Clown World Chronicles: Education In Clown World

Going through the education system is tough at any time, in any place. Most children would rather be outside playing than sitting in a classroom, and for them it’s not always obvious what the value of an education might be. Although getting educated is, in theory, a great privilege, in practice the value of an education varies.

The education systems of the past have given us a foretaste of what Clown World would be like. With its indifferent authorities, its braying masses, its absurd rules and regulations, its propensity for fads and fashions and its non-consensual nature, the education system was always a Clown World in microcosm.

Clown World education began with the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999. This was the moment when most people realised how shit the school system really was. Up until then, it was laughed off or denied. After then, it was acknowledged that school truly sucked for a great number of people, and that bullying and emotional abuse were rife.

These shootings led to one of the stranger aspects of Clown World education: school shooter drills. Because schools have now been shot up by disgruntled students so many times, it’s common for them to run drills where children are taught to lock the classroom door and hide. Mass shooter drills are so common that psychologists have analysed how to conduct them most effectively.

These drills aren’t the most horrifying thing in Clown World education – that’s the brainwashing.

The problem is that school could be great. In theory, a place where a young person could go to learn accurate information about the world would be excellent. It would prepare them for life as an adult and would make that life much easier. After all, there are few things that cause as much suffering as ignorance.

Unfortunately, politics has prevailed. The opportunity to mold the minds of the next generation proved too tempting for those who had ambitions to reshape society. Schools have always been brainwashing centres, but they have become worse in recent decades as they have attracted a certain sort of person to their staff.

There is immense power in being able to dictate the terms of reality to impressionable people. So those who wish to reshape the world in their own image have always been drawn to taking jobs in education. Today, instead of being places of education, schools have become places of indoctrination.

The ‘Long March through the Institutions‘ is the name given to the Marxist strategy of reshaping society by infiltrating its institutions, taking high positions of power, then using that power to destroy their opponents. Along with the media, the education system has been a primary target of these activists.

The logic is that teachers can indoctrinate any children under their command into believing whatever the teacher desires. So if the teacher is on a social justice crusade, they have a captive audience to push that on. Even if some children reject the programming, most of them will be some form of NPC, and will repeat what they’re told uncritically.

So most teachers are now social justice warriors or at least committed leftists. One study found that, at America’s top 40 universities, leftist professors outnumbered right-wing ones by 12 to 1. The situation is similar at earlier levels. This has ensured that students in Clown World only get to hear the accepted, politically correct perspective.

This has recently led to absurdities such as the David Hume tower at Edinburgh University being renamed in honour of George Floyd. That such a university would be willing to flush the memory of one of Scotland’s greatest thinkers down the toilet, and all in the name of a temporary fad, shows the low esteem in which philosophy is held.

Complicating things is the influence of big business. From the advent of public education, business interests have lobbied politicians to design the education system in such a way that the needs of employers are met.

What big business wants are workers who are too traumatised to resist authority or to demand wage increases. They want mindless drones who turn up on time, do their jobs without complaint, and then fuck off home. The last thing they want is a population instructed about the workings of politics who could effectively oppose them.

The education system meets corporate needs as much as it meets anyone else’s. That’s why it isn’t fussed about the bullying that can lead to events like the Columbine Shootings. School bullying is simply the way that young people are broken in and brought to the heel of their elders. Only through repeated exposure to human sadism can the desired degree of submission be achieved.

This is also why children are educated to solve technical issues and not, for example, mental health issues. Children will learn trigonometry well before they learn to recognise the signs of depression, even though the latter skill is far more likely to be useful. Clown World doesn’t care about solving mental health issues. Mentally ill workers are chucked on the scrapheap and new ones imported.

In Clown World, you get this form of education whether you like it or not. Children are the property of the government, and this goes for their minds as well as their bodies. This is why governments across the West are opposing moves to allow homeschooling of children. Homeschooling is either illegal or heavily regulated in most Western countries today.

You have to learn what the government wants you to learn – and that’s technical skills, submission or just crap. It’s in achieving the latter two objectives that so much time is taken up with Holocaust classes or hamfisted attempts to “end racism”. Such teaching instills submission-inducing guilt even more effectively than a priest could.

It’s also why there is so much emphasis on homework – students have to learn, as early as possible, that their time is owned by someone else. That someone with the power to punish them is always watching. Clown World education teaches delusion and submission for political and economic reasons. It’s so pozzed, some classrooms even teach that objectivity is white supremacy!

Unluckiest of all is the student who genuinely wants to learn, as he will most likely be surrounded by howling monkeys who don’t.


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