Why They Will Never Solve The Homelessness Crisis

Increasing levels of homelessness have been observed all over the Western World. The waiting list of families in need of severe housing in New Zealand has increased sevenfold since 2016, and has nearly quadrupled since the Sixth Labour Government came to power in late 2017. A similar situation exists in America, where “tent cities” of homeless people now surround major metropolitan areas.

A great deal of thought has gone into solving this crisis – or so we’re told. Apparently it’s an issue of great concern to the leaders of the West, who are doing everything they can to get their young people into houses. The reality is that they don’t care about homelessness at all – in fact, they want more of it. Homelessness serves a very important social role.

Like much of human behaviour, whether or not the lower classes rebel is a function of two factors: reward and risk.

The greater the reward for rebelling, the greater the likelihood it will happen. The more oppressed a people are, the greater the reward for rebelling. Anyone who has to endure daily humiliations, especially those of a physical kind, will soon come to feel that it’s worth rolling the dice.

The greater the risk for rebelling, the less the likelihood it will happen. This is why ancient kings used to put every male in rebellious villages to the sword. Others had to learn that the consequences of rebellion were either self-determination or death.

The ruling classes have always had to keep this reward-to-risk balance titled towards not rebelling. A failure to do so could mean that those ruling classes were violently deposed.

Ever since the advent of agriculture, the ruling classes have been preoccupied with one question: how to get people to work. Tilling fields is much less interesting than hunting. Left to their own devices, people would rather hunt and fish, and then lie around the rest of the time, than till fields and accumulate a surplus of grain.

Using violence to force people to work led to rebellion. So the ruling classes had to be subtle about tinkering with the reward-to-risk ratio.

One approach was to increase the reward for working. This was originally how early societies came to have a schedule of festivals, such as harvest festivals in Autumn, fertility festivals in Spring, and festivals for Midsummer and Midwinter. The idea was that people would more readily work a week of tilling fields if they had a festival to look forward to.

The other approach was to increase the risk of not working. As mentioned above, the ruling class couldn’t simply whip people, because they would rebel. The punishment for not working had to be more subtle. The usual solution was ostracisation. Anyone considered to not be working hard enough was deemed a ‘bludger’ or ‘malingerer’ and abused psychologically, instead of physically.

In contrast to physical abuse, psychological abuse can be dished out with very little chance of retaliation. So the ruling classes of today seek to maximise the amount of psychological abuse they inflict upon the lower classes, and that means spreading fear. The ruling class, in the final analysis, are little different to terrorists, and to that end they deliberately cultivate visible homelessness.

Most homelessness has been purposefully created by the ruling class, because they need to have people visibly suffering in public in order to scare the rest of the population into submission. In the terms used above, homelessness has been purposefully cultivated by the ruling class in order to increase the risk of not working.

The presence of homelessness means that the working classes put their heads down and obey orders without complaint, for fear of being made homeless themselves.

Many people have wondered about the logic of doubling the refugee quota, as Labour did in 2017. It seemed especially mysterious, as we were already in the grip of a housing crisis at the time, and each refugee family we housed meant one Kiwi family had to go without.

But that was the precise outcome intended.

The reason why they let the refugees in, and give them housing, while leaving Kiwis to suffer homeless, is because they want Kiwis to suffer. They want the average New Zealander to see his fellows suffering and homeless every day, because this will keep the average New Zealander compliant.

This strategy, which could be summarised as “A boot stamping on a human face, forever,” has reached its apogee in today’s America, where major Californian cities are now surrounded by miles and miles of tents. Los Angeles is believed to contain 60,000 homeless, many of who live in tents in the downtown commercial area.

This need to threaten people into submission is why they will never solve the homelessness crisis.

Much like cannabis prohibition, homelessness serves the purpose of signalling the government’s cruelty, and thereby works to bring the lower classes into a state of compliance. The homeless have to be there, so that the average citizen can be reminded of the consequences of resisting the government’s will. The more tyrannical the government becomes, the more homeless there will be.

The presence of homeless people, then, could be considered a sign of tyranny. Therefore, the homelessness problem won’t be solved until the tyranny one is.


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Why They Stopped Pushing Class, And Started Pushing Race

Recent studies have shown that the frequency of race-baiting content in the mainstream media has increased sharply over the past decade. Terms such as “structural racism” and “racial inequality” have spiked in use. The lazy reason we’re all given is that this is a sign racial issues are finally being treated with due seriousness. The truth is much more sinister.

Many people have noticed that the mainstream media now pushes race issues at every opportunity. The major news shows now feature racial issues in almost every broadcast. Often, innocuous issues are spun to make it seem that black or brown people are being oppressed in situations when they really aren’t. Spokespeople for racial collectives are featured prominently.

The mainstream media has made it seem as if racial injustice is the single most pressing issue in all of society. With the hysteria around the George Floyd killing, it reached a truly religious fervour. This extreme attention paid to race issues, at the expense of class issues, is part of a deliberate divide-and-conquer strategy.

The simple story is that the mainstream media is owned by international banking and finance interests, and these interests control the loyalties of the ruling class of every Western nation.

The last thing those interests want is for the lower classes to unify, because if the lower classes did unify it would be against the international banking and finance interests and their lackeys. So those interests direct their employees in the mainstream media to promote racial narratives intended to set those lower classes against each other.

They know that a large proportion of the working class is non-white. By lifting that part up, and by pushing the white part down, they guarantee tension and conflict. Pushing racial consciousness ensures that the non-white working class takes an antagonistic attitudes towards white people, and consequently get rejected by the white working class.

As this column has previously pointed out, the corporate world has thrown itself in behind Black Lives Matter when they did the exact opposite for Occupy Wall Street. This is also deliberate. Although corporations act as if their support for Black Lives Matter is for purely altruistic reasons, the true reason for their support is that promoting racial narratives at the expense of class narratives serves their interests.

Simply put, race divides us more effectively than class does.

Although the white working class has no voice in today’s political scene, they are still some 35% of the population of the West. This means that the majority of poor people in every Western country are white. For these people, being told that they are privileged because of their skin colour – when still poor – is an outrage. But this idea is pushed because, not despite, that it is outrageous.

The primary consequence of pushing the lie that the white working class is privileged is discord between the white working class and the non-white working class. The more that the non-white working class is raised up above the white segment, the more hate is generated. This hate is amplified when the non-white working class is taught to regard the objections of the white working class as racist.

The result of pushing race consciousness in the mainstream media is that the working class has fallen apart. White working class people will not take the side of people who think they are racists, and non-white working class people will not take the side of people who they think are oppressors. This mutual antagonism prevents the working class from coalescing towards any common goal.

Meanwhile, the ruling class laughs, their opposition crippled by infighting.

The mainstream media has induced such an advanced state of race neurosis that many people are too afraid to discuss racial topics at all. Now we just meekly surrender while the mainstream media browbeats us into submission for the supposed crimes of our ancestors. Thanks to a decade of this psychological pressure, our minds have become warped into thinking through a racial lens.

This myopically race-based way of thinking means that class narratives are forgotten, and, with their loss, the opportunity for class-based resistance to the predations of our rulers becomes impossible.

The mainstream media will only very rarely discuss an issue from a working-class perspective, because that strengthens the enemies of their owners. Acknowledging the legitimacy of working-class consciousness is to acknowledge that the working class might have a legitimate grievance, or at least a legitimate reason to pull together. Much better to split them in two by promoting racial consciousness.

This divide and conquer strategy is used elsewhere. Western intelligence agencies use their control of media organs to sow discord in geopolitical rivals. For example, instead of speaking of China as a single unit, they will divide it into the oppressors who live urban and the oppressed who live rural. Then they push the rural narrative for the sake of promoting rural consciousness at the expense of national consciousness.

Occupy Wall Street terrified the international banking and finance interests that control the apparatus of propaganda. Those interests saw their class enemies pulling together under a common banner. Ever since then, the mainstream media has gone to extreme lengths to promote racial consciousness ahead of class consciousness. The rioting of 2020 suggests that they mostly succeeded.


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The Ultimate Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

2020 so far has been the year of the Coronavirus, probably the biggest thing to happen to the world since World War II. As with every major event, plenty of bullshit has been spoken about it. This has led to an inevitable spate of conspiracy theories. This article describes the ultimate COVID-19 conspiracy.

Most conspiracy theories arise to explain otherwise inexplicable behaviour on the part of the ruling class. The great replacement theory arose to explain why Western elites allow so much mass immigration. Another theory suggests that cannabis prohibition was instituted to repress freethinking, not to protect mental health.

The ultimate coronavirus conspiracy theory arose in the aftermath of the economic damage done to Western societies by lockdowns. It isn’t easy to explain why Western rulers are willing to do so much damage to their economies for the sake of a virus that has a 99.7%+ survival rate. Some calculations suggest that the economic damage done by the lockdowns will kill more people than the virus.

One conspiracy theory has it that these lockdowns are part of a Communist revolution, in which the followers of Marx seek to deal a fatal blow to capitalism by destroying as many businesses as they can. The uncertainty created by the threat of further lockdowns has made many businesses go bankrupt, and some think this economic disruption may have been the goal all along.

This theory shares some features with the ultimate coronavirus conspiracy, but the ultimate one is more scientific.

Many climatologists contend that the Earth’s climate is being placed under intolerable stress right now. According to the theories put forward, the volume of industrial emissions getting pumped into the Earth’s atmosphere is so vast that it has started to heat up the planet. Earth’s temperature has spiked in recent years, and if we keep producing emissions at this rate it will continue to climb.

The problem: if the temperature of the planet would heat up by more than a few degrees, human life would no longer be possible. The ecosystems of the Earth are so finely balanced that any change in temperature will cause disruption and death. A two degree temperature rise would have catastrophic effects on food yields, and thus on the viability of human civilisation.

It follows from this line of reasoning that our current course of action is like being in a car that’s accelerating into a brick wall. The emissions we’ve already pumped into the atmosphere have raised the Earth’s temperature by 0.6 degrees, and half of those have been in the last 30 years. Another few decades of emissions will raise it by two degrees or more. If we don’t change course – and drastically – we’re all going to die.

It follows from that line of reasoning that any measure, no matter how extreme, is permissible if it achieved the goal of preventing ecological collapse. Reducing our industrial emissions is an imperative – if we don’t, we’re dead. It simply doesn’t matter how we do this. No price is too high to avoid ecological collapse.

The world’s industries produce their emissions as an inescapable byproduct of meeting the world’s demand for goods and services. The only way to reduce emissions to a level where the planet can survive is to reduce economic activity, perhaps by shutting down all of the advanced economies of the world.

Any idiot can anticipate that people would resist such a proposal. After all, we all know that when the elite ask us to make sacrifices, they don’t intend to make any themselves. An economic shutdown would primarily affect the already poor.

How, then, to get the world to accept a drastic reduction to their standard of living? As rulers have always known, put enough fear through a population and they’ll do whatever you tell them to. Author Michael Crichton described it simply: “Social control is best managed by fear.”

The usual sources of fear are absent this year. There is no sign of a war on the horizon, and the Muslims have been quiet since the Christchurch mosque shooting. So the ruling class had to go back to the tried and true: a pandemic.

The ultimate coronavirus conspiracy theory has it that the world’s ruling classes took the opportunity presented by the COVID-19 outbreak to dismantle the world’s economy under the guise of fighting the virus. The real motive behind the lockdowns is to reduce fossil fuel emissions. The coronavirus pandemic might have happened naturally, and might be a real thing with real victims, but the lockdown measures are only superficially related to the pandemic itself.

The true purpose of these intensely intrusive rolling lockdowns is to suffocate the world’s economic’s activity. This is why no-one cares about the severe GDP contractions: those are not drawbacks but objectives.

Even though socialist rulers like Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand or Dan Andrews in Victoria are successfully destroying capitalism in the areas under their control, the lockdowns aren’t a Communist conspiracy to destroy the West. Capitalism, and the economies of the world, are being destroyed to save the environment.

We can predict from this that the lockdowns will continue until living standards in the West are reduced to around the level experienced by Brazil today, or less. This might take five or ten years to achieve.


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Billy Te Kahika And The Donald Trump Effect

The rise of Billy Te Kahika continues to confound many. An article in E-tangata magazine described it as “The rise of Maori MAGA“. As this article will examine, what Te Kahika is trying to achieve with the New Zealand Public Party is not original. He is walking a similar path to that taken by American President Donald Trump.

The parallels between Te Kahika and Trump are many. The most obvious parallel is that both are despised by the mainstream media.

The mainstream media savaged Trump from the beginning. From the moment Trump won the Republican nomination they ripped into him, declaring him a menace to human civilisation. The major news shows became the Two Minutes’ Hate from 1984, only directed at Trump instead of Emmanuel Goldstein.

The reason for this mainstream media hate was that, being a nationalist, Trump was a genuine outsider. All nationalists are outsiders in today’s system, because today’s system represents the complete victory of globalist interests. Globalist narratives, especially around foreign investment, trade and mass immigration, are now standard.

In New Zealand, the mainstream media has turned its guns on Te Kahika. The New Zealand Herald wrote a hitpiece smearing him as a conspiracy theorist, The Spinoff wrote a hitpiece smearing him as a conspiracy theorist and Stuff called this “the conspiracists’ election“. Chris Trotter’s column for The Daily Blog this week howled for the Government to keep an eye on the maverick Maori.

Astute observers will have noted that Billy Te Kahika is hated by the same people who hate Donald Trump.

Vinny Eastwood is entirely correct when he says that the New Zealand mainstream media is owned by international banking and financial interests. These interests own almost every media outlet, apart from the independents like The Vinny Eastwood Show and VJM Publishing (who are, predictably, written off as “conspiracy theorists” by the mainstream).

Ownership of the mainstream media by international banking and financial interests is why those media are always pushing globalist narratives. The reason why they keep pushing mass immigration and refugee resettlement is because banking and finance interests profit from increased housing demand. The reason why they excoriate nationalists and freethinkers is because they threaten this extremely profitable arrangement.

Like Trump, Billy Te Kahika speaks honestly about how the mainstream media lies, and how it works with the Government to manipulate public opinion. Like Trump, the mainstream media treats the nationalist Te Kahika as a direct enemy. The international banking and financial interests hate nationalists above all.

All this explains why Te Kahika has so much support among Maoris. The E-tangata article linked at the top of this page, in its hysteria about white supremacists, neglects to mention the powerful nationalist sentiments held by Maori people. It is these sentiments that make people fall in behind Te Kahika.

Despite the relentless and enduring attempt made by mainstream political and media interests to divide the New Zealand people into a Maori part and a white part always at each other’s throats, the vast majority of Maoris have rejected separatist narratives. They think primarily in terms of roots. This means that they feel strong bonds of solidarity with white people who also have deep roots in New Zealand.

Dan McGlashan proved in Understanding New Zealand that Maoris are strong supporters of the nationalist New Zealand First party, more so than the supposed “old white racist” demographic (who tends to vote National). This, more than any other factor, explains why a nationalist like Te Kahika has so much support among Maoris.

At this point it could be countered that Te Kahika is a long way from winning, so it doesn’t matter anyway. His best result in any preferred Prime Minister poll so far was 1%, and even then he rounded up. But Trump was himself once a rank outsider.

Before he won the Republican nomination, Trump was priced at $100 to win the Presidential election on BetFair. To say he was an outsider is an understatement. He was an outsider among outsiders, perhaps even a joke candidate. But what he said resonated.

The public felt that Trump was brave enough to speak truths that had been kept from them by the corrupt political and media establishments. Although Trump was sometimes wrong – as when he accused Barack Obama of being born in Kenya – he was right enough of the time for people to see him as an alternative to the Establishment. In a time when the Establishment is hated, that was enough.

Every intelligent person knows that the political and media establishments lie all the time. The lies they told to justify the War on Drugs are exemplary. The lies they told to justify the Iraq War are obscene. The lies they continue to tell, in order to prop up a financial system that sees so many young people without hope of owning a home and raising a family, are murderous.

These lies are effective when the entire apparatus of propaganda is under globalist control. The problem today is that people like Trump and Te Kahika can use social media to evade that control. Josef Goebbels’s second principle of propaganda states that “Propaganda must be planned and executed by only one authority”. Te Kahika’s livestreams, like Trump’s tweets, get around all the gatekeepers.

When a people deprived of truth finally gets to hear some, the effect is like rainfall on a parched landscape. It makes the entire world come to life. This is the main reason why Te Kahika has got so much traction: he offers truth to those who have been deprived of it by the mainstream media. Te Kahika could go as far as Trump did: all the way to the highest position in the land.

The real Trump Effect was that the mainstream media’s hatred for Trump increased his support. Because the mainstream media are a collection of the most wretched, most shameless liars to ever exist, it stands to reason that if they tell you someone is bad, that person is probably good. As the mainstream media now turns itself to destroying Te Kahika, they might find that they propel him to victory instead.


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