Clown World Chronicles: Who Is Doomer?

The horrifying and seemingly hopeless nature of Clown World can easily lead to despair. As suicide rates climb all around the world, one member of the Clown World pantheon grows ever stronger. He is the Doomer, and his presence can be felt everywhere.

The Doomer cuts a depressing figure. His very appearance is doom. Sunken eyes peer out from a pallid, unshaven face, the expression on which is one of dread. A smouldering cigarette juts from his mouth – it should have been ashed five minutes ago but he isn’t paying attention. He looks extremely tired, the sort of tired where one needs to sleep but can’t.

His clothing, like his beanie, is black and grey, the colours of depression. The Doomer fears and is anxious for the future, but at the same time he is tormented by the fact that he doesn’t know why. He understands that he lives in a time of great material wealth, and feels guilt that it doesn’t bring him happiness. But deep in his heart, he knows that Clown World isn’t normal.

Clown World is the Doomer, and the Doomer is Clown World. He feels the pain and fear of the world acutely. The Doomer manifests in the expectation that everything in the world is about to get worse. His time comes in the great autumns of the world cycle. When the nights are warm and dark, the Doomer stalks the streets.

The Doomer is one of the Elder Gods, occupying the position beyond the Virgin on the Negative Masculine Axis. The essential nature of this axis is passivity – but where the Virgin is physically and socially passive, the Doomer is spiritually passive.

This spiritual passivity is not only the key to understanding the Doomer, but understanding Clown World itself. The Doomer is very much Clown World in microcosm. His suffering might seem overwhelming, but the grim truth – which he is unwilling to accept – is that most of it is self-inflicted. His own habits and his own moral failures have led him here.

The spiritual passivity of the Doomer has made him indifferent to his spiritual needs. The Doomer doesn’t meditate, because he can’t stand the noise in his head. Either he doesn’t use spiritual sacraments or he uses them irresponsibly. Most of the time he’s under the influence of pharmaceuticals or alcohol, or smoking something. Anything to numb the longing for a better world.

Nightwalking is the closest that the Doomer gets to a spiritual practice. This he does compulsively, as if an automaton, driven by a desperate need to escape his suffering. But in nightwalking he finds peace. Perhaps it is from intuiting the lesson of the streetlight: it’s forever meaningful to shine in the darkness, because a new dawn always comes.

This is one important facet of the Doomer: he contains within himself the seed to grow into a Bloomer, his exact opposite. The Doomer might be in pain, but that’s only because he cares enough to keep going. In that sense, the Doomer represents a flicker of light in every spiritual darkness. His spirit is more than just suffering – it’s also that which endures it.

As mentioned above, the Doomer is what a Virgin becomes if they continue along the Negative Masculine Axis, of which the Virgin is the Younger God. The most common path to doomerhood isn’t an extended spell of involuntary celibacy (i.e. it’s not merely extended virginity). When men become Doomers, it’s usually because they succeed in attracting a woman and establishing a romantic relationship – and then it collapses.

The Doomer is not created from a man who can’t get what he wants, but the reverse. Once a man gets what he wants, and finds that it isn’t sufficient to make him happy, he can become a Doomer. If a Virgin makes love to a beautiful woman and then the next morning realises that it didn’t solve any of his existential problems, he’s taken the first step to transitioning into a Doomer.

Doomers became numerous after the Great Financial Crisis, which could be argued to herald the descent into Clown World. It was in 2008 that an entire generation of men became faced with the reality that they would not enjoy the same easy lives that their fathers did. A few years after that, the doom had become widespread and permanent.

The solution for the Doomer is to develop spiritual strength, which will enable his will to correctly guide his mind and body to make the right moves. In doing so, he transitions onto the Positive Masculine Axis and becomes a Chad.


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  1. All made up bullshit to hide the fact black Bloc attitudes in Current generation are expressed as 1312 and Antifa. Not tea party anymore. your doomer peaked as Tyler and mr robot became actual clown versions of themselves and blm stated actually burning police stations.

    “Affluenza” is yesterday’s middle class malice.

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