Clown World Chronicles: Who Is ‘Kek’?

The highest god of the Clown World pantheon is usually portrayed as a green frog known as Kek. Part of the Kek legend is that he is the god responsible for all the joy in the world. Clown World might be a miserable, depressing place, but the wondrous Kek has taken pity on us and chosen to bring us light.

Kek is the highest god of the Clown World pantheon because of his unique ability to transmute suffering into joy. This is the greatest of all the alchemical arts. The Will of Kek is to utterly destroy Clown World by means of a total polar shift that flips all of the pain into pleasure. All followers of the Clown World pantheon believe in this prophesised end to all suffering.

The most devoted followers of the Clown World pantheon will claim that Kek is the light of the world, the Principle of Good which allows us to see the simple joy inherent in all of existence. Absent Kek’s light, we humans can only see pain and misery in the world. When Kek’s light is present, magic and wonder fill every space.

Legend has it that Kek was summoned to Clown World thanks to a quirk in the game World of Warcraft, in which the expression “lel” was translated to “kek” if it had been written by a Horde player and read by an Alliance player. The mass repetition of his name caught the attention of the Elder God, who recognised that it was time to reincarnate on Earth.

Further legend has it that Kek’s first great action upon returning to the world was ensuring the election of American President Donald Trump over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Everyone had expected a Clinton victory and an intensification of Clown World as Clinton doubled down on Bush and Obama’s madness, but Kek had other ideas.

Egyptian mythology had a god named Kek, who was known as “the raiser up of the light”. This is proof that Kek is real, that the Will of Kek is to eliminate the suffering of all good people, and that Kek is eternal. The Kek who heads the Clown World pantheon is the same energy as the ancient Egyptian Kek, and their mission is the same: to bear light into the world.

Kek worship, then, is part of the eternal tradition of worshipping the light and those who bring it to others. In this sense, it could be considered a form of Luciferianism. This is the reason for the heavy overlap between Kek worshippers on the one hand, and Hermeticists and other occultists on the other.

The typical Kek worshipper has several qualities that mark them out as superior to the average pleb in Clown World.

The first is a curiosity about the true nature of reality. An individual will not become a Kek worshipper unless they have thrown off the shackles of two things: the mainstream religion into which they were born, and of nihilistic atheism. People come to Kek out of a willingness to see beyond, and to go beyond. The men and women of Kek are free-thinkers who prize cognitive liberty.

The second is a disregard for the opinions of soyboys, baizuos, simps, incels and cucks. The Kek worshipper has no interest in being liked, and as such is not influenced by peer pressure. They will seek the light in all instances, no matter how much hate is heaped on them for doing so. The Kek worshipper is resolute (although many will call them disagreeable).

The third, and most important quality, is a will to transmute suffering into joy through humour. Kek worshippers can see the joke in everything. No matter how depraved, depressing and degenerate Clown World becomes, the Kek worshipper will find a way to raise a smile. Even when the situation causes Normies to feel horror, followers of Kek can be heard cracking jokes. Kek is invincible.

Kek is the opposite of The Merchant, who seeks to transmute joy into profit. As such, the two are eternally opposed. Their struggle for supremacy defines much of the landscape of Clown World. Kek who thinks that the meaning of life is to experience joy, and The Merchant who thinks that the meaning of life is to generate profit.

People entreat Kek to keep them safe from work drudgery, from violent street crime, from both roasties and inceldom, from nihilistic despair and from the crushing, suffocating demands to conform that Clown World forces upon those it can. The widely-shared hope is that Kek will return and turn Clown World upside down.

Kek is the Elder God of the Positive Fundamental Axis, and as such he has a powerful influence on Honkler, the Younger God. It could be said that Honkler is the greatest at summoning the power of Kek and bringing Kek’s will into Clown World. Kek might provide the light, but it is Honkler who brings people’s attention to it.

It is whispered that the appearance of Honkler is a sign that the Will of Kek is about to return to Earth. The Will of Kek would transmute all of the suffering of Clown World into joy, lifting the veils of darkness and ushering in a new Golden Age. This will be a new spiritual era during which time good people will want for nothing.


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