Clown World Chronicles: Medicine In Clown World

Most people think of medicine as the practice of alleviating human suffering, and doctors as people who act to alleviate human suffering. This may have been true before Clown World started, but the story today is something else.

In Clown World, medicine serves two primary objectives: profit, and conforming to political correctness. Of these two, profit is by far the most important. There’s nothing in the world more profitable than human suffering, and so Clown World medicine seeks to profit first and foremost.

The old days where you were given a medicine that cured your ailment is long gone. Today, the focus of medicine is on giving the patient a lifetime prescription that they have to keep coming back to fill. As Chris Rock said, the money isn’t in the cure. The money’s in the medicine.

Doctors in Clown World are more motivated by making profit than by anything else. If Medicine A is 90% effective and generates $10 profit, and Medicine B is 50% effective but generates $100 profit, then the patient will get Medicine B every single time.

This is why cannabis, which is understood by all informed people to be a medicinal plant, is still banned in most of the world. A medicine that can be grown at the patient’s home in a bucket is simply not profitable. So the various medical associations, influenced by Big Pharma, have not made the medicinal benefits of cannabis clear to their respective legal authorities, who have left it illegal.

This is also why it’s so hard to get treatment with psilocybin and MDMA. Although psilocybin therapy has been declared a “breakthrough therapy” by the American Food and Drug Administration, it’s still all but impossible to access. The problem is that psilocybin, like MDMA, offers the promise of a permanent cure – and there’s no profit in permanent cures.

The horrifying reality is that there’s no money in resetting a person’s mind and realigning them with the secrets of Nature and the Will of God. Although such a measure might completely restructure the mind so that it doesn’t suffer, there’s more profit in getting a person to take a daily antidepressant or antipsychotic. The result is such pharmaceuticals being pushed.

Profit is also the reason for sex-change surgery, which is the most grotesque form of Frankenscience since electroshock therapy. The total yearly market for sex-change surgery in America has been estimated at over a billion dollars. Fees for surgery for one person can run into six figures.

Clown World medicine has reached its most ridiculous expression in America. Despite the fact that America spends more money on healthcare per capita than any other country on Earth, the American life expectancy at birth is no higher than that of Cuba or Lebanon. Where other countries have universal healthcare, Americans regularly get financially wiped out by medical expenses. Some two-thirds of their personal bankruptcies are tied to unpayable medical bills.

The American population also suffers from an opioid crisis. If Clown World began at the turn of the century, American deaths by opioid overdose have increased six times since then, from some 8,000 a year to near 50,000 a year. One of the most popular of the medicinal opioids is OxyContin. This painkiller has made billions of dollars in profits for the Sackler family that control Purdue Pharma, its pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The Sackler family has pushed the overprescription of OxyContin, even when they knew it was killing people. In Clown World, profit is more important than human life.

Profit-seeking is not the only thing wrong with Clown World medicine. Social justice culture also plays a role. British health chiefs are trying to rid their National Health Service of “white privilege”. In reality, this will mean that white people find it harder to get jobs and healthcare. New Zealand has shown where this is likely headed: there, white people have been pushed to the back of some healthcare waiting lists.

Ironically, medicine, when correctly practiced, destroys political correctness. It’s extremely difficult for mixed-race bone marrow transplant patients to find a matching donor. This is proof that race is a real thing and that it has a biological basis, contradicting the social justice warrior position that there are no genetic differences between races.

On top of soulless profit-seeking and social justice logic is simple incompetence. This has also reached an apogee during Clown World. The worst of it happens to people who need mental health care.

The American suicide rate increased 24% between 1999 and 2014. This is mostly because the pressures of Clown World have led to widespread despair. For many Westerners, the future seems grim, if not hopeless – but Clown World mental health care is based around prescribing people the most expensive (and profitable) sedative possible. Any patient sedated to the point where they stop complaining is declared cured.

Assuaging the suffering of the soul is not considered important. All Clown World doctors are educated to believe that the brain generates consciousness, and therefore that the death of the brain means the extinction of consciousness. This is of less than no help to the many residents of Clown World who are threatened with deaths of despair. But medicine in Clown World only sometimes serves to alleviate human suffering.


This article is an excerpt from Clown World Chronicles, a book about the insanity of life in the post-Industrial West. This is being compiled by Vince McLeod for an expected release in the middle of 2020.


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