Clown World Chronicles: Immigration In Clown World

Few political topics create as much frustration as immigration. The discussion seems to be intractably divided into liberal and conservative camps, both of which accuse the other of jeopardising the future security of the entire world. Nevertheless, some hard facts rise above the flood of lies on the subject.

Immigration to the West today is characterised, like so much of Clown World, by the exertion of two wills: that of the capitalists and that of the Communists.

The capitalists want cheap labour first and foremost. The cheaper the labour, the greater the profits. They know that importing workers from the Third World allows for enormous profits; not only are those workers willing to work for cheap, but their presence destroys the solidarity of the native working class, and thereby their ability to bargain collectively.

The Communists want the destruction of national borders so that the international working class can come together as a cohesive force. They hate nationalists, in part because of lingering sentiments from World War II, but mostly because they have been conditioned to think that anyone who opposes mass immigration is guilty of the dread crime of racism. Immigration is supported because one’s enemies oppose it.

What the average person wants is for their quality of life to stay the same or to go up. To that end, they don’t care so much about immigration in and of itself. Their primary concern is that the immigration system lets in the sort of person who makes the local quality of life go up, and that it keeps out the sort of person who makes the local quality of life go down.

Unfortunately for the average person, the rulers of Clown World don’t give a shit about that. They have gone full speed on the immigration throttle for the reasons mentioned above, and this has led to an intensification of Clown World in three major ways.

The first is that it has led to a lack of social cohesion.

Unfortunately for the multiculturalists, it has been shown empirically that increasing diversity leads to weakening bonds of solidarity. A paper in the Scandinavian Political Studies journal demonstrated that “immigration and ethnic diversity tend to reduce social solidarity and social capital”. This is because the more diverse a society is, the less any randomly-chosen two people will have in common with each other. This makes them trust each other less.

A recent metaanalysis in the Annual Review of Political Science found “a statistically significant negative relationship between ethnic diversity and social trust across all studies”. The effect was particularly acute at the neighbourhood level; a diverse neighbourhood was a strong predictor of low neighbourly trust. This low trust has a number of consequences that reduce the quality of social life.

However, unfortunately for us, the capitalists have correctly observed that diversity increases economic growth. Because economic growth is readily measurable, and social cohesion is not, we have weighed economic considerations more heavily, and been more readily persuaded by them. Clown World is, in this sense as well as many others, the consequence of prioritising money higher than happiness.

The second way immigration has intensified Clown World is by inducing people to tell lies.

Some immigrant groups are great. The waves of Far East Asian immigration to Western countries – in particular America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – have brought with them cultural enrichment and no relative increase in crime. This is primarily because Far East Asians are generally high IQ, and as such are generally able to meet the cognitive demands placed on them by the Western workplace.

Some immigrant groups aren’t so good. It’s extremely rare to find a person who claims that his neighbourhood became a better place because Muslims or Africans moved in. All over the West, Muslims and Africans commit more crimes and perform less productive labour than other groups. This is primarily because Muslims and Africans are generally low IQ, and as such are generally unable to meet the cognitive demands placed on them by the Western workplace.

In Clown World, the above facts are denied more strenuously than any others. Many people feel fully justified in telling blatant lies in order to deny them. It’s even easier to speak of God than it is to speak of genetically-based differences in racial IQ.

If there is a Noble Lie in Clown World, it’s the lie that all human groups are precisely identical in all psychological measures. This lie is considered noble because it is believed that the alternative is a relentless descent into Nazi totalitarianism. Once we admit that the races as different, the logic goes, then we’re forced to admit that some are better than others, and this ends up in extermination camps.

The reality is that lying about the subject spreads confusion and suspicion, and helps no-one but the globohomo alliance.

The third way that mass immigration has intensified Clown World is that the people were never asked if they wanted it, and this has led to extreme resentment. The ruling class simply decided that it wanted mass immigration, and the people’s electoral choice was restricted to parties who also wanted it. There was never a referendum on the subject, in any country.

Mass immigration has been forced on the people of the West without their consent, and has forever changed the nature of life in all Western countries. This has led to a deep sense of betrayal, which has led to a sharp decline in support for the Establishment, which has led to an increase in support for the far right, which has led to an increase in support for the far left.

Immigration and Clown World, then, are two parts of a positive feedback loop. When one increases, the other does as well. Clown World makes people forget about the obvious drawbacks to the mass immigration of certain peoples, thereby enabling it, and the immigration itself weakens the social bonds that prevent Clown World from intensifying.

The peak confluence of immigration and Clown World may have come when the Scottish Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf, declared that dinner table conversations in private homes must be prosecuted if they incite hatred. This means that it would be a crime to speak out against mass Muslim or African immigration in one’s own home. It’s hard to imagine Clown World getting any more insane than this.


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