The Elementalist Conception Of The Multiverse

1. The fool believes that this world is all there is.

2. There are an infinite number of other worlds, some better than and some worse than this one. All are different.

3. The Multiverse is the name given to the division of the Great Fractal into worlds that make sense.

4. The Multiverse is a subset of the Great Fractal.

5. The Great Fractal contains all possible sensory and perceptual impressions.

6. The vast majority of possible paths through the Great Fractal make little coherent sense to the fragment of consciousness that would observe them.

7. The gods are more entertained by a path through the Great Fractal that makes coherent narrative sense than by one that does not.

8. In order to maximise the narrative coherency of the experience of moving through the Great Fractal, the Multiverse was created, and with it the illusion of birth and death.

9. The Multiverse is broken up into an infinity of worlds, covering the entirety of the Great Feminine Axis.

10. Each of these worlds has a base vibration and a base frequency.

11. Beings incarnate into worlds wherein the frequency of those worlds matches the frequency of the consciousness of those beings.

12. All beings whose frequency of consciousness is below a certain level will incarnate into the Multiverse, where there is birth and death, instead of the higher parts of the Great Fractal.

13. No-one can complain about the awfulness of this world, because it simply matches the frequency of our fragments of consciousness.

14. For us to be worthy of incarnating into a higher-frequency world, our fragments of consciousness would themselves have to be higher frequency.

15. The Multiverse serves to bind those of us of lower frequencies to a particular world.

16. This action is taken as a kind of quarantine. It prevents, to some extent, beings of higher frequencies from being sullied by the presence of beings of lower frequencies.

17. This quarantine process is voluntary, because it is understood by all honest beings to be necessary.

18. Low-frequency beings might need to incarnate in a world of birth and death before they can become motivated to learn the importance of behaving correctly.

19. High-frequency beings are liberated from the Multiverse, and can explore the Great Fractal without the restrictions of death and incarnation into a physical body.


This chapter is an excerpt from Elemental Elementalism, the foundational scripture of the new religion of the Age of Aquarius.


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