Our Great War Is A Spiritual War

Brad Pitt summarised the challenges facing the Western World in the 1999 film Fight Club, when his character Tyler Durden said: “We’re the middle children of history, men. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives.” 22 years later, our Great War is still a spiritual war.

There exists a supercosmic spiritual force that wills suffering upon all conscious beings. This nameless Principle of Evil has inspired countless acts of sadism throughout the ages. It is at work everywhere a person acts with malice or indifference towards the suffering of their fellows.

This Principle of Evil is in eternal conflict with the Principle of Good, which seeks to alleviate the suffering of all conscious beings. The two are locked in a Great Spiritual War, one which profoundly affects the lives of every creature. The Principle of Evil seeks to cause those creatures to suffer, and the Principle of Good seeks to counter the Principle of Evil.

The influence of this Principle of Evil, as Solzhenitsyn understood, runs through the heart of every human being. It is not exclusive to any gender, race, nation, occupation or creed (although some creeds, such as the Abrahamic cults, worship the Principle of Evil and its demons). Therefore, this spiritual war is fought everywhere, in all times and places.

Every conscious being is conscripted into the war against this Principle of Evil, which seeks to cause them suffering. The easiest way for the Principle of Evil to cause suffering is by provoking passions. Every impulse felt by any conscious being creates a conflict: between the will to gratify that desire, and the will to alleviate suffering.

One of the main theatres of the Great Spiritual War involves keeping people ignorant about the spiritual truths of reality.

As Socrates and Buddha both laboured to point out, suffering is primarily caused by ignorance. The most effective way for the Principle of Evil to increase the suffering in the world is to spread ignorance, because ignorance empowers the passions. There are two main ways to spread ignorance: denying the truth, and asserting falsehoods.

Denying the truth involves denying the spiritual truths. The followers of the Principle of Evil deny the fundamental all-rightness of the Universe. They also deny the Law of Assortative Reincarnation. These two denials lead to extreme anxiety among those who are influenced to agree with them.

Asserting falsehood involves inserting lies in the space vacated by the destruction of the truth. The followers of the Principle of Evil do this by asserting things such as “Jesus Christ is God”, or “the brain generates consciousness”. These falsehoods serve to mislead people who might be searching for spiritual truths.

The combined result of denying the truth and asserting falsehood is mass spiritual confusion. The Principle of Evil preys on this confusion by tricking people into giving their power away. Once enslaved, they can be made to suffer without being able to resist.

One of the fronts of this theatre of spiritual warfare involves the legal status of spiritual sacraments.

The followers of the Principle of Evil are aware that people have used spiritual sacraments, such as cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms, for thousands of years to reconnect with the divine. In places such as India, where the native spiritual traditions were not eradicated by Abrahamic invaders, cannabis is still used as a spiritual sacrament.

In order to increase the amount of suffering in the world, then, the followers of the Principle of Evil have acted to destroy all genuine spiritual traditions. This is why they murdered Pythagoras and Hypatia, and it’s why they destroyed the Eleusianian Mysteries and the Library of Alexandria. It’s why their colonists have assiduously attacked the native spiritual traditions of every land they settled in.

This is also why Christians and Muslims came together to oppose cannabis law reform in New Zealand last year. By destroying the possibility of using cannabis as a spiritual sacrament, they worked to maximise the spiritual ignorance in New Zealand, and thereby the suffering. Abrahamists may spend a lot of time killing each other, but they’re capable of co-operating if the common objective is to attack ordinary people.

Victory in the Great Spiritual War entails the eradication of all Abrahamic traditions from the face of the Earth. This would result in the total defeat of the Principle of Evil, who, without worshippers, would be powerless to increase the suffering in the world. At that point, a new spiritual Golden Age would begin.

The first step is to reassert our freedom to use spiritual sacraments to reconnect with the divine. The truth – that cannabis, psilocybin and various other substances are spiritual sacraments – must be spoken widely once again. Their open, ritual use must retake a centre stage in our civic life.

With our natural connection to the divine re-established, we will once more come to act in accordance with the Will of God. This will lead to the minimisation of suffering in the world.


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Clown World Chronicles: What Is A ‘Nazihippie’?

Clown World is full of contradictions. Often they manifest in the form of political alliances between people who hate each other. Often they manifest within the same individual. One apparently contradictory new subculture is that of the Nazihippie. But this new culture is not as inexplicable as it might seem.

It seems counter-intuitive for Nazis and hippies to come together in the form of Nazihippies. Nazism was a warmongering ideology that sought to subjugate foreign peoples and appropriate their territory. Hippie culture is all about being as peaceful as possible, even to the point of taking a beating rather than striking back. So what common ground could they possibly have?

History moves in cycles, each movement usually a reaction to the previous one. The original Nazism was a reaction to the conditions of the Weimar Republic, and the original hippie movement was a reaction to the conditions of the Great Depression. The first saw people lurch into authoritarianism in the hope of staving off degeneracy. The second saw people lurch into voluntary poverty in the hope of staving off environmental and social collapse.

Clown World, as mentioned elsewhere, is the result of excessive capitalism and excessive communism. These are the two forces that emerged victorious from World War II and which have determined the order of the world since then.

When the counter-reaction to Clown World arises, it will be in the form of those who both oppose capitalism and oppose communism. The point of common sentiment between Nazis and hippies is that both oppose capitalism and both oppose communism. Their reasons might be different, but their enemies are the same.

Capitalists are fervent anti-nationalists, believing that national borders are obstacles to free trade and the importation of cheap labour. Nazis hate them because it believes that capitalism preys on the Volk for the sake of profit. Hippies hate them because they are appalled by shallow materialism and by disregard for the natural environment.

Communists are also fervent anti-nationalists, believing that national consciousness is a distraction from class consciousness. Nazis hate them because national socialism competes with international socialism for the same supporters. Hippies hate them because communists are authoritarian materialists with no concern for the environment.

Putting all these facts together, we can predict that resistance to globohomo, when it begins in earnest, will be spearheaded by the Nazihippie.

A Nazihippie is someone who explicitly rejects the extraterritorial ambitions of Nazism, while at the same time being a nationalist who aspires to ending the suffering of their nation’s people. They are also someone who rejects the trend-obsessed, shallow and passive strains of hipster culture, while at the same time being interested in spirituality and psychedelic drugs.

Nazihippies don’t care about Jews beyond a general dislike of Abrahamism, and a general preference for non-Semitic spiritual traditions. Although they are nationalists, they are not xenophobic, at least not beyond the recognition that mass immigration of low-IQ people is an exceptionally destructive practice.

Neither are Nazihippies authoritarian (at least not collectively – individuals might be). The chaos of the hippie balances the order of the Nazi. Having said that, they aren’t virtue signallers. They don’t care about gay rights, women’s rights or minority rights beyond a general support for libertarianism. Drug rights they do care about however, cognitive liberty being the antidote to globohomo brainwashing.

If someone’s both redpilled on race and redpilled on psychedelics, chances are they’re a Nazihippie.

Newton realised that it was a law of physics that every action has its equal and opposite reaction. It’s also true of other sciences. Psychological actions also have equal and opposite reactions. The aggression shown by the capitalist-communist alliance has already begun to create a counterculture formed of an alliance between those who reject both capitalism and communism, and also the globalism that binds them.

This counterculture is that of the Nazihippie.

Today, the majority of Nazihippies can be found in the New World, especially on the North American West Coast, in the Anzac countries, in South Africa and in Southern South America. They tend to live rurally, because both capitalism and communism are primarily urban phenomena. They are often well-educated, even if that education tends to be informal.

Someone who takes psychedelic drugs and feels one with all, but can still hunt, shoot and clean a game animal is the typical example of this new kind of person. Smoking a joint and ranting about immigration is their archetypal expression. They can be of any age and gender, and in principle any race, although in practice most are white, young and male.

This rural, libertarian nationalism is a reaction to the primarily urban, authoritarian and globalist culture of Clown World. It’s a coming together both of Clown World’s rejects and of those who have rejected Clown World. It’s an alliance of those who want a new deal. As such, it combines the discontent that led to the rise of the Nazis and the discontent that led to the hippie movement.

Nazihippie culture is implicitly alt centrist, because it combines right-wing sentiments with left-wing sentiments in an alliance against the Establishment. This is why they are appearing on the planetary stage right now, as the Establishment is weakening and losing its legitimacy in the eyes of many people.

Nazihippies will continue to increase in number until Clown World ends, at which point the Nazihippie will serve as the vanguard of a new order. As of yet, however, there is no unifying Nazihippie ideology. Perhaps ecofascism will end up being some kind of antecedent.


This article is an excerpt from Clown World Chronicles, a book about the insanity of life in the post-Industrial West. This is being compiled by Vince McLeod for an expected release in January 2021.


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Clown World Chronicles: Spirituality In Clown World

As a society declines, usually the first thing that disappears is spirituality. Once a society loses touch with God, and starts adopting superstitious religion in place of genuine spiritual tradition, it’s only a matter of time until they lose everything else. Spirituality is the cornerstone that we’re missing in Clown World, and the lack of it causes many of our problems.

The elementary problem is what can be described as the Clown World Fork: either worship Jesus as God, or not believe in God. This is the fundamental spiritual dilemma facing the denizens of Clown World. Because the spiritual foundations of the West are rotten with Christianity, the spiritually inclined have great difficulty finding an alternative to Jesus-worship.

Those who are born into Christianity have the option of worshipping Rabbi Yeshua ben Yosef in place of God, thereby opening themselves up to a lifetime of doubt and confusion. All of them who have a spiritual sense will intuit that they are worshipping an idol, and this will lead them into misery and despair, and usually away from the religion.

Those who are not born into Christianity, or who reject it, have the option of becoming atheists. Such people tend to be big fans of Richard Dawkins (who, while a genius evolutionary biologist, is no theologian). This atheism brings with it the belief that consciousness is extinguished upon the death of the brain, and consequently also leads to misery and despair.

Worshipping God as God is not permitted. Understanding that the material world is an illusion and that consciousness survives the death of the physical body is right out. Any such genuine spirituality is dismissed – or worse. This has led to an immense dissatisfaction among the more open-minded people. Anyone with an innate spiritual sense is all but guaranteed to suffer from the Clown World Fork.

Most cruel of all, there is no easy way for these people to get solace. Back in the day, spiritual misfits were able to find others of their kind in secret societies, or were at least able to disconnect from the world in monasteries, but today they are simply flung into the void – if they’re lucky. They might also get directly persecuted by a psychiatric system that is almost entirely staffed by hard-core materialists.

In Clown World, all talk of genuine spirituality is considered mental illness. Not only has science proven that God doesn’t exist, but psychiatric science has advanced to the point where we know that anyone who believes in God is mentally ill. Anyone who speaks of direct knowledge of God is considered to be on the verge of losing their mind completely.

In the opinion of the mental health system, anyone speaking of God is psychotic and therefore a danger to themselves and others. They probably need to be medicated until they come back into their bodies again and realise that there is no God. At this point, they will once again feel the yawning existential despair that marks normality.

This approach is why entheogens such as LSD and psilocybin, the latter of which has been used for millennia to reconnect with God, are considered to be psychotogenics rather than spiritual sacraments. It’s true that consuming these sacraments can be a bad idea for the wrong sort of person, but for a person who is properly prepared, an infinitude of spiritual insight can be gained.

Being properly prepared is a matter of doing the correct spiritual work, which in practice means a lot of meditation and wrestling with one’s shadow. But spirituality in Clown World seldom recognises either as avenues to spiritual wisdom. In fact, the remnants of Abrahamism tend to dismiss meditation as an avenue to demonic possession. Sitting still and peaceful with a headful of propaganda and advertising jingles is not easy, and in Clown World there are few with the requisite capacity for delaying gratification.

In Clown World, spirituality has degraded to such a point that all discussion about life after death is terrifying. So terrifying that it’s traumatic to raise the subject. If a person starts talking about taking a psychedelic and having an ego death experience, they are liable to trigger panic attacks among their listeners.

It’s common for people in Clown World to have never devoted any real time or thought to the question of their demise, inevitable though it be. Most people go from work to television to bed then back to work, with very little time devoted to contemplation. The few groups that are contemplative are dogma-bound.

Despite this, the need for spirituality is as great as ever. The yearning for answers still expresses itself, in several ways.

We may have killed the Christian God in the late 19th Century, but superstitious behaviours remain. Christianity has been reborn as social justice warrior culture. Instead of flagellating ourselves, we degrade ourselves with struggle sessions. Instead of having original sin because of our lust, we have original sin because of our racism. Instead of fighting heathenry, we fight white supremacy.

Things are so desperate that some are even turning to Islam as a solution to Clown World’s degeneracy problems. This desperation is encapsulated in the phrases “Islam is right about women” and “Islam is right about homosexuals”.

The suffering caused by the fear of death and by nihilism is immense. It’s the primary reason why we live in such a shabby and plastic world. Clown World spirituality leaves no-one fulfilled, and does more to mislead than it does to assuage anyone’s torment. The first sign of Clown World ending will be the introduction of a new spiritual tradition.


This article is an excerpt from Clown World Chronicles, a book about the insanity of life in the post-Industrial West. This is being compiled by Vince McLeod for an expected release in the middle of 2020.


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Metaphysical Abolitionism

The term ‘abolitionism’ refers to the political movement that sought to abolish chattel slavery. It was a popular term in the 19th century, when first the British and later the Americans made it illegal to own other people. However, as this essay will examine, the battle against slavery merely shifted to a different front – the metaphysical one.

Controlling slaves physically is a major undertaking. They have to be shackled so as to not escape the plantation, and beaten or whipped so as to not shirk labour. Plantation owners in the antebellum South found themselves spending a great deal of their profits on keeping their slaves in line. Slave rebellions were common.

Eventually, the slave owners realised, it was unnecessary to keep people in chains and shackles when they could simply control their minds and their spirits. Controlling the minds and spirits of the slaves meant that the slave owners controlled all of their actions anyway, without having to physically abuse them and generate resentment or risk rebellion.

The enslavement of the mind and the spirit is linked to the Silver Right and the Golden Right of alt centrism. Simply put, a people cannot be free unless they’re both free to think for themselves and free to reconnect with God. The metaphysical abolitionist demands the removal of any obstacle preventing these two goals from being achieved.

Enslaving the mind, however, is the expertise of the Western ruling class. This they achieve through control of the popular narrative.

Ever since the publication of Edward Bernays’s Propaganda in 1928, the ruling elites have structured the education and media systems to both condition people to feel bad for questioning the popular narrative, and to feel good for enforcing that narrative on those who question it. The end product is a country of willing slaves, as submissive as any other herd animal.

The first step to inducing a population into trusting the mainstream media is to pacify them through the education system. 12 years of schooling is enough to condition most people into believing that questioning the popular narrative is an act of evil, and only by going along with it can happiness be found. It’s a simple matter of punishing those who ask questions and rewarding those who submit.

Controlling the popular narrative through the mainstream media means that Western elites control the permissible boundaries of thought. By normalising certain topics of discussion through repeated media exposure, they abnormalise others. The term ‘Overton window’ refers to that range of political positions that have been thus legitimised.

Any idea expressed in the mainstream media is legitimate; any idea not expressed in the mainstream media is illegitimate. If the elites really don’t like an idea, they simply instruct the talking heads on the television to describe supporters of that idea as ‘conspiracy theorists’. By discouraging unwanted lines of reasoning, the elites can keep people going around in circles, chasing mental phantoms like rats on a wheel.

The results of this widespread brainwashing are easily noted. The ruling elites merely have to broadcast the necessity of something over the television, and the masses will fall unquestioningly in line. If a talking head on the television says that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, the masses will demand his destruction. If the talking head says to wear a mask to prevent coronavirus, the masses obey.

The metaphysical abolitionist opposes all of this. Metaphysical abolitionism demands that people be allowed to think freely. So a metaphysical abolitionist will reject the importance of mainstream schooling, will discourage the consumption of the mass media and will encourage people to consume alternative media of all kinds. Their favourite thing is people getting together, away from normies, to discuss what the truth really is.

However, even if we did manage to break the psychological conditioning that enslaves our minds, there is a greater challenge.

Our minds may have been enslaved for a hundred years, but our spirits have been enslaved for even longer – ever since Christians destroyed the Eleusinian Mysteries in the 4th Century A.D. Since then, we’ve been the slaves of those who would tell us lies about God. The metaphysical abolitionist opposes this and wishes for the spirits of all people to be free.

In the same way that the ruling elites can engender intellectual submission by restricting intellectual expression to a range of harmless ideas, they can engender spiritual submission by restricting spiritual expression to a range of pointless superstitious dogmas. The humiliation engendered by forcing people to worship an idol of Rabbi Yeshua ben Yosef instead of God has the effect of inducing passivity. With spiritual slavery follows slavery of every other kind.

Although humans have been using spiritual sacraments such as cannabis and psilocybin to reconnect with God for thousands of years, their use is mostly illegal in the modern West. The laws prohibiting them are explained to us as laws protecting the people’s mental health, but this is a total lie.

The truth is that cannabis and psilocybin are illegal because they are spiritual sacraments.

All spiritual people know that the truth will set you free, so those who would enslave the spirit must tell lies. Spiritual sacraments such as cannabis and psilocybin teach people the spiritual truths about reality: that consciousness is eternal and that God not only exists but also wishes the best for us. These sacraments have been made illegal so that the common people remain blind to the lies of the elites.

Spiritually speaking, the vast bulk of the population divides neatly into two halves: the slaves who follow whatever mainstream religion is pushed on them as children, and the malcontents who, recognising the mainstream dogma to be lies, reject the question of spirituality entirely. Genuine spiritual seekers – those who reject both the “Christian” label and the “atheist” label – are thus marginalised.

Metaphysical abolitionism demands that the human spirit be as free as the human body. This requires that people have free access to whatever spiritual sacrament they feel will help them reconnect with God. All spiritual sacraments must be legal and readily available: cannabis, psilocybin, LSD, DMT – the lot.

In summary, the metaphysical abolitionist advocates for free speech, free thought and for the annihilation of dogmatic religious strictures. This is to advocate for free minds and free spirits. The abolition of chattel slavery has been achieved already, at least in the West. It’s time to achieve the abolition of a much more insidious form of slavery, that of our minds and spirits.


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