The Geopolitical Order Of The Coming Age Of The World

A medieval map of the world conceptualised it as a cloverleaf, in which Jerusalem occupied the central node, with three major areas of political influence spreading out from it. In the 16th Century, it seemed like the three major areas of the world were Europe, Asia and Africa, with America looking on from afar.

Occupying a place at the confluence of several major trade routes was the basis for Jerusalem’s rise to prominence. It allowed them to gather massive amounts of taxes, and to easily send Abrahamic missionaries to all parts of the world. Eventually, so many of those missionaries had reached Europe that it fell under the dominion of the God of Abraham.

In the World Age stretching from the end of the Egyptian Age to now, otherwise known as the Age of Pisces, the God of Abraham reigned triumphant, and the world seemed to be centered on Jerusalem.

The Age of Pisces, however, is ending, and the Age of Aquarius is beginning. This term refers to a new spiritual age, but, as per the Second Hermetic Principle, these spiritual changes will be reflected in the material world. A new spiritual order will mean a new geopolitical order. There are several clues as to what that new order might look like.

The coming geopolitical age of the world will have a similar structure to the old, in that there are three major powers, each of which is either allied or at war with the other two. The major difference is that the new geopolitical order will be based around the East instead of the West.

The shape of this new world will be like a three-leaf clover based around Singapore. Instead of Jerusalem, Singapore will be the highly wealthy trade hub at the centre of the world. Instead of Europe, Asia and Africa, the world powers will be China, India and the Anzac Empire.

That Singapore will be the centre of the new age of the world is guaranteed by the fact that whoever controls Singapore controls the Malacca Straits, and whoever controls those straits controls a chokepoint that not only connects the Pacific and Indian Oceans but which also oversees half of the world’s shipping. The Malacca Straits are the Levant of the new age – they are where worlds collide.

That China and India will play major roles in the new order of the world is appropriate for two major reasons: their vast populations and their previous historic influence. At time of writing, in 2021, both of these nations possessed immense untapped potential.

The populations of China and India will wane as they continue to become wealthier. The Chinese birthrate is already below replacement level, and below one child per woman in major centres like Shanghai and Beijing. The Indian fertility rate has fallen to replacement level, and looks set to fall below that in coming decades.

Both of these major powers will be moderately economically advanced by the time the new age of the world is underway (instead of being highly advanced in the cities and backwards elsewhere). Their great power and influence will come from their vast populations, which should still be around a billion each by the end of the century.

The birthrate of Anzacistan has also stabilised (although it’s higher than that of wealthy Chinese and Indians), but the Southeasterners have one crucial advantage over India and China: they can take mass amounts of immigration.

The population of Australia and New Zealand combined is, in 2021, only 30 million, but that is similar to the American population of 1860. So although the combined Anzac GDP might be only 1.6 trillion, compared to India’s 2.6 trillion and China’s 14.8 trillion, the Anzac Empire has vast untapped potential in the form of underpopulated land.

By 1890, the American population had grown to 60 million, and by 1930 it had swelled to 120 million. If the Anzac Empire would enact policies that allowed for a similar level of population growth, then, assuming the average quality of the genetic infrastructure was maintained, it could be a force as powerful as today’s Russian Federation by the end of the 21st Century.

Africa and Europe will continue to decline into irrelevance. As of today, both Britain and France could project more power into Singapore than any of China, India or an Anzac Empire. In the new age of the world, both Britain and France will fall away, ruined by their suicidal decision to accept mass Muslim and African immigration. Africa doesn’t have the genetic infrastructure to ever become a power.

In the beginning of the new age, the Anzac Empire would work very closely with America. This is a natural alliance on account of the shared culture, history and values of the two nations. It would also work very closely with Singapore (New Zealand’s ban on foreign buyers of property has two exemptions: Australians and Singaporeans), for similar reasons.

As the new age progresses, the Anzac Empire will become a great power in its own right, and America will once again take more of a support role in a wider Pacific sense. The basic geopolitical order of the new age of the world is all but certain at this point, barring any major upheavals.


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How Long Until Wages Catch Up To The Housebuying Power Of 1992?

The long-term strategy for building economic wealth appears to be holding house prices steady while waiting for wages to catch up. This article does the maths to answer one question: how long until the average wage has the same housebuying power of the average wage in 1992?

In 1992, the average New Zealand house price was $105,000. The average wage at that time was almost $15 per hour. This means that most Kiwis found themselves able to buy a house after 7,000 hours of labour.

By 2021, the average New Zealand house price has climbed to some $750,000, while the average wage languishes at around $34 an hour. This means that most Kiwis today are looking at putting in 22,000 hours of labour before they can get to the position of homeownership.

Economists predict that the average New Zealand house price will increase by double-digit percentages in 2021. 5% increases are expected for the two years after that, up until March 2024, which is as far ahead as anyone responsible will try to predict.

Let’s make two assumptions: firstly, that these forecasts are broadly correct; secondly, that house prices stop increasing after March 2024, allowing wages to catch up.

This suggests that house prices will top out at a national average of about $910,000 ($750,000 x 1.10 x 1.05 x 1.05). This assumes that they increase by around 10% in the year to March 2022, and then 5% for the two years after that, before remaining stable thereafter. The reality is, of course, anyone’s guess, but let’s say for simplicity’s sake that house prices reach $910,000 by March 2024 and then stay there in perpetuity.

To buy a $910,000 house with 7,000 hours of labour, a worker would have to be getting paid $130 per hour. Assuming that all other things (labour share, taxes, rents, non-rent living costs) are equal, $130/hr is what the average wage would have to be for the average worker to have the same housebuying power as the average worker in 1992.

As mentioned above, the average wage in New Zealand is around $34 right now. This means that it has to increase 3.82 times for the average worker to have the same housebuying power that the average worker had in 1992 – without house prices increasing beyond March 2024.

Wage growth over the past 28 years in New Zealand, from just under $15 an hour in 1992 to around $34 an hour at the end of 2020, has run at about 3% per annum.

If we assume future wage increases of 3% per annum, and no further house price increases beyond March 2024, then we will have to wait around 48 years for the average wage to catch up to the housebuying power that the average wage had in 1992.

In reality, it’s unlikely that house prices will remain exactly the same for the next 48 years. When the Boomers start dying off en masse, beginning in about 15 years, the demand for housing will rapidly fall all across the Western World. At that point, house prices could go in any direction depending on how much immigration takes place.

Of course, if house prices continue to increase beyond March 2024, then wages will simply never catch up. The West will become more and more verticalised until we effectively regress into a feudal-style economy where 99% of people are renters for life.

What can be said with confidence, however, is that it will take around half a century, at current rates, for wages to catch up to the point where the average worker has the same housebuying power they had in 1992. And that is even if one assumes that house prices don’t continue to increase.


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Towards A Demonology Of The Age Of Aquarius

The new age is upon us: its liberating light both warms and burns. In this new age, some things are the same as the previous age, and some other things are different. One thing that is both the same and different is our conception of demonology. The Age of Aquarius has a demonology that upsets the old order.

In the new age, it is understood that the Principle of Evil is none other than the God of Abraham.

The Demon God of Abraham has three High Demons under him, each of who rule over a 60-degree span of the Great Circle. These 60-degree spans can be understood as representing four-hour stretches of nighttime, which itself represents spiritual darkness. The rule of the God of Abraham, which we are just coming out of now as the Age of Pisces is ending, is analagous to a Great Nighttime.

The First High Demon is Abraham himself, the father of lies.

Abraham tells lies for the sake of confusing those he hates (all conscious beings). Wherever you have a malicious lie told for the sake of causing suffering, you have the energy of Abraham. It is also present wherever you have a willingness to follow orders even when they clearly increase human suffering.

Abraham appears as an old man, conspicuously insane, ranting about his god. Knife in hand, he commands people to do evil things in the name of the Principle of Evil. Abraham’s favourite lies are those that encourage parents to destroy their own children. The favourite of all is the lie that male infant genital mutilation is not harmful.

The Second High Demon is Jesus Christ, the father of weakness and slavery.

Jesus Christ preaches weakness in the guise of moral superiority. He tricks people into feeling pathological altruism, often leading to their destruction at the hands of enemies. His energy has the effect of lowering people’s spirits, so instead of being fearless and proud they surrender meekly to tyranny. Anywhere you find slaves meekly obeying their masters you have the energy of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ appears as a sickly, trembling hippie. He cries about how everything that everyone does is evil, and how all borders should be opened. His wailing weakens men’s resolve. Jesus Christ often performs masochistic acts in an attempt to trick other people into doing the same. His favourite thing is to cause so much despair that a person surrenders, in desperation, to the Principle of Evil.

The Third High Demon is Muhammad, the father of cruelty.

Muhammad preaches cruelty in the name of order, justice and morality. His energy can be found anywhere there are oppressive laws claiming to be righteous ones. It can also be found anywhere a person unjustly asserts themselves upon another person. All rapists and murderers possess some of the spirit of Muhammad.

It is most common to depict Muhammad as a black-eyed, black-bearded Arab. Usually he is shown serving in the role of judge or executioner. Inevitably he is holding a bloody sword, his favourite thing being the destruction of anything beautiful, especially anything feminine. His favourite thing of all is to rape and impregnate anyone he can take as a slave.

These three High Demons follow in that order. Abraham destroys the Golden Age by telling lies, leading to the weakness of Jesus Christ, who in his turn intensifies the Dark Age, leading to the cruelty of Muhammad. This decline can be understood in elemental terms as a transition from gold, to silver, to clay, to iron.

The suffering of the Iron Age leads, however, to a new Golden Age: the Age of Aquarius.

Each of these three High Demons rules over twelve Greater Demons, who themselves rule over a five-degree segment of the Great Circle. Each of these Greater Demons rules over five Lesser Demons, so that every degree in the lower half of the Great Circle is represented by a particular demonic energy loyal to the Principle of Evil.

In total, then, there are 36 Greater Demons, each of which expresses an energy that is a permutation of three factors: either deceit, weakness or cruelty in the first place, cardinal, fixed or mutable forces in the second place, and earth, water, air or fire in the third place.

For instance, one of the Greater Demons is Quisling, who represents deceit in a cardinal and fiery sense. Quisling is a traitor who imposes a new order at the highest level, without the consent of those ordered. His energy can be found wherever there is political intrigue leading to a revolution that increases the suffering of the masses.

Another of the Greater Demons is Prozac, who represents weakness in a fixed and watery sense. Prozac has the ability to paralyse people through sapping their positive emotions and their will. Wherever you find people who are emotionally stunted and lifeless, but tending towards misery, you have the energy of Prozac.

The Lesser Demons have names like Bonebreak, Kneebender, The Sniveller, Detritus, Axewound, Him Long Dead, Bellycrawler, The Fiddler, Headrot and False Light. There are 180 of these lesser demons, each representing one degree of the lower half of the Great Circle.

Generally speaking, a follower of the Principle of Evil will have an affinity for one of the three High Demons, and will manifest the energies of the various Greater Demons depending on what they wish to achieve in the moment. If their affinity is for Abraham, they will call themselves a Jew; if it is for Jesus Christ, they will call themselves a Christian; if it is for Muhammad, they will call themselves a Muslim.

The Lesser Demons are more for meditative and ritual purposes. A follower of the Principle of Evil might meditate on one of the Lesser Demons in order to gather the energy to perform a particular act of evil. A murderer might meditate upon Bonebreak, for example, before slaughtering their victim.

Collectively, the combined energy of all of these demons serve to increase the amount of suffering in the world. To increase the suffering in the world is the will of the Principle of Evil, and all followers of the Principle of Evil seek to cause as much harm and misery, both physical and mental, as they can.

The Abrahamist will worship one of more of these three High Demons. In doing so, they consecrate some of their psychic energy to the demon, strengthening its egregore. In return, they receive some of that demon’s energy, thereby making certain actions more possible.

In the new age, it is understood that it was the Principle of Evil, not God, who commanded Abraham to kill his own son, and it was the Principle of Evil who inspired Jesus Christ to preach that slaves should obey their masters, and it was the principle of Evil who induced Muhammad to rape a nine-year old.

This is a short summary of the demonology of the Age of Aquarius.


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Clown World Chronicles: Generational Relations In Clown World

All kinds of relations are bad in Clown World, but generational relations are at their lowest point ever. Instead of the difficulty that marked generational relations in the past, today there is hate. This hate is based on the fact that one generation in particular – the Baby Boomers – are chiefly responsible for Clown World and for its perpetuation.

The social contract, ever since the start of human civilisation, was that each generation prizes and nurtures its young so that, when those young are adults, they can take care of the elderly. This contract worked successfully for hundreds of generations. Each cohort of elderly people, upon observing their children, could take pride at the quality of life they left for those following.

The Boomers were the first generation to break this contract. Thanks to their unprecedented levels of godlessness, the Boomers decided that they had to indulge every possible desire during this life. And so they spent up large, whether by cash or on credit. Even their descendants’ credit was spent.

Instead of acting to preserve the wealth they inherited, so that their offspring could enjoy it, the Boomers squandered it on material possessions and crude pleasures. They became the first generation in history to leave less wealth to their descendants than they inherited from their predecessors. This is the main reason why generational relations are so bad in Clown World today.

In Normal World, elderly people put aside wealth they don’t need so that their children and grandchildren can escape poverty. In Clown World, Boomers vote themselves luxurious pensions that their children and grandchildren have to labour to pay for. Generational relations in Clown World are analogous to a war that the Boomers won 20 years ago. Since then, they have been enforcing their terms.

Boomers are happy to cut funding to any sector of society if it means more for them. Young people who, because of growing up in Clown World, have developed a mental illness that prevents them from working, are given less to live off than Boomers who already own their own homes. Other young people, struggling to start families, are given less assistance than Boomers give to refugees.

The result: in Clown World, generational relations are marked by hate and accusations of neglect and ingratitude.

The archetypal Boomer invention is the reverse mortgage. Thanks to the invention of this financial device, the descendants of many Boomers will inherit next to nothing. The bank gets the property, and the Boomers spend the rest. Like the grandmother in Dostoevsky’s Gambler, they just piss the money up the wall and let their kids go begging.

Nowhere is this more obvious than with national debts. The Boomers started getting their fingers on the national pursestrings around the turn of the century. At this time, the American national debt was less than $6 trillion. After two decades of Boomer stewardship, the American national debt is now over $26 trillion. The Boomers just ticked up luxury on the national credit card and left it for the younger generations to pay off.

Boomer mismanagement of the economy has led to Millennials having much less wealth than the generations before them. The average Boomer in 1989 had four times as much wealth as people of the same age today. By 2020, most of them have inherited from their WWII-era parents and are living it large. They don’t care if any of this largesse is left for the coming generations.

This has led to the Boomers becoming known as the Parasite Generation. They have purposefully set out to take as much from the following generations as they possibly could, and to give back as little as they possibly could.

The younger generations resent this immensely, but are so far too timid to do anything about it. Few speak of revolution, at least not seriously. The plan seems to be to wait 20-25 years for the Boomers to die off en masse. By then, hopefully, normal relations will restore themselves between Generation X, the Millennials and following generations.

The Boomers seem to have become as selfish as they are for two major reasons.

The first reason is because they, themselves, are heavily damaged. The Boomers were the first generation whose parents and grandparents were both World War veterans. This means that they were the first to be raised entirely by severely traumatised people who, quite naturally on account of the suffering they endured, put themselves first.

The prewar generations were too busy dealing with the psychological damage caused by the World Wars to raise the Boomers properly. The Boomers were, consequently, emotionally neglected. Most of them internalised this example and decided it was natural. So they neglected their own children in turn.

The second reason is spiritual. The Baby Boomers are a cohort of spiritually undeveloped beings. Very few believe in God; very few care about the possibility of incarnating in a place of torment after the death of one’s body in this world. The vast majority of them believe this world is all there is, so gimme gimme gimme now now now.

This widespread spiritual ignorance has convinced the Boomer that there is no punishment for misdeeds in this life. The Earth is a free-for-all, where one is permitted to indulge any desire one wishes at anyone else’s expense, and when the physical body dies the moral ledger is wiped clean. So selling the future of the younger generations, for the sake of comfort now, is not morally unconscionable for those born before 1964.

That generational relations are terrible can, given all this, be predicted.

When the Boomers start dying off, it will be a great relief to the younger generations. Quality relations between young and old will return when Clown World ends, and this is extremely unlikely while the Boomers still call the shots. Barring sudden support for a Day of the Pillow-style move, it’s probably at least 20-25 years away.


This article is an excerpt from Clown World Chronicles, a book about the insanity of life in the post-Industrial West. This is being compiled by Vince McLeod for an expected release in January 2021.


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