Clown World Chronicles: What Is The ‘Day Of The Rope/Pillow/Rake’?

Of all the bizarre threats that get thrown around the Internet, one of the strangest is the repeated references to something called “The Day of the Rope.” Similar to the idea of the Boogaloo, those populating Clown World make reference to this event as if it was a much-anticipated glorious occasion. This article has the details.

The most meaningful characteristic of Clown World is that a great number of people are suffering, and for non-physical reasons. There are immense amounts of loneliness, fear, anomie and despair in the world today, even in the wealthy and developed countries. This suffering can be crudely measured by the rising suicide rates.

People are in pain and want revenge. The nature of the beast is that it doesn’t really matter who the targets of that revenge are, as long as someone gets it good and hard.

The Day of the Rope can be described as an eschatological belief that predicts a secular Day of Judgment. When this day comes, all of the bad guys in the world will finally get their comeuppance. The ‘Rope’ is a reference to execution by hanging. Some even believe that we will see the corpses of politicians lining Western streets, suspended from streetlights by ropes around their necks.

This has led to the common expression “It’s time for the Day of the Rope,” which is usually made in response to some new report of massive corruption or governmental ineptitude. On these occasions, when the government shows how fundamentally rotten and evil it is, there will inevitably be someone calling for its overthrow. That overthrow would see much of the existing political establishment swinging from streetlights.

Related expressions refer to a “Day of the Pillow” in which the world’s geriatrics are dealt with, or a “Day of the Rake” that gets rid of all the Canadians. In general, the expression “Day of the X” refers to an apocalyptic settling of the scores reminiscent of the Rwandan massacres of the mid-90s.

The ongoing Q psychodrama is an example of these beliefs in sudden, total justice. Supposedly Q has arranged many tens of thousands of sealed indictments, each one charging someone with a treasonable offence, all to be unleashed on the corrupt political Establishment in one volley. One day we will wake up to find enormous swathes of this corrupt Establishment arrested.

That the Q drama has become so popular is proof of the powerful sentiments that wish for a Day of the Rope. The vast majority of Q followers believe in some nebulous cabal of evildoers (called “the Swamp”), with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as central network nodes. The common belief is that Trump will “drain the swamp”, end institutionalised corruption and usher in a new age of prosperity.

Sometimes it is said that, when the Day of the Rope comes, there will be no more liberals/globalists/Marxists/Jews/Trump supporters. In such statements one can hear an echo of the sentiments that inspired the Drang nach Osten. This is the great, unspoken danger inherent in Clown World: that the suffering caused to people by the ineptitude of their ruling classes could find expression in mass murder.

The Day of the Rope is a similar idea to the Boogaloo. Both share the idea that the current arc of history will be egregiously terminated by an event that upends the entire world order. The main difference is that the Boogaloo is a descent into terrifying chaos, whereas the Day of the Rope is a descent into terrifying order. The Day of the Rope will see a new order imposed with extreme prejudice.

The logic of the Day of the Rope is much like the logic of the other things in Clown World. The idea is that society is too rotten, too corrupt to keep standing. Therefore, it must collapse. In doing so, it will create a vacuum for a new order, hopefully a more just one.

Of course, the Western World has a gigantic intelligence and security apparatus devoted to stopping things like Days of the Rope. Internet chatter is constantly screened for any sign of violent insurrection, and the amount of chatter needed to organise any such violence inevitably gives the game away.

Any realistic chance for a Day of the Rope scenario relies then, on the intelligence and security apparatus itself. This fact is tied in with the culture that has arisen among Q followers, many of who believe that Q himself is an intelligence officer with close ties to Donald Trump, or perhaps a group of them.


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