Clown World Chronicles: Who Is Chad?

The first thing you notice is his stride. He strides like he has somewhere to be, but the truth is that wherever he is right now is the place to be. His choice of bright neon clothing is so appallingly bad that it’s somehow good. His hair is so perfect that it sits atop his head like a block of gold. He is Chad, and he plays a major role in the Clown World pantheon.

If Stacy is the Aphrodite of Clown World, Chad is its Hercules. He is tall, powerfully muscled, extraverted, brave and warm-blooded. Chad is the kind of man who commands attention in all situations. His brightly coloured clothing turns heads everywhere, the ‘Ouch!’ emblazoned across his chest creating an air of mystique.

Chad is immune to both cold and pain. Some think this is because of Chad’s natural physical masculinity, but in reality it is his spiritual strength which warms him from within. This is an essential quality of Chad: his faith in the ultimate victory of Kek is absolute.

This ultimate faith in Kek is what leads Chad on his many adventures. Knowing that Kek is with him, Chad goes out and parties hard, chases women and travels to foreign lands, knowing that good times will be the result. Chad is the life of every party, up for anything. His unshakable belief that all will be good radiates joy to all those around him.

Chad is the archetype of perfection for many of the young men of Clown World. This isn’t because Chad gets laid a lot – that is secondary. The primary reason Chad is adored is that he represents positive masculinity, that which remains upright despite the multitudinous temptations of Clown World. Chad is the rectitude which prevails.

Chad is simply immune to many of the negative emotions that hold people back in real life. He does not feel fear – not because he is reckless, but because he is in tune with reality enough to always make the right decision. He never doubts himself – not because he is arrogant, but because he has examined himself rigourously enough to know that his true will is good.

The ultimate power of Chad is that his actions are perfectly in tune with the Tao, and so no-one resists him. He gets laid a lot because he only hits on women who have shown interest. As such, he can rely on his own instincts to lead him to a place absent of suffering. This ability to rely on his own instincts makes him behave naturally and spontaneously, without effort or stress.

Before Clown World, many men were of the nature of Chad. The hard times that existed during the Great Depression and World War II led to the ascendancy of strong men, who created good times. During these good times the spirit of Chad was ascendant.

In Clown World, The Merchant has the ascendancy. He has exploited this to shape the mass consciousness in a way which suppresses men’s inner chadly tendencies. As such, most men are like Virgin today. But Chad lurks in the shadows of all of them, awaiting his chance to break out. A sufficient effort of will can bring the inner Chad out of any man.

Chad is the Younger God of the Positive Masculine Axis. He is what Wojak can become if Wojak summons the divine energy of Kek. This he can achieve if he finds a way to transmute fear into joy. It is in banishing fear that Wojak rejects the temptations of The Merchant, and escapes becoming an NPC, a Virgin or a Doomer.

To a major extent, overcoming Clown World is a matter of summoning one’s inner Chad. If Honkler and Kek are divine forms, unattainable by man, Chad is what happens when the human masculine is infused with their divine energy. He is like the perfect older brother, a guide as well as a friend.

If Chad lives correctly, he can live a full and worthy life, eventually becoming Boomer, with nothing left to achieve. Chad becomes Boomer if he finds a Waifu to settle down with, or if he decides to become celibate and go his own way.

If Chad does not live correctly, he can transmute into Doomer. The most common way for this to occur is if Chad sleeps with so many women that he comes to stare too long into the abyss of female nature. Chad can also become Doomer if he is trapped into getting the wrong woman pregnant.

Chad plays a central role in the Clown World pantheon as the god whose energy one summons when things are challenging. If one is physically suffering, or if one is trying to make a good impression at a party and get laid, then it’s time to call upon the power of Chad. Look at yourself in the mirror and imagine Chad’s face on yours, and the Will of Kek shall be with you.


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