Clown World Chronicles: History In Clown World

When George Orwell wrote that “He who controls the past controls the future,” he meant that whoever controls the historical narrative gets to control the direction the entire culture takes. The historical narrative gives us our common ideas of right and wrong, and suggests the direction in which we’re all headed. So whoever controls our culture’s understanding of history also holds the steering wheel of Western civilisation.

When he wrote “He who controls the present controls the past,” Orwell meant that whoever is able to seize power in the present moment gets to dictate what the popular history will be. They will not only control the historians, and decide which of them gets published and which promoted, but they will also control the education system and the history it teaches. One of the main spoils for anyone who seizes power is the ability to dictate what official history is.

The telling of history in Clown World has been twisted to meet the objectives of the current ruling class.

Clown World is under the control of the Globohomo Gayplex. Their control of the present allows them to set the historical narrative. The narrative we’re given is that nationalism led to constant warfare, and so only by uniting under one global system can the world ever know peace. Therefore, all national assemblies must subordinate themselves to foreign decisionmakers, such as the United Nations.

Furthermore, all warfare in the history of the world has been triggered by intolerance, so we have to be maximally tolerant towards everything, even the mass rape of children by foreign grooming gangs. Any discontent with the way things are is a threat to other people’s safety. Just lie back and think of world peace.

This globalist historical narrative is pushed by the globalists’ footsoldiers in the education, entertainment and information systems.

The shock troops of the globalists are the SJWs who now infest teachers’ colleges everywhere. Although history as a discipline has traditionally been resistant to pozzing on account of that it was inherently interested in classical values, the degenerative effect of Clown World is overwhelming. Many history teachers are now SJWs who think it virtuous to push a neoliberal narrative.

The heavy artillery of the globalists are the capital interests who push their version of the historical narrative through the mass media and popular culture, instead of through education. The basics of the narrative are, however, the same. Before neoliberal globalist capitalism, we are told, there was misery. After neoliberal globalist capitalism, there was joy.

The capitalist influence on Clown World history has led to a complete denial of the effectiveness of non-capitalist systems. The Soviet Union did not transform from a quasi-medieval economy to one that put the first man in space in 50 years, and neither did China transform from Africa-level poverty to Argentinan-level personal wealth in 40 years. And the less said about Nazi Germany the better.

The capitalist influence on the historical narrative prevents anyone from asking why it is that no-one can afford a house on a single wage today when that was common a century ago, or how a system that prevents students from graduating because they owe money to the school canteen is anything other than an egregious failure. One might think that the SJWs would criticise this system, but they are more concerned with virtue signalling about the latest trendy issue.

None of this would be so bad if it were easily possible to find honest historians, because then we could simply listen to them.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of honest historians in Clown World is about the same as that of honest people in general: extremely rare. Very few can resist the temptation, when recounting history, to spin the account to suit their own personal moral or political values. Even before Clown World this was the case. But in Clown World, every last aspect of the popular history has been warped.

The most warped takes on history come from the New World. Clown World history has it that the inhabitants of the New World lived in perfect harmony with Nature before the white man turned up. There was never any war or hunger. Not until the white man’s technology disrupted the local power balance was there any disharmony at all. This has been described as the ‘White Man Bad, Brown/Black Man Good’ school of history.

Pretending that everything was great before white people showed up is an example of “white erasure“. The intent is to delegitimise the existing white populations of New World countries, to make them feel guilty for the supposed historical crimes of their ancestors and to make them feel obliged to humble themselves and repent. In New World countries, it also serves to weaken local resistance to globalism.

The emphasis on historical crimes also serves a more nefarious purpose: it conditions people to accept use of the favourite weapon of the globalist – mass immigration. The logic is that, if white people stole the land they’re living on, they can’t rightly object to other people showing up and demanding to share it with them. So there’s no legitimate reason for a white person living in the New World to oppose mass immigration. “Given the historical context”, any such opposition is racist.

The situation is similar, if not quite as acute, in the Old World. In the Old World, there’s no wider narrative of land theft and colonisation, but the masses are still taught that their ancestors were evil and their history shameful. Everyone in the Old World, even if they fought the Nazis, is guilty of the Holocaust, and so none may express any desire for national self-determination. The nation state, they are taught, is to blame for Europe’s bloody history.

If the demands of the ruling class call for it, it’s possible to entirely ignore any piece of history that is inconvenient. In the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings and the drive to ban firearms, some said that the shootings were “New Zealand’s darkest day“.

Fifty-one foreigners getting shot on New Zealand soil is a tragedy, true, but it is nowhere close to the magnitude of the first day of the Battle of Passchendaele, in which over 800 genuine members of the New Zealand nation were killed, and almost 2,000 more wounded. It’s really an insult to the New Zealand nation to compare the Christchurch mosque shootings to the first day of Passchendaele, but Clown World history is modular – any part can be removed and substituted with any other.

These prevailing historical narratives are not entirely fabricated, but they are grossly inaccurate on account of that they make a number of false assumptions about human nature. The behaviour of the human animal might be highly malleable, but we do not come into the world as blank slates; we are more like possibility trees. Moreover, it is not a historical fact that the modern world has “outgrown” spirituality. These false assumptions lead us to fundamentally misunderstand what history has to teach us.

Solving the problem of bad history in Clown World requires two things: proper education and lack of ego. The first is important because it will enable people to accurately analyse the historical information they are presented with and to determine what’s true and what’s a lie. The second is important because, without it, there is no objectivity, just angry primates asserting tribal interests.


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