Clown World Chronicles: What is ‘Incel Rage’?

Although the subject of incels has been covered in another chapter, it’s necessary to take a closer look at one specific aspect of incels. This is incel rage. The phenomenon of incel rage has shaped Clown World society greatly, long before incidents like the Elliot Rodger chimpout and the Toronto van attack of 2018.

Incel rage doesn’t just manifest in people getting upset on the Internet. In fact, the world has always had incel rage, because the world has always had incels.

Incel rage is a naturally-occurring and mostly biological phenomenon that exists in all primate species. When an individual is denied mating opportunities, they become angry in an attempt to gain those opportunities by force. This anger, although it carries the risk of injury from violence, has been selected for by the increased mating opportunities it leads to.

The most typical expression of incel rage is violence against either innocents in general or women in particular. This can take the form of a sexual assault, or, as per the examples given above, murderous violence. Another typical expression is extreme recklessness, such as driving under the influence of drugs or binge-drinking alcohol.

Incel rage is a major problem because there are now more incels than ever before. It’s believed that over 30% of young American males are sexually inactive. These numbers are similar in other Western nations. The highest rates are in Japan, where almost half of the male population are incels.

Even if an incel is not fighting people or taking unnecessary risks, their rage can manifest in a great number of subtler ways, some unexpected.

The desire for control produces anger when things don’t go the way one wants. When this anger intensifies into rage, it can create an element of malice. There are a wide range of malicious expressions in the world’s raging incels, and they have a wide range of targets, but the primary target is women.

Many men wish to control women, but find it hard. These men understand, deep in their hearts, that they could beat the shit out of a woman and/or rape her, and that this would be much easier than trying to win her devotion through displaying rectitude. Many also understand that it was legal to hit women up until a few decades ago, and that that also made women easier to deal with.

This is incel rage.

Incel rage could be defined as the violent resentment of genetically unfortunate males towards the rest of society, on account of that women form pair bonds with other men, and, when they do form pair bonds with lower value men, aren’t particularly devoted to them.

Whenever you find expressed a sentiment to patrol thots, to restore the patriarchy, to strip voting rights from women, to hit children, to criminalise people for enjoying alcohol, tobacco or cannabis, to praise Islam for keeping its women under control, or to condemn all pleasures as some kind of “degeneracy” you have likely encountered a source of incel rage.

The men who support such measures are invariably either incels or men who have been driven to sadism by an extended period of incelibacy. They consider such sentiments legitimate ways of getting back at the society that has so unjustly shunned them. The logic is that if I can’t have a good time, no-one can.

This is the reason for the large increase in reactionary authoritarianism. This is not a new thing: most of Abrahamic culture is based on incel rage. Suicide bomber culture requires a large number of incels to target with radicalisation efforts, and the idea that women can’t be priests because they aren’t spiritual comes from incel rage.

Reactionary authoritarianism manifests in Clown World when it idealises primitive religious mentalities or totalitarian (Communist, Nazi) mentalities as “anti-degenerate”. When a person expresses the idea that we need to convert to Islam or Nazism to get degeneracy under control, chances are very high that that person is an incel frustrated at their lack of romantic opportunities.

Herein lies the great danger of incel rage – it leads people to extremism. A person who can’t get laid might decide they’ve got nothing to lose from society’s order getting tipped upside down.

Aggravating the danger is that Clown World is set up in a way to maximise incel rage. Young people today have trouble affording a private space where they could entertain a person of the opposite sex. Even if they could afford one, meeting a quality person is not straightforward. Clown World has the effect of reducing everyone’s average quality, so that dissatisfaction is more likely.

Casual Tinder sex is not fulfilling because it doesn’t assuage the deepest desire of the incel: to be wanted. Getting one’s end away is not enough, because, although one is wanted, it’s only for shallow reasons. The kind of truly fulfilling, compassionate, companionate love that tames a man’s heart is not easy to find on Tinder – or anywhere else.

As such, a great number of men are raging. Incel rage, along with the rage of sexual dissatisfaction, is a major reason why there’s so much negative energy in Clown World society. It lies behind a great proportion of sadistic or otherwise antisocial acts.

The cure to incel rage varies, depending on the person. For most incels, smoking weed or drinking beer might be the answer to making themselves more personable; for others, lifting weights or achieving career objectives might give them the charisma they need. Some unfortunates are born permavirgins, however, and in an age where there is no spirituality to dampen their rage this leads regularly to havoc.


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