The Case For Cannabis Law Reform

The Case For Cannabis Law Reform, edited by Vince McLeod, is a book containing all the arguments for cannabis law reform, referenced with recent data. It is due for release in the Summer of 2018/19.

The Arguments For Cannabis Law Reform:

1. Prohibition Doesn’t Work
2. The Market Needs to be Regulated
3. People Have A Right to Freedom
4. God Put Cannabis Here
5. Cannabis is a Religious And Spiritual Sacrament
6. Cannabis is an Established Crop
7. Effectiveness of the Police
8. Effectiveness of the Prisons
9. Prohibition Harms Respect for the Law and for the Police
10. The Punishment Does Not Fit the Crime
11. The Effect of Criminal Records is Disproportionate
12. Cannabis Is An Alternative to Booze
13. Other Acceptable Drugs Are More Harmful Than Cannabis
14. An Ethnic Rights Perspective
15. Cannabis Suits Some People Better Than Alcohol Does
16. Cannabis Prohibition Harms the Youth
17. An Elderly Perspective
18. Cannabis Meets The Industrial Needs of This Century
19. Prohibition Funds the Gangs
20. Prohibition Creates Drug Cartels
21. Cannabis Prohibition Allows Terrorists to Fund Themselves
22. Cannabis is a Medicine
23. Cannabis is a Tool For Personal Growth
24. Quality Control
25. Prohibition is a Waste of Money
26. The Effect on Social Cohesion
27. Governments Shouldn’t Conduct A War on Drugs Against Their Own People
28. Prohibition Corrupts the Youth
29. Prohibition Destroys Families
30. Cannabis is not a Gateway Drug
31. People Would Not Use More Cannabis if it Was Legal
32. Young People Would Not Have Easier Access to Cannabis if it Was Legal
33. Prohibition Raises Prices But Also Raises Incentive to Supply
34. Cannabis Law Reform Would Not Invite Foreign Gangs Into the Country
35. Cannabis Taxation Would Not Create a Black Market For Cannabis
36. Cannabis is Not Harmful
37. It Doesn’t Matter That People With Substance Abuse Disorders Use Cannabis
38. Cannabis Does Not Cause Paranoia
39. Cannabis is Not Addictive
40. It Doesn’t Matter that Cannabis is Sometimes Cut With Other Drugs
41. Cannabis Does Not Cause Schizophrenia
42. Prohibition is Not The Right Message to Send to the Youth
43. Cannabis Doesn’t Make People Impotent
44. Cannabis Does Not Cause Amotivational Syndrome
45. Cannabis Does Not Lead to Crime
46. Cannabis is Not Much Stronger Than it Used to Be
47. It Doesn’t Matter That People Have to Pay For Cannabis Users’ Healthcare
48. Cannabis Prohibition Does Not Serve the Good of Society
49. The Majority Now Wants Cannabis Law Reform
50. It Doesn’t Matter That You Know One Person Who Smoked Weed and Went Crazy
51. The Situation is Not Currently Fine
52. The Criminal Justice System is Not A Path to Treatment
53. Cannabis Law Reform Will Not Increase Drugged Driving Deaths
54. Reform Doesn’t Mean Stoned Workers
55. Drugs Are Not Categorically Bad
56. Prohibition is Not “Better on Balance”
57. There is No Moral Argument Against Cannabis
58. Cannabis is An Exit Drug

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