Clown World Chronicles: Who Is Waifu?

The suffering of Clown World brings with it great longing. Some people long for respite, others long for vengeance, others long simply for the warm embrace of a devoted wife. Those in the latter category might find themselves pining for the sweet touch of Waifu, one of the Elders of the Clown World pantheon.

As has been described earlier in this book, relations between men and women are at an all-time low. Not only is distrust and misunderstanding between them worse than ever, but young people are having less sex than ever.

This lack of positive relations with the opposite sex – one of the most fundamental pleasures in life – is one of the leading causes of the resentment that exists in Clown World. Worst of all, these poor relations aren’t primarily the result of autism or social fashion – they’re a function of will.

Many men feel that women are now hopelessly degenerate – that they’ve all turned into some kind of roastie. As such, they don’t want to be involved with the average woman. It doesn’t seem worthwhile to devote energy to a relationship with a woman who only wants to drink booze and who will leave you as soon as she gets bored. As such, many men have dropped out of the dating game – but their basic desire for female companionship has not abated.

This combination of feelings has led men to lust after their idea of a perfect woman, the opposite of the roastie. This is the Waifu.

Not being promiscuous, Waifu is deeply devoted to the one man. She is not at all interested in the “cock carousel”. Waifu doesn’t go out drinking with the girls. She’s more interested in social bonding for the sake of creating the perfect family. Her baking skills are more sophisticated than her cock sucking skills.

Waifu relates to Stacy as the Elder Goddess of the Positive Feminine Axis relates to the Younger One. Whereas Stacy is the unrealised positive feminine, Waifu is the realised form. Stacy has the potential to develop into a Waifu or to jump on the carousel and become a roastie. In Waifu, the waveform has collapsed into perfection.

Because so many men have withdrawn from the world to watch anime and to play video games, a large number of them have encountered idealised versions of female companions in those media. Naturally, many of those men come to fantasise about having some of these ideal women as real-life companions. Collectively, these ideal females form the spirit of Waifu.

‘Waifu’ is just a transliteration into Japanese of the English word ‘wife’. It comes from the idea that women in Far East Asia are more devoted, and far less degenerate, than their Western counterparts. Whether or not this is true, there are many Western men who have imagined themselves happy together with an ideal woman.

Waifu is the essence of all of these perfect fantasy wives, distilled into one divine form. She is the Elder Goddess of the Positive Feminine Axis because she represents the ideal feminine in its perfected form, i.e. as a self-actualised version of Stacy. Waifu is the natural companion of Boomer, who is able to sit back and chill thanks to Waifu’s devoted care.

In practice, there are two Waifus: a Western one and an Eastern one.

The Western one is known as the Tradwife. She is usually portrayed as a female Wojak variant, with lustrous blonde hair and wearing a blue dress with a daisy pattern. Sometimes the trad Waifu is depicted as Bavarian or Swiss, the idea being that these places have escaped the moral decay that has afflicted the Anglosphere.

The Eastern one is like the one shown on the waifu pillow in the image at the top of the page. This one is black-haired, usually Japanese, and inevitably depicted in anime form. She is usually blushing, being so wholesome that she considers it improper for another man to gaze upon her.

Many men feel that Clown World has cost them the opportunity to have a Waifu of their own. Much of the rage directed at society comes from this perceived loss. However, these men mostly don’t understand that relations between men and women have always been tough. Lysistrata proves that things were challenging even at the peak of Western civilisation.

This is why the common longing for a return to the 1950s is mistaken. For one thing, 1950s devotion was forced in many ways, which brought with it a great deal of resentment. This was often masked with drinking: 1950s relationships involved a great deal of alcohol and violence. A return to the 1950s would also require that males conform to 1950s workplace expectations, which no-one really wants.

For another thing, attracting a devoted wife is primarily a matter of demonstrating sufficient rectitude oneself. Regardless of how corrupt one’s environment is, there are always men and women who have enough spiritual fortitude to express themselves despite their surroundings. Those who are best able to do this are the gods of the Clown World pantheon.

The spirit of Waifu will always exist, and will always be worshipped, as long as there are men who are unable to find real-life women who can meet their emotional needs. And, even if they do she will still be worshipped, because those real-life women will appear to them as avatars of Waifu herself.


This article is an excerpt from Clown World Chronicles, a book about the insanity of life in the post-Industrial West. This is being compiled by Vince McLeod for an expected release in the middle of 2020.


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  1. I came across this site today and have since read multiple articles. I like them a lot and will read more in due time. I’m not sure if it’s one writer or a conglomerate, but I particularly like how today’s real world and its issues is fictionalized through Clown World and its Pantheon of Gods. Very creative!


  2. I found myself and wifed a cute ginger virgin with a golden heart and trad beliefs. ^_^ If I found one, you can scavenge something surviving from under some rock too! Lets get all that are still worthwhile and repopulate with them (Y) Good hunting! 🙂

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