Clown World Chronicles: What Is An ‘Ethnostate’?

The term ‘ethnostate’ comes up again and again, and it will come up even more often as Clown World intensifies. People like talking about whether instituting one is possible, and they like arguing about who would be let into one if it existed. This article tells you what you need to know.

Of all the thoughtcrimes that people get accused of nowadays, being a racist is the worst. Of the all the racist thoughtcrimes one can commit, the worst is supporting an ethnostate (one would think that supporting genocide would be the worst, but in Clown World overt hatred is sometimes not considered actual hatred, for reasons mysterious).

An ethnostate is a country where citizenship is limited to members of one particular nation or ethnicity. The countries of Europe started out as ethnostates, as did most of the nations of the Old World. It’s only in empires, such as Rome or the countries of the New World today, where different races are tasked with living in harmony.

America is not an ethnostate, and nor is any other Western nation today. As such, the concept only exists as an ideal – one that existed in the past, and which some wish would exist in the future.

The ethnostate is usually thought of as an imagined liferaft that will keep white people safe from The Muttening. This term refers to the continual increase of people with undefinable ethnic ancestry, to the point where Western nations are no longer identifiable separate breeds but rather a mass of mongrels.

In its American conception, the usual idea is that white people would pull back to the Pacific Northwest, this being the furthest away from where the bulk of the blacks and Hispanics live. The reasoning is that this part of North America is so cold and rainy that only white people could handle living there. This would also allow for California to be used as a buffer zone.

In its European conception, the usual idea is that all non-natives will be encouraged to leave, otherwise expelled. An ethnostate will thus be created from within. In principle, it doesn’t really matter where the non-natives are expelled to, but the usual idea is “back to the Middle East and Africa.”

The Alt Right, in particular, is obsessed with the idea of an ethnostate, believing it to be the solution to most of society’s problems. They believe in resegregation, which would entail American whites and American blacks living apart from each other. For the Alt Right, blending together different human groups is a recipe for social chaos. Segregation is as necessary to good order as private property laws.

They are particularly fond of quoting crime statistics that demonstrate black Americans committing homicide at a much higher rate than white Americans. “13/52” is a popular phrase, referencing the fact that blacks make up some 13% of the American population but commit some 52% of the homicides. Multiple studies show that American blacks are some six times as murderous as American whites.

They are also fond of quoting sex crime statistics. In Sweden, native Swedes make up some 97% of victims of sexual homicides but at most 58% of the perpetrators. A Norwegian study found that 36% of rapes in Norway are committed by men born outside of it. Another study showed that the number of first-generation immigrants in a European country was significantly positively correlated with the number of rapes in that country.

The Alt Right argues that if Western nations would simply get rid of all their non-whites, everything would be golden. Removing this 10-15% of the population would reduce by half the number of sex crimes and homicides, they argue.

It’s certainly true that there are scientifically documented disadvantages to a lack of cohesion.

As Aristotle described, a lack of commonalities leads to infighting within groups that would otherwise be harmonious. Diversity leads to factionalisation, which is when one subgroup starts putting its own interests above that of the wider group. This inevitably leads to everyone else doing the same, meaning that overall social solidarity and trust are lessened.

Even worse, diversity gives tyrants the ability to play factions of the people off against each other. Aristotle noticed already 2,300 years ago that multicultural societies were inevitably ruled by tyrants, as their inability to agree on anything was exploited by demagogues. It’s often as simple as favouring one group unfairly, and the whole population can be induced to fight itself.

Despite all this, problems with the ethnostate idea are multiple.

For one thing, many non-whites occupy a lowly niche in Western societies that would otherwise be filled by whites. In Western countries, there’s a need to completely shit on one segment of society, so as to induce the others to stay in line. This is usually the cheap labour segment, which must necessarily be filled by whites in any white ethnostate.

This is true at the other end of the scale as well. If all of the Jews were kicked out of the West, the niches that they currently occupy would end up being filled by white people. Evidence for this comes from the fact that Japan and South Korea have also descended into Clown World, in many ways even worse than what the West has. But Japan and South Korea already are ethnostates, with hardly a Jew to be seen anywhere.

Even more crippling to any ethnostate proposal is the fact that, even with a will to institute one, the existing presence of mixed-race people would make it impossible to draw ethnic boundaries that could be agreed upon. Apartheid in South Africa had the advantage that whites and blacks were distinct people. But in America, the number of mixed-race people is so great that no clear lines could possibly be drawn.

If there is to be any hope for future dreams of an ethnostate, it might have to be run on a Selectionist basis. Some dwellers of cyberspace joke about a “Hapa ethnostate”, but the groundwork for one has already been laid in Hong Kong, Singapore, British Columbia, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and a few other places.


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