Clown World Chronicles

The paperback version of Clown World Chronicles is available from Amazon for USD18.99.

The ebook version of Clown World Chronicles is available from Amazon for USD8.99.

Clown World Chronicles is a homage to the great ethological works of Desmond Morris, in particular The Naked Ape and The Human Zoo. Vince McLeod’s Clown World Chronicles updates the story of the human primate for the 21st century, where our society has degraded to such a degree it now seems like a twisted circus.

The book is divided into three parts. Understanding Clown World introduces a number of concepts that must be understood if Clown World is to be explained. The Clown World Chronicles describes how Clown World operates, in comparison to an ideal world. The Clown World Pantheon is an examination of a new spiritual movement that is arising in cyberspace.

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Clown World Concepts

What is ‘Neoliberalism’?
What is ‘Globohomo’?
What is ‘Brown Communism’?
Who are the ‘Alt Right’?
Who are the ‘Alt Left’?
Who are the ‘Alt Centre’?
What is ‘The Great Awakening’?
What is ‘The Great Awokening’?
What is ‘Accelerationism’?
What is ‘Anarcho-Tyranny’?

Clown World Psychology

What is a ‘Struggle Session’?
What is ‘Virtue Signalling’?
What is ‘Bioleninism’?
What is ‘Solipsism’?
What is ‘Pathological Altruism’?
What is ‘Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy’?
What is ‘Hypergamy’?
What is a ‘Behavioural Sink’?
What is ‘Learned Helplessness’?
What is an ‘Inferiority Complex’?
What is ‘Race Neurosis’?
What is ‘Groupthink’?
What is ‘Oversocialisation’?

Clown World Denizens

What is a ‘Gutmensch’?
What is a ‘Christcuck’?
What is a ‘Simp’?
What is a ‘Midwit’?
What is a ‘Baizuo’?
What is a ‘Soyboy’?
What is a ‘Roastie’?
What is a ‘Dhimmi’?
What is an ‘Incel’?
What is a ‘Glowie’?
What is a ‘MGTOW’?
What is a ‘Social Justice Warrior’?
What is a ‘NEET’?
What is a ‘Nazihippie’?

Clown World Phenomena

What is ‘Weimarisation’?
What is ‘White Erasure’?
What is the ‘Boogaloo’?
What is the ‘Day of the Pillow/Rope/Rake’?
What is ‘The Muttening’?
What is ‘Incel Rage’?
What is ‘Cancel Culture’?
What is ‘Pozzed’?
What is an ‘Ethnostate’?
What are ‘Diversity Blocks’?
What is a ‘Chimpout’?


The History of Clown World
Everyday Life in Clown World
Politics in Clown World
Science in Clown World
History in Clown World
Business in Clown World
Immigration in Clown World
Education in Clown World
Medicine in Clown World
Entertainment in Clown World
Intellectual Culture in Clown World
Mass Media in Clown World
Justice in Clown World
Gender Relations in Clown World
Race Relations in Clown World
Generational Relations in Clown World
Class Relations in Clown World
Elections in Clown World
Spirituality in Clown World
The Future of Clown World


The Clown World Pantheon and How to Use It for Magical Purposes
Who is Wojak?
Who is Pepe?
Who is Honkler?
Who is Kek?
Who is Virgin?
Who is Chad?
Who is Stacy?
Who is Coomer?
Who is Doomer?
Who is Boomer?
Who is the Great NPC?
Who is El Goblino?
Who is Corona-Chan?
Who is the Merchant?
Who is Karen?
Who is Waifu?
Who is Tyrone?

7 thoughts on “Clown World Chronicles”

  1. Hello, is this book going to available from Amazon? I live in Europe and would love to give it a read. (If or when it is finished).
    have a good day.

    1. Hello Conrad! Yes it sure will be! All VJM Publishing books are on Amazon.

      It should be finished by this time next year, keep tuned to this page for updates!

  2. This blog Clown-pilled me. I feel better about laughing at the insane world. This is a great explanation of the things that I struggle to explain to normies. Thank you and I can not wait to own a hard copy.

    1. Sure is, we’re looking at releasing the Kindle version by the end of November and the paperback by the end of the year.

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