Clown World Chronicles: Who Is El Goblino?

Of all the hideous creatures of Clown World, El Goblino is the most repulsive. His hunched shoulders, shambling gait, misshapen face and genderless appearance make people wonder if he is a genetic freak or a throwback to a more primitive form of life. He is both of those things, and worse – he is El Goblino.

El Goblino takes a human form, but that form is very similar to the form of a goblin. Like the goblin, El Goblino lives on the margins. His role in society is akin to that of a scavenger. He lives in a band with others of his kind, known at the 56%ers. These others are known by names such as La Creatura, La Luz Extinguida, Dios Mio and El Ogro de las Americas.

In the mythology of Clown World, El Goblino is the result of rampant miscegenation. He is a long-distant child of Boomer. Legend has it that Boomer once impregnated a Filipino prostitute, then the resulting son moved to Tijuana and impregnated a Mexican prostitute, and then the resulting daughter moved to California and got impregnated by some random Amerimutt. The child that resulted from that is El Goblino.

El Goblino may be ugly, but what he represents is even uglier – the total McDonaldsisation of the American gene pool, and its reduction to an 85IQ mulatto slave race who never thinks further ahead than the weekend sportsball match. This Amerimutt is the perfect consumer. He is just intelligent enough to run the machines, but not intelligent enough to organise a rebellion.

Like Tyrone, El Goblino is a demigod that represents a particular force. The power of El Goblino is not something that simply manifests. It is actively brought into existence by the malicious indifference of the denizens of Clown World. Also like Tyrone, El Goblino serves primarily as a warning.

When people don’t look after their communities or neighbourhoods, or when they let their family connections fall away to watch Netflix instead, El Goblino grows in power. He always grows in power when social connections weaken. When people can’t be fucked socialising with their friends, El Goblino moves in.

El Goblino represents the space between the Great NPC and Corona-Chan, i.e. a double negative feminine. This suggests a mindless reproductive energy that got out of control. El Goblino is the result of the remorseless sexualisation of popular culture and the idea that busting a nut is the highest of all actions. Roasties, in particular, bring the energy of El Goblino into the world, as does the energy of Virgin.

El Goblino is not nearly as dangerous as Tyrone, at least not on an individual level. El Goblino might occupy society’s margins, but he is not particularly malicious or prone to outbursts of aggression. Having said that, you wouldn’t want to leave your wallet out of your sight while he was around. Neither would you want to leave your back door unlocked.

On a collective level, however, El Goblino represents everything getting a little bit worse. If Tyrone brings intense tragedy to a small area, El Goblino brings minor tragedy to a large area. Manifestations of El Goblino are signs that your wages are about to go down, and that your rent’s about to go up. His presence is a sign that everything’s getting just that little bit shittier.

In Clown World, the average person has been taught to have no connection with their heritage. They know nothing of their ancestors, living only for the next cheeseburger. Even worse, the average person has no connection with their own kin. This has led to an advanced spiritual decay.

This spiritual rot is the power that El Goblino feeds upon to become more numerous. The excessive self-interest of people who have given up on cultivating social connections powers him to multiply into the hundreds of millions. Being overrun by the offspring of El Goblino is the inevitable fate of all nations that put material and commercial concerns above spiritual ones.

The solution to the threat posed by El Goblino is to summon the power of Chad and Stacy. A really good party, one that the attendees look back on fondly and with a will to reconnect with the people they met, is the kind of magic that keeps El Goblino away. So does hosting a weekly poker night for members of the neighbourhood, or any public festival.

This is a specific example of the general approach that needs to be taken to Clown World. Whereas Doomer has impulsive visions of shooting up a shopping mall full of goblinos with an automatic rifle, Chad shows the real way forward. An effort must be made to actively bring good energy into the world if Clown World is to end.


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