The QAnon LARP Was The Greatest Psyop Of All Time

Trust the plan. For four years, this simple three-word phrase paralysed all resistance to the Establishment. It was repeated over and over by followers of QAnon, a legendary poster on various underground imageboards, until it became a mantra. Those who repeated it seemed to be privy to some important secret plan to save the world.

Donald Trump came to power in 2016 on the promise of being an anti-Establishment President. The original three-word phrase, often spoken by him, was “Drain the Swamp”. Trump would drain the festering swamp that was Washington D.C. politics by ridding it of corruption. All we had to do was vote him into power and then wait for the wheels of justice to turn.

To that end, Trump was apparently working with military intelligence services to orchestrate a mass arrest of all the corrupt elements of the American Establishment. Trump supporters were led to believe that several tens of thousands of sealed indictments existed and, when the day came, these would all be unsealed and the bad guys would all be arrested.

Early in 2017 it started to dawn on people that Trump either couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do anything about the corruption in Washington. He got into power and then… nothing happened. Soon after that, people started asking themselves if they’d been had.

Enter QAnon.

In order to quench the rising discontent caused by Trump’s inaction, a psyop known as the QAnon LARP was put into action. It was launched upon the world in October 2017, with a semi-plausible horseshit story about how Hillary Clinton was about to be arrested. This story renewed hope that the international pedophile cabal might soon be brought to justice.

From this date, until Joe Biden assumed the American Presidency in 2021, imageboards were inundated with posts from a mysterious figure named Q. Many supposed Q to be a high-ranking intelligence officer, as Q apparently revealed classified information in their posts, known as “Q drops”. Q’s posts all furthered the idea that mass arrests were imminent.

The “trust the plan” narrative played a crucial role here. By constantly hearing this phrase repeated, many people came to be convinced that not only was there a plan, but also that it was a wise plan and that it was in the process of execution. It seemed that, out there in the shadows, good guys with white hats were closing the noose around the bad guys with the black hats. All we had to do was lend our moral support to the plan and to not interfere.

The ultimate effect of getting people to wait on some vague plan was paralysis. Any time that someone suggested taking some kind of action, others would bleat “trust the plan”, and all progress would be neutralised. There was no reason to take any action oneself if the white hats had everything under control. In such a case, it would be better to sit back and not interfere.

The QAnon LARP sucked in an enormous number of Christians. This is probably due to the fact that it targeted the same mentality that predatory Christian preachers target: the smug, self-righteous delusion that one is privy to secret knowledge. As the Christians have passively waited for Jesus to return, instead of taking action, so have the Q cultists passively waited for their own messiah figure.

Now Trump is gone, and Q is heard from no more. Most Q cultists have, by now, realised that they were taken for fools.

The whole QAnon LARP bears a close resemblance to another psyop from almost a century previous – Operation Trust. This was a counterintelligence operation conducted in the early days of the Soviet Union.

The goal of Operation Trust was to convince monarchist forces, who had recently been ousted from power in the Bolshevik Revolution, to believe that anti-Bolshevik forces were organising and were about to stage a counter-revolution. These monarchist forces were convinced that their allies were organising behind the scenes and would take action at any moment. As such, it was best not to interfere.

In reality, the Bolsheviks were strengthening their position, using the delay to purge monarchists from the civil service and the security forces. By the time the monarchists got wise to the ruse, it was too late. The Bolsheviks had consolidated their control, condemning the Soviet people to the Holodomor and the horrors of the Gulag Archipelago.

The QAnon psyop was no doubt conducted for similar reasons, and appears to have achieved a similar effect. In the belief that nationalist forces were about to strike against the globalists, the actual nationalist forces did nothing, and squandered the opportunity they had from Donald Trump occupying the American Presidency. With the globalist Joe Biden now in charge, the real noose – that around our necks – will tighten.


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Why The Mainstream Media Does So Much Race-Baiting

Many people ask themselves why the mainstream media does so much race-baiting. It’s apparent that there a conscious and widespread effort to divide every Western nation along racial lines, and to promote racial consciousness wherever possible. The mainstream media does all this as part of a deliberate strategy to divide and conquer all Western nations.

The first thing to be understood is that the mainstream media of almost every Western nation is owned and controlled by international banking and finance interests. This is true of New Zealand, and it’s true of almost everywhere else as well, and has been true for over a century now.

These international banking and finance interests don’t permit the journalists of the mainstream media to present the news objectively. Control of the narrative is far too valuable to allow mere journalists to decide what information gets presented to the masses.

The mainstream media serves as the apparatus of propaganda, through which consent for the desires of the ruling class is manufactured. The owners of that apparatus make sure that its every action serves their interests. To that end, every story, article or bulletin is manicured to achieve the maximum possible propaganda benefit to the ruling class.

The major interest of the international banking and finance interests, a.k.a. the ruling class, is to maintain their position at the top of the social dominance hierarchy. Staying at the top, when you are grossly outnumbered, is primarily a matter of dividing and conquering the masses and setting them against each other. That way, they can’t unify and set themselves against you.

It is in serving this interest that the mainstream media does so much race-baiting. Their repeated emphasis on racial issues distracts from the class issues that are harming both working-class whites and working-class non-whites. This is true of every Western country.

Whether it’s whites and blacks, whites and Muslims, whites and Maoris – both or all sides have to be set against each other through constant emphasis of their differences and denial of their similarities. At no point, ever, may it be acknowledged that working-class whites and working-class non-whites have anything in common.

This is why the mainstream media dishes up shit like this week’s report about the Vodafone CEO telling one of his customers to fuck off in Maori, which is not news in any sense. The only purpose of stories like this is to normalise the division of the nation into racial groups, which is achieved by normalising race consciousness.

The Vodafone CEO is a wealthy, ruling class man, who benefits directly from the division of the working class, whose wages are his biggest expense. He is not a friend of Maoris in any sense, especially not working-class ones. But the apparatus of propaganda is willing to present him as an ally for the sake of race-baiting.

This is why New Zealand’s Stuff, the 12th most-visited website in the country (according to Alexa rankings), has an entire section devoted purely to race-baiting. The ‘Pou tiaki’ section runs nothing but race hate stories, usually with a particular focus on demonising white people. Even when white people are not demonised directly, this section propounds the narrative that every New Zealander is their race first and foremost.

Such narratives have an extremely destructive effect on working class solidarity. Working-class whites, many of who are still suffering intergenerational trauma from their ancestors’ participation in World Wars I and II, naturally resent being told that they are privileged. Working-class Maoris, for their part, are torn between loyalty to their fellow working-class whites and their own Maori elders, who tend to push race hate narratives.

This resentment and divided loyalties make it impossible for the working class to present a unified front to the ruling class.

The mainstream media, and the people who own them, don’t care whether the average white Kiwi sees Maoris as an angelic race of innocent victims or as a criminal race of grifters and gang members. All that matters is that they’re seen as an other. There’s a white Us and a brown Them, and class narratives don’t come into it at all, ever.

As long as people think that “we are our race”, they don’t ever think that “we are our class”. That would be the real danger – if working-class whites and working-class Maoris would come together to assert their class differences in the face of the ruling class. It is to prevent this outcome that the ruling class directs its lackeys in the mainstream media to fill the airwaves with race-baiting propaganda.

Normalising racial consciousness also abnormalises the idea that a random working-class white and a random working-class Maori can come together in bonds of solidarity. Racial consciousness means that the first thought of a white upon seeing a Maori, or vice-versa, is suspicion and mistrust. Class consciousness, by contrast, means that working-class people put all their mutual suspicion and mistrust aside to achieve a greater goal.

So the reason why the mainstream media does so much race-baiting is to keep the enemies of their owners divided. The owners of the mainstream media want a divided working class, one that cannot come together to effect any real change to the status quo of the political and economic systems. Every story about racial injustice is a story that distracts from class injustice.


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How The Television News Works

The six o’clock television news is the single most powerful force in existence for manipulating public opinion. At no other time during the day are so many people tuned into one single source of information. This unique dominance means that whatever is spoken about on The News is spoken about at work the next day. The News sets the agenda.

The sad, bitter truth is that The News is not, in any sense, a genuine effort to inform honestly about the issues of the day. The News is, and always has been, propaganda, i.e. an effort to regiment the minds of the public and to persuade them to consent to certain actions.

This propaganda is put together by the television programmers – exceptionally skilled psychologists who order the segments of the television shows to achieve the best effect. Here, “best effect” is defined as whatever is desired by the beneficiaries of the programming – the corporate interests who buy the advertising.

The television news is a simple work, but it’s possibly the most effective and powerful one on Earth, if one measures how many people are affected by it. The work occurs in two phases: the first is when the viewer is made to feel tension by watching a news bulletin, and the second is when the viewer is given relief from the tension by watching an advertisement.

The news bulletins themselves are of two kinds.

The first sells fear. In this category are stories about rising Chinese military power, global climate change, Islamic terrorism and financial collapse. The News usually leads with one of these stories, to set the tone. Once the viewer is made afraid, the television programmer can then double down on the fear.

The second sells anger. In this category are stories about lesser humans getting away with it, such as dark-skinned people getting light sentences for violence or sex crimes, or welfare increases, or a lower-class person questioning whatever their society’s noble lie is (in our case, the noble lie is equalitarianism).

The advertisements can be anything, but their common characteristic is that they relieve the fear and anger generated in the previous phase. To this end, it doesn’t matter if the advertisements are selling power, leisure, excitement, style, class, friendship or any other emotion. They only have to release the tension built up in the first phase.

So long as the advertisement causes the body to release tension, natural physiology will lead to that person forming a positive association with whatever product is displayed at the same time. Even if only at a subconscious level, the person watching The News comes to associate the product advertised with a decrease in anxiety and stress. Having formed such an association, the viewer is effectively programmed to behave in a way that benefits the advertiser (usually by buying their product).

It’s all but impossible to avoid being programmed in this manner if one watches television. The only way to escape is to not react emotionally to anything displayed on the screen.

The usual result of such programming is that, when a person is at the supermarket and sees a product that was advertised during The News, they recall the pleasant, relaxed feeling that they felt during the advertisement and associates that with the product in front of them. This often leads to a sale.

Even if the programming doesn’t cause people to buy a particular product, it achieves a more sinister objective: to regiment the minds of the public.

Most people are far too busy with their everyday lives to conduct a philosophical investigation into what’s right or wrong, so they just go along with the crowd. But they’re also too busy to conduct an accurate and objective survey of what the crowd thinks, so they trust The News to tell them.

The News tells its audience what the issues of the day are, what most people think about those issues and what they should be outraged over. They do this by normalising certain attitudes and by abnormalising others.

For instance, by making a big deal out of race issues, and by prominently featuring people to speak about race issues, The News promotes race consciousness, and normalises viewing the world through a racial lens. At the same time, they minimalise or trivialise class issues, denying class consciousness, and abnormalise viewing the world through a class lens.

The result has been the intensification of race neurosis to race hysteria level. This myopic focus on racism has made it impossible for people to develop the necessary class consciousness to resist the ruling class and its depredations. The television news, by dividing the people up among racial and gender lines, plays a crucial role in destroying that class consciousness.

The television news, then, works by modifying the behaviour of its audience to the benefit of its sponsors. The corporate, banking and financial interests that buy television advertising get to decide how the viewers will be programmed, and then the television programmers schedule their programs to make this possible.


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Neoliberal Totalitarianism

The 20th Century gave us the right-wing totalitarianism of the Nazis and the left-wing totalitarianism of the Communists. The trauma caused by these ideologies caused people to gravitate towards the centre, in the belief that this was the opposite of totalitarianism. But the 21st Century has given us a new, centrist form of totalitarianism: the neoliberal form.

Neoliberal totalitarianism announced itself last week with the unpersoning of American President Donald Trump. Trump was first banned from Twitter, and then FaceBook, and then the rest of the neoliberal establishment piled in. Within days, he was even banned from Spotify.

The tech tyrants justified this by saying that Trump had violated the terms and conditions of the respective websites. But Twitter continues to host representatives of ISIS – who have been described as “winning the social media war” – as well as supporters of the Chinese Communist Party who argue in favour of concentration camps, and people sharing videos celebrating the Charlie Hebdo murders.

Nazi totalitarianism sought to control everyone’s lives down to the minutest detail, and was willing to destroy anyone who resisted. Communist totalitarianism also sought to control everyone’s lives down to the minutest detail, and was also willing to destroy anyone who resisted. The rhetoric that these forces used may have been different, but fundamentally both were authoritarian movements.

Neoliberal totalitarianism is just as bad. Like Nazism and Communism, it seeks total control over the lives of the citizens. Much like other totalitarian systems, it involves Big Business and Big Government working together against the common person. The degree of authoritarianism is the same. As Trump learned, when the neoliberal totalitarians decide that you’re gone, you’re gone.

Neoliberal totalitarianism is much more sophisticated than either Nazism or Communism.

The crude tyrannies of the 20th Century were not at all shy about making enemies, whether external or internal. Theirs was very much a rule of iron. Dissenters were crushed, sometimes literally as in the case of Tienanmen Square. Consent was achieved through submission to fear. Secret police were an everyday menace.

The tyrannies of the 21st Century are more the rule of silver. The logic is to abnormalise violence as much as possible, with the intent of making it unthinkable for any of their victims to use it against them. Neoliberal totalitarianism achieves its power through absolute control of the media matrix.

The reason for the current purge of wrongthinkers from social media is to maintain the effectiveness of that media control.

Josef Goebbels, in his Principles of Propaganda, wrote that “Propaganda must be planned and executed by only one authority. It must issue all the propaganda directives. It must explain propaganda directives to important officials and maintain their morale. It must oversee other agencies’ activities which have propaganda consequences.”

This totalitarian approach was the basis of the Nazi propaganda strategy. Far from recognising the value of free speech, the Nazis banned every propaganda organ that wasn’t under their control. The Nazi Party would be the sole source of truth for the German citizenry. A similar situation arose in Communist countries.

Goebbels understood that, if all other voices were silenced, people would unquestioningly follow the narratives they were given. It was only when other voices started to question the veracity of the Nazi propaganda that it started to become less effective. So all those questioning it were silenced. Anyone pointing out how the Nazis were lying were liquidated, many in concentration camps.

Totalitarian governments attack free speech with more fervour than they attack any other freedom. This is because free speech is the basis of every other freedom. Without free speech, the other freedoms cannot be peacefully defended. The loss of free speech is therefore the breach in the dam that leads inevitably to tyranny.

The neoliberal totalitarianism of today is pushing for the same degree of central control over media content that existed in Nazi or Communist countries. They do this out of similar motivations to the Nazi and Communist totalitarians. Desiring power, and being indifferent to the suffering of the people whose freedoms would be lost, the totalitarian is happy to trade those freedoms away for more control.

The only major difference between the neoliberal totalitarians of 2020 and the Nazi/Communist totalitarians of 1940 is that today’s tyrants are more subtle. They use their total control of the apparatus of propaganda to train the citizens to police each other. They don’t need to put wrongthinkers in gulags if they can train the citizens to shun those wrongthinkers into submission.

Because the citizens themselves act as the overseers of the slave plantation, it feels like they are doing so consensually. As long as no-one questions why it is that people think they way they do, or who decided that they should think that way, the hate machine can roll onwards unimpeded. In this manner, wrongthinkers can be neutralised without provoking resistance.

Any future solution to neoliberal totalitarianism must base itself on anti-totalitarian grounds. This will require common agreement across all of left, right and centre that totalitarian measures are unacceptable. The first step might be to declare common agreement with George Washington that “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”


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