What Is ‘Globohomo’?

Internet dwellers will have found themselves more and more frequently encountering the world ‘globohomo’. It’s always used derisively, usually by members of the alt-right or alt-centre. The word appears to consist of two things, but the combination is another thing in its own right, much like how chloride and sodium combine to create table salt. This essay discusses the concept of ‘globohomo’.

The first component is ‘globo’. This refers to global, because globohomo is a strategy deliberately carried out by globalists in particular. Globohomo is very much a world-wide phenomenon, in the sense that it seeks to expand its reach into every corner of the planet. It intends to destroy all local cultures, whether they be national, provincial, city, town, village or family. These local cultures must be destroyed so that people have no resistance to the propaganda of the globalists.

This globalist component is very much pro-capitalist, and very much anti-working class. The globalist element is the same element, comprised mostly of international bankers and the like, that has been responsible for the destruction of the Western working class in pursuit of cheap labour and fat profits over the past 30 years. What they desire is the destruction of all national cultures, so as to pave the way for a world of McDonald’s-eating, Coke-drinking, televison-watching mass consumers.

The second component is ‘homo’. What this refers to is the fact that the people pushing the globohomo ideology are almost never people with healthy families, and they are always promoting behaviours that are not compatible with the function of healthy families. Inevitably there is some kind of sexual dysfunction among the people who cheer for globohomo. It isn’t simply a matter of homosexuality, but also a curious reluctance to have children, despite occupying a leadership position that will have consequences for all children for decades to come.

An essential part of the ‘homo’ element is that people are induced to either not have families, or to hate the families that they do have. The point of this is to further destroy the family unit for the sake of facilitating the indoctrination of the people with new ideologies. This is why transfaggotry is so heavily promoted: those pushing globohomo know that a young man who decides he is a woman will earn the disgust of his parents and grandparents, and will thereby cripple his family.

In combination, these qualities give us ‘globohomo’. What this amounts to is a globalised degeneracy pushed by the corporate media and intended to glorify materialism and mindless consumption. This is primarily achieved by destroying all natural social bonds and replacing them with a desire for either materialist gain or raw sensual pleasure. It is reminiscent of the ideology pushed by the ruling class of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, who have enslaved the population by way of totally satisfying their base, animalistic cravings.

One of the most telling signs of globohomo are actions taken in support of increasing the refugee quota. Bringing in more refugees is the globohomo dream: not only does it increase the supply of cheap labour, but it also destroys the natural bonds of solidarity that are held by the people in the target locale. This makes it harder for those people to organise for the sake of resisting further globalist capitalist predation.

Globohomo is an explicitly anti-spiritual movement, which is why it’s held in contempt by the alt-right and the alt-centre. It combines two grossly anti-spiritual mentalities: the tawdry orgasm-hunting of the sex-obsessed, and the endless greed and consumer fetishism of modern Anglo-American capitalism. These two patterns give us a third mentality which is terrified of death and the world beyond, more comfortable drinking itself into submission than exploring hyperspace.

The current trend that has made it extremely fashionable to identify as some kind of trans person is perhaps the most obvious current example of globohomo in action. Because of corporate media pressure, millions of young people have been led into a state where they have started to think that they might “really” be the opposite gender to what they were born as. Typical of globohomo, this emphasises obsession with superficial qualities and genitals in lieu of spiritual investigation and consciousness.

Part of globohomo is being given rights to do things that you don’t even want to do and never would – like marry another man – but losing your rights to do things that every normal person wants to do and used to be considered normal – like raise a family on one income. The corporate media works hard to create the impression that things are better than ever before (because the scourge of homophobia is finally overcome) but the truth is that life is getting much worse by all meaningful measures.

In summary, globohomo can be thought of as a manufactured culture that expands into cultural space like a cancer, destroying all genuine diversity and replacing it with a corporate Disneyland, for the sake of maximising profits and control, both of which are held by an international class with loyalties to no land and to no people. Its prevalence is one of the main reasons why people all over the West feel like their actual quality of life is decreasing, despite our obvious material and technological progress.


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31 thoughts on “What Is ‘Globohomo’?”

    1. Another leftist retard who doesn’t know what capitalism is… Newsflash dumbass, globohomo is pushed by the major public institutions, and is pushed by them FIRST. Public education is a prime example. Public education is not capitalist, it’s literally socialism, dipshit. Learn what capitalism is. Capitalism does not mean “wealthy people”, retarded socialist bum. And yes, Nazis were socialists too. China opposes homosexuals officially but that doesn’t make them any less communist. Government is ALWAYS closest to the most powerful people in society. Government action is literally not what capitalism is

      1. The Nazis were socialist? Sounds like you are the globohomo prop my son. Go back to school, that perfect welfare school, that doesn’t indoctrinate you or anything. You really need it.

  1. You hit the nail on the head with gay marriage. Even normal marriage is dying due to feminism and the family courts. If you are gay you are already a degenerate that doesn’t care about waiting till marriage for sex, so what is the fucking point? Just continue doing what you are doing and move in with each other. The fags are literally going out of their way to destroy the few traditionalist values our society left.

    1. Well pointed out , people assume the “homo” part refers to homosexuality but it’s actually homogeneity – “the quality or state of being all the same or all of the same kind” aka making all of humanity into the “children of Kalergi”

  2. I see it’s already been pointed out that the ‘homo’ element means ‘homogenisation’, and is not meant to indicate homosexuality.

  3. The “Homo” in homosex comes from French and Latin “Homme”, meaning “Man”.

    Homosex therefore means “Mansex”. As opposed to Womansrx or just sex, Mansex means prodding another dude with a boner. it also means partaking inquestionable evolutionary acts of vile and quite unsanitary outcomes, resulting in what even darwin would agree, desetves of execution.

  4. Bunch of uneducated fucks making assumptions that homo in globohomo means homosexual in anyway. Typical zoom zoom libtard logic. Globohomo also makes it fashionable to identify with a mental illness, and to promote comfort of attention-seeking in self-victimizing. It’s capitalist culture to encourage normalization of disability fraud and further corrupt grifty criminal behavior. “I was sexually assaulted, therefore I am entitled to your undivided attention and blind faith in my every word in order to destroy my opponents with no further questioning”

    1. Yeah you are talking about yourself, dipshit. You retards keep brining up capitalism when all of this stuff has INCREASED ALONG WITH GOVERNMENT SPENDING AND CONTROL OVER THE ECONOMY. You anti capitalist dumbfucks are retarded. Capitalism is what keeps nuclear families together. Government control of the economy HELPS GLOBOHOMO BECAUSE THEYRE LITERALLY SOCIALISTS retarded moron

      1. wtf? American economic imperialism is what spread Sodomy and transgenderism across the planet, your absolutely delusion

        1. It’s a bit of both. American economic imperialism created a lot of jobs abroad for the ivy-league educated American elite, who in turn spread their their own far more left wing mixed ideology which can be summed up with the word ‘globohomo’: Globalized economic capitalism supplemented with handouts (universal basic income) to keep the poor consuming, and nothing but cultural Marxism for the poor to consume

  5. You can spot the homos in the comments by seeing who’s crying that “homo” is akshually supposed to mean homogenization.

    Sorry morons, but globalism already covers that, why make a compound word that’s redundant? That would be retarded.

    1. > Sorry morons, but globalism already covers that, why make a compound word that’s redundant? That would be retarded.

      Correct. Thank you for a topwit post.

  6. This essay fails to distinguish between refugees and economic migrants.

    A refugee is someone trying to escape an oppressive totalitarian government, such as someone fleeing Communist countries to escape prison or death.

    The difference between a refugee and an economic migrant is what happens if you send them home. If you send a genuine refugee home then they will be imprisoned or killed by their government. If you send an economic migrant home then they will be unemployed.

    The issue of raising the limit on how many refugees we can accept is completely separate from the issue of mass migration. Please do not confuse these issues. It does a disservice to the genuine refugees.

      1. Right now? Check if they can speak Ukrainian.

        …of course western European governments aren’t doing this. ANYONE crossing the border from Ukraine must be fleeing the war. Even the ones coming into Ukraine straight from Lukoshenko’s n*gger migrant caravan express service

  7. Globohomo = the Jew world order. EVERY white country turned nonwhite by genocidal policies and a system devoted to lies and propaganda that destroys the family.
    Every non-jew forced to take the mark of the beast and to be the slave of international Jewry forever

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