Clown World Chronicles: Who Is Stacy?

Women want to be her, and men want to be with her. Stacy is the centre of attention everywhere she goes, her striking beauty attracting the male gaze as if magnetic. Stacy manifests in Clown World as an unattainable object of sexual desire, but there’s more to her than just that.

Stacy is the Younger Goddess of the Positive Feminine Axis. In this sense, she is similar to the Aphrodite of the Greek pantheon, or Venus in the Roman one. She occupies a similar role in Clown World to that occupied by both Aphrodite and Venus: a goddess of love, romance, beauty, fertility, erotic pleasure, procreation – and potential discord.

Stacy’s most notable feature is her sex appeal. Hers is the kind of beauty that makes a man dizzy if he stares for too long. She turns heads everywhere she goes. Even other females are more impressed than they are resentful, because they find her visage awesome.

This sex appeal helps to make Stacy the alpha female. Young people everywhere make great efforts to get into her good graces, knowing that her word can make or break social reputations. Stacy always goes to the hottest parties, and always gets the coolest and most interesting boyfriends. Her position in society is much like that of a queen bee.

In Clown World, Stacy represents the power inherent in the human female. Her presence can be found anywhere there is a woman able to induce men to do her bidding. Her sex appeal might be fundamental to her being, but that only supports her true power, which is her understanding of the desires of men. Stacy’s power is as much psychological as it is physical.

In the same way that Chad represents the peak of young adult masculinity, Stacy represents the peak of young adult femininity. Chad’s physical presence and his unwavering emotional control mark him out as Chad. Stacy has the same physical appeal as Chad, but her psychological appeal is different. Whereas Chad understands himself, Stacy understands others.

In Clown World, where most things are the reverse of how they should be, people have come to look cynically upon the idea of the feminine. Many now associate the feminine with sluttiness and deception. Stacy rises above all this, as an emblem of how women ought to be despite the social pressure to be something much worse.

Stacy is not in any way a roastie, a point which deserves emphasis. Stacy’s sex appeal might be immense, but she engages in sexual congress only when and where it’s appropriate to do so. She doesn’t lead men on, fuck them around or hit on married ones. All of the discord she causes is accidental.

Her power may be immense, but her grace also befits a goddess. What she really, truly wants is to transform into Waifu – and she’s willing to cast the net wide to find her Chad. Finding her prince is what motivates Stacy, and it’s why she’s often happy to withdraw socially once she does.

Despite her grace and charm, Stacy has plenty of clashes with other members of the pantheon. She must always be vigilant against the schemes of Virgin, and ever wary of the jealousy of Karen. The Great NPC would love to see her brought down to the level of mediocrity, and Stacy suspects that Doomer might also. She is, however, always in the good graces of her father Boomer.

Stacy first broke through into the mass consciousness after being portrayed in the video to the 2003 pop song ‘Stacy’s Mom’ by American group Fountains of Wayne. It was after then that ‘Stacy’ came to be used as shorthand for a generic attractive young woman, most infamously in the phrase “Stacies and Chads” from the manifesto of incel spree killer Elliot Rodger.

This music video captures the sense of sexual intrigue that inevitably follows in Stacy’s wake. The idea is that Stacy is so attractive that even her mother is still hot. The ending of the video, when Stacy cracks up laughing after catching a teenage boy jerking off, encapsulates her good-natured attitude towards sexuality.

The best outcome for Stacy is to become Waifu, the Elder Goddess of the Positive Feminine. This will occur if she can find a Chad to transmute into a Boomer. Stacy’s frequency, when combined with Chad’s, moves the spirit up the Fundamental Axis towards the realm of Kek. This is because there is great joy to be had in being part of a loving young couple.

The worst outcome for Stacy is to become Karen, the Elder Goddess of the Negative Feminine. This will occur if Stacy does not maintain enough positive spiritual energy. Getting hit on too much by Virgin, or hooking up with Doomer instead of Chad, can cause Stacy to slip down the Fundamental Axis.

Stacy is one of the most popular and powerful members of the Clown World pantheon. It could be argued that her egregore grows in power every time someone lusts after an attractive woman. Much of what keeps men going in Clown World is the hope of finding a Stacy of their own, and there is many a roastie out there who could benefit from summoning the energy of Stacy within themselves.


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