citizens just like us), it’s the leadership that needs to go.
    A critical element that has been missed in this article is our corrupt judicial system. That is the most serious element. For example, the police have stopped applying for warrants on ethnic gangs, because they are never granted. These gangs have openly stated that they will not be surrendering their weapons, but will never be searched, because the police will never get a warrant to do so.
    We are in deep trouble and very few of our citizens are aware of it. We can’t trust the government, the media, the police leadership and worst of all, our judicial system.

  4. It SEEMS to me that this is a slightly hysterical cherry-picked plethora of subjective opinions presented as a shit-load of objective facts.

  5. Does anyone want to be open and agree that the Jewish Zionist supremacists that have been destroying this world for a long time have to be overcome for any progress to be made? Ie create our own new national bank , forfeit the high usurious banking system and accept that direct energy weapons are used to create disasters, like chch earthquake and more, humanity and all life is under attack, fuelled by deeper spiritual forces, we must overcome this by allowing God back into our lives and liberate ourselves and our people from twisted criminals.

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