Best Of VJMP 2020

Best of VJMP 2020 is the fourth annual compilation of the best essays and articles from the VJM Publishing company page at


64. There’s Nothing As Profitable As Human Suffering
63. Narcissistic Sadism And Narcissistic Masochism
62. Why Is Rent-Seeking Legal?
61. Fear Porn In An Age Of Superstition And Ignorance
60. Class Consciousness Is Dead – And It Was Murdered
59. Have Western Elites Secretly Converted To Islam?
58. Why Do Pedophiles Keep Getting Away With It?
57. The Four Ages Of The Internet
56. Low Unemployment Is Meaningless If The Jobs Don’t Pay
55. Should The Mainstream Media Abandon Kayfabe?
54. Why Corporations Support Black Lives Matter When They Didn’t Support Occupy Wall Street
53. How The Lack Of A Universal Basic Income Leaves Us Vulnerable To Pandemics
52. Everyone That Exists Is Descended From Someone Evil
51. How Absolutely Fucked Young Kiwis Are
50. Let It Die – We’ll Build A New One On The Ashes Of The Old
49. Hate Is Good When It Keeps You Safe
48. How God And Evil Can Coexist
47. Why The West Should Replace China With India
46. Cannabis Is Considered An Essential Medicine in America – But Kiwis Still Can’t Get It
45. The Four Main Opponents Of Cannabis Law Reform
44. The Political Implications Of Kinship Intensity
43. Clown World Chronicles: What Is A ‘Nazihippie’?
42. Opposing Islam Is Left-Wing, Not Right-Wing
41. Why Inequality Destroys Nations
40. Is It Time To Rename Arnold Schwarzenegger?
39. The Establishment Right, The Far Right And The Alt Right
38. How The Left Snookered Itself Into Supporting Hatred
37. Understanding The New Definition Of “Crime”
36. If You Thought Race-Baiting Was Bad In New Zealand Now, You’re Not Ready For What’s Coming
35. Conservative Parties In Every Western Nation Will Eventually Become White Parties
34. Why They Stopped Pushing Class, And Started Pushing Race
33. Diversity Is A Strength In Times Of Plenty, And A Weakness In Times Of Shortage
32. Debunking The “Structural Racism” Conspiracy Theory
31. How Long Until Chinese Wages Surpass Kiwi Wages?
30. A Multipolar World Order, Racial Totems And A New Political Dispensation
29. Is It Time For Anticom?
28. Could We Abolish The Police In New Zealand?
27. Understanding The Psychology Of Police Officers
26. The Elementalist Conception Of The Meaning Of Life
25. VJMP Anzac Day Address 2020: The Federalisation Imperative
24. The Government, Media and Police Work Together To Suppress The Kiwi People
23. The Ultimate Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory
22. The Gentlemen Shows That The Normalisation Of Cannabis Is All But Complete
21. Why Stuff Is Worth Less Than VJM Publishing
20. The Elementalist Conception Of Time
19. We’re Still Living In The Dark Ages
18. Island Tameness And New Zealand Society
17. Clown World Chronicles: Everyday Life In Clown World
16. The Four Basic Political Subjects
15. Uncovering Occultic Insights While Gaming
14. Slavedrivers Of The Realm Of Silver
13. Marc Daalder: New Zealand’s Grima Wormtongue
12. The Elementalist Understanding Of Free Will
11. Is It Time For New Zealand To Embrace Apartheid?
10. An Introduction To Great Fractal Theory
9. Metaphysical Phototropism
8. Metaphysical Abolitionism
7. The Elementalist Exhortation Against Suicide
6. Clown World Chronicles: The Future Of Clown World
5. Navigating The Great Fractal
4. What It Means To Turn Lead Into Gold
3. Demography Is Destiny
2. Hold Fast Good People! Our Time Comes
1. Spirituality Is Bad For The Economy

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