The Ultimate Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

2020 so far has been the year of the Coronavirus, probably the biggest thing to happen to the world since World War II. As with every major event, plenty of bullshit has been spoken about it. This has led to an inevitable spate of conspiracy theories. This article describes the ultimate COVID-19 conspiracy.

Most conspiracy theories arise to explain otherwise inexplicable behaviour on the part of the ruling class. The great replacement theory arose to explain why Western elites allow so much mass immigration. Another theory suggests that cannabis prohibition was instituted to repress freethinking, not to protect mental health.

The ultimate coronavirus conspiracy theory arose in the aftermath of the economic damage done to Western societies by lockdowns. It isn’t easy to explain why Western rulers are willing to do so much damage to their economies for the sake of a virus that has a 99.7%+ survival rate. Some calculations suggest that the economic damage done by the lockdowns will kill more people than the virus.

One conspiracy theory has it that these lockdowns are part of a Communist revolution, in which the followers of Marx seek to deal a fatal blow to capitalism by destroying as many businesses as they can. The uncertainty created by the threat of further lockdowns has made many businesses go bankrupt, and some think this economic disruption may have been the goal all along.

This theory shares some features with the ultimate coronavirus conspiracy, but the ultimate one is more scientific.

Many climatologists contend that the Earth’s climate is being placed under intolerable stress right now. According to the theories put forward, the volume of industrial emissions getting pumped into the Earth’s atmosphere is so vast that it has started to heat up the planet. Earth’s temperature has spiked in recent years, and if we keep producing emissions at this rate it will continue to climb.

The problem: if the temperature of the planet would heat up by more than a few degrees, human life would no longer be possible. The ecosystems of the Earth are so finely balanced that any change in temperature will cause disruption and death. A two degree temperature rise would have catastrophic effects on food yields, and thus on the viability of human civilisation.

It follows from this line of reasoning that our current course of action is like being in a car that’s accelerating into a brick wall. The emissions we’ve already pumped into the atmosphere have raised the Earth’s temperature by 0.6 degrees, and half of those have been in the last 30 years. Another few decades of emissions will raise it by two degrees or more. If we don’t change course – and drastically – we’re all going to die.

It follows from that line of reasoning that any measure, no matter how extreme, is permissible if it achieved the goal of preventing ecological collapse. Reducing our industrial emissions is an imperative – if we don’t, we’re dead. It simply doesn’t matter how we do this. No price is too high to avoid ecological collapse.

The world’s industries produce their emissions as an inescapable byproduct of meeting the world’s demand for goods and services. The only way to reduce emissions to a level where the planet can survive is to reduce economic activity, perhaps by shutting down all of the advanced economies of the world.

Any idiot can anticipate that people would resist such a proposal. After all, we all know that when the elite ask us to make sacrifices, they don’t intend to make any themselves. An economic shutdown would primarily affect the already poor.

How, then, to get the world to accept a drastic reduction to their standard of living? As rulers have always known, put enough fear through a population and they’ll do whatever you tell them to. Author Michael Crichton described it simply: “Social control is best managed by fear.”

The usual sources of fear are absent this year. There is no sign of a war on the horizon, and the Muslims have been quiet since the Christchurch mosque shooting. So the ruling class had to go back to the tried and true: a pandemic.

The ultimate coronavirus conspiracy theory has it that the world’s ruling classes took the opportunity presented by the COVID-19 outbreak to dismantle the world’s economy under the guise of fighting the virus. The real motive behind the lockdowns is to reduce fossil fuel emissions. The coronavirus pandemic might have happened naturally, and might be a real thing with real victims, but the lockdown measures are only superficially related to the pandemic itself.

The true purpose of these intensely intrusive rolling lockdowns is to suffocate the world’s economic’s activity. This is why no-one cares about the severe GDP contractions: those are not drawbacks but objectives.

Even though socialist rulers like Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand or Dan Andrews in Victoria are successfully destroying capitalism in the areas under their control, the lockdowns aren’t a Communist conspiracy to destroy the West. Capitalism, and the economies of the world, are being destroyed to save the environment.

We can predict from this that the lockdowns will continue until living standards in the West are reduced to around the level experienced by Brazil today, or less. This might take five or ten years to achieve.


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3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory”

  1. This is more accurate than the stated goals of the lockdown.

    The lockdowns are indeed perfectly correlated with the outcome of suffocating the economies, and poorly correlated with even the questionable pandemic statistics used to sell them to the public.

    The danger is that this is not the ultimate conspiracy. Behind the public view, many people know about and are onboard with the goal to save the world from climate catastrophe.

    The danger is that this just may be another layer of pretext. Just as the public are having it justified to them as a pandemic response, and are onboard with it for that end, another layer of the global polity is onboard with the justification of averting climate catastrophe.

    If the that layer is as much a convenient motivating narrative as the pandemic, just for a different audience, then we may be in real danger.

  2. the global warming ststements by governments and their “followers”
    have been proveb fake by science and history-
    {constantly ice age to warm up and back to ice age by Nature,
    along with evidence the plane was upto if not more 8 degrees warmer
    in the past “tree rings from burried samples etc.” this without
    human input “pollution”.
    Also planet earths orbit is getting closer to the sun = heat,
    along with the sun is entering its final stages of life “may take millions of years”
    But the process is the sun Expands as dying and this gives more
    heat\radiation to earth.
    All is Nature and humans cannot at this time stop.
    the evidence shows that “dry land” was covered in water before the
    start of the last ice age. this became dry with the formation of ice at the
    poles as if water retained by magnetism.
    the planet warming means the ice melts and water returns to
    in most cases whence it came.
    the human build as in “build on flood plains” then whinge and blame
    everyone when nature takes its course is very notable by the USA and
    other “advanced” portions of humans building cities etc. on “historical”
    wet area. New York\Los Angel__\london\manchester aand many
    cities with large populations in many countries Will be Naturally
    returned to under water with poles melting.
    The politicians are using and abusing Natural planet cycle climate change to
    gain a source of income “Tax” green taxes along with try to halt nature – the
    heating by false statements that humans alone are responsible and must
    stop the “pollution which is the cause”.
    humans cannot stop nature. humans can use nukes to alter the “heat”
    on earth but nature “may take long time” will return to its path.
    The politicians “rather than admit humans have used the planet cycle”
    to build cities\ports on edge of oceans\seas to take advantage of location
    and now have to relocate, seek to keep the status quo and blame all
    other – instead of Factual cause.
    This akin to the “space issue” as humans needed a learning step off the planet
    visit the moon and hence into space.
    The fact is earth will die and humans need to find a planet to move to.
    instead of “yes we got out there and now expand” we are spending
    money to visit a dead planet “mars” when we should be spending
    all in aiming at distant planets and the survival of humans in space.
    this being develope speed of travel and living conditions\survival over long
    It will serve better to aim at distant planets and travel distance and back
    in steps to gain the needed knowledge and experience to take larger steps.
    Politicians again will attempt to gain kudos for trip to mars which whilst
    may provide experience, it is a drunk mans 1 step forward 2 steps back
    I will remind humans there is still no cure for the common cold.
    Virus will at some time be surpressed by a medicine until the next one.
    Ignorant\corrupt\liars\thieves Politicians are the Reason and Cause of humans
    suffering as the “line the pockets and win political “race” ” is the only

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