The South-Eastern Territorial Imperative

The South-Eastern Territorial Imperative is the name given to the strategy of protecting the high civilisation of the world from the coming catastrophe.

It’s apparent to all that the old order of the world is collapsing. After 20 years of disastrous Middle Eastern military adventurism and 40 years of equally disastrous neoliberalism, only a very few Westerners still have faith in their political rulers. The widespread despair felt today has caused many to drop out of society completely, a phenomenon akin to the behavioural sink of John Calhoun’s Mouse Utopia experiments.

Times like these often involve a massive loss of knowledge and culture. The great risk is of another Dark Age, when the forces of ignorance seize control, and the forces of science and wisdom are marginalised and silenced. Signs of this can already be seen in the New Authoritarianism that seeks to cancel or deplatform anyone who thinks wrongly, where wrongthink is anything that does not serve the interests of globohomo.

The proposal of the South-East Territorial Imperative is that all the K-selected peoples of the world pull back to the territories currently occupied by Australia and New Zealand, i.e. the Anzac Empire, in the Southeastern corner of the map. In practice, ‘K-selected’ refers to high-IQ people who have relatively few children and who look after them properly. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, Europeans and Far East Asians.

The South-East Territorial Imperative has a precedent in the settlement of America. The population of the United States in 1860 was around 30 million, or roughly the same as that of Australia and New Zealand combined in 2021. By 1890 this had expanded to 60 million, and by 1930 it had reached 120 million. These rates of growth were not surprising given the opportunities available in America compared to the moribund economies and cultures of Europe.

If the now-present peoples of the South-East would spend this decade winning the propaganda battle, we could spend the rest of the century fighting for the South-East Territorial Imperative. If we did so, then we could have as many K-selected people as Japan by the end of the century. With over 20 times as much land as Japan, our Anzac Empire could even potentially become a world force on the order of Russia by 2100.

There are two major advantages with calling the world’s K-selected peoples to gather in the Southeastern corner of the world.

The first is geographic. The Southeastern corner of the world is protected from the world’s r-selected hordes by vast distances. Whereas Europe and America have Africa and Latin America (respectively) on their doorsteps, the Anzac Empire shares no border with Asia or with anyone else. Europe and America appear to be getting slowly overrun by their rapidly-breeding Southern neighbours, but the Anzac Empire would have no border that could be crossed on foot or by dinghy.

Moreover, the geography encompassed by an Anzac Empire would be sufficient for future growth into a world superpower. Australia and New Zealand combined would already have the world’s 11th largest economy, the third largest amount of agricultural land, and the world’s single largest Exclusive Economic Zone. The only thing we’re missing, and which America, China, India, Japan and Russia possess, is 100 million or more K-selected individuals.

The second is pragmatic. The South-Eastern Territorial Imperative is inherently eugenic, and as such seeks to maximise the ratio of K-selected to r-selected people. There are very few r-selected people already in this Southeastern corner of the world. As such, it’s the closest that we can get to a blank canvas upon which to paint our high civilisation.

Our current rulers aren’t just going to step aside, though. They will have to be removed, and prevented from regaining power, by a concerted and determined effort of the Anzac nation.

A revolution that introduced an Anzac Empire to the world stage would inevitably take inspiration from the American Revolution. As such, it would be necessary for a hard-core of individuals, free from slave morality, to put forward a new and comprehensive system of human rights. The best candidate for any such system would be modelled on the Sevenfold Conception of Human Rights, which posits a spectrum of rights encompassing everything from the grossest aspect of life to the most subtle.

Now is the time to prepare for such a move. America was populated mostly by those who felt that Europe was lost; the Anzac Empire will be populated by those who feel that both America and Europe are lost. Any citizen of either civilisation, once they realise that the future of both places are grim, could be encouraged to pull back to the South-East. If we could attract enough high-quality people looking for a fair deal, we could become what America was 120 years ago.

The difference is that, with enough wit and will, we can prevent the mistakes the Americans made. The worst of their mistakes, and the most important for us to avoid, was the Hart-Celler Act, which opened American borders to the world’s r-selected. In the Anzac Empire of the future, it will be a crime punishable by 20 years imprisonment to agitate for the mass importation of r-selected cheap labour.

The ultimate goal of this nascent empire would be to terraform the Australian interior to the extent that a great inland sea occupied what is now empty desert. This would alter the climate of the desert such that it was habitable for modern Western civilisation. With this achieved, the population of an Anzac Empire could reach 500 million or more. And this would be 500 million of the world’s most K-selected people: the most intelligent, the most rectitudinous, the most industrious and long-sighted.


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2 thoughts on “The South-Eastern Territorial Imperative”

  1. I’m skeptical that any of this would actually work. From my European perspective, Aussies and Kiwis don’t seem to be any less affected by the woke idiocy and cultural rot devouring the rest of the decadent West. Give it another generation, but eventually Australia will be similarly overrun by r-selected dirt worlders, because, after all, “humanity is one big family”, etc.

    1. > Aussies and Kiwis don’t seem to be any less affected by the woke idiocy and cultural rot devouring the rest of the decadent West.

      We are, I agree. But if one of us could summon enough support, we could change it.

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