The Geopolitical Order Of The Coming Age Of The World

A medieval map of the world conceptualised it as a cloverleaf, in which Jerusalem occupied the central node, with three major areas of political influence spreading out from it. In the 16th Century, it seemed like the three major areas of the world were Europe, Asia and Africa, with America looking on from afar.

Occupying a place at the confluence of several major trade routes was the basis for Jerusalem’s rise to prominence. It allowed them to gather massive amounts of taxes, and to easily send Abrahamic missionaries to all parts of the world. Eventually, so many of those missionaries had reached Europe that it fell under the dominion of the God of Abraham.

In the World Age stretching from the end of the Egyptian Age to now, otherwise known as the Age of Pisces, the God of Abraham reigned triumphant, and the world seemed to be centered on Jerusalem.

The Age of Pisces, however, is ending, and the Age of Aquarius is beginning. This term refers to a new spiritual age, but, as per the Second Hermetic Principle, these spiritual changes will be reflected in the material world. A new spiritual order will mean a new geopolitical order. There are several clues as to what that new order might look like.

The coming geopolitical age of the world will have a similar structure to the old, in that there are three major powers, each of which is either allied or at war with the other two. The major difference is that the new geopolitical order will be based around the East instead of the West.

The shape of this new world will be like a three-leaf clover based around Singapore. Instead of Jerusalem, Singapore will be the highly wealthy trade hub at the centre of the world. Instead of Europe, Asia and Africa, the world powers will be China, India and the Anzac Empire.

That Singapore will be the centre of the new age of the world is guaranteed by the fact that whoever controls Singapore controls the Malacca Straits, and whoever controls those straits controls a chokepoint that not only connects the Pacific and Indian Oceans but which also oversees half of the world’s shipping. The Malacca Straits are the Levant of the new age – they are where worlds collide.

That China and India will play major roles in the new order of the world is appropriate for two major reasons: their vast populations and their previous historic influence. At time of writing, in 2021, both of these nations possessed immense untapped potential.

The populations of China and India will wane as they continue to become wealthier. The Chinese birthrate is already below replacement level, and below one child per woman in major centres like Shanghai and Beijing. The Indian fertility rate has fallen to replacement level, and looks set to fall below that in coming decades.

Both of these major powers will be moderately economically advanced by the time the new age of the world is underway (instead of being highly advanced in the cities and backwards elsewhere). Their great power and influence will come from their vast populations, which should still be around a billion each by the end of the century.

The birthrate of Anzacistan has also stabilised (although it’s higher than that of wealthy Chinese and Indians), but the Southeasterners have one crucial advantage over India and China: they can take mass amounts of immigration.

The population of Australia and New Zealand combined is, in 2021, only 30 million, but that is similar to the American population of 1860. So although the combined Anzac GDP might be only 1.6 trillion, compared to India’s 2.6 trillion and China’s 14.8 trillion, the Anzac Empire has vast untapped potential in the form of underpopulated land.

By 1890, the American population had grown to 60 million, and by 1930 it had swelled to 120 million. If the Anzac Empire would enact policies that allowed for a similar level of population growth, then, assuming the average quality of the genetic infrastructure was maintained, it could be a force as powerful as today’s Russian Federation by the end of the 21st Century.

Africa and Europe will continue to decline into irrelevance. As of today, both Britain and France could project more power into Singapore than any of China, India or an Anzac Empire. In the new age of the world, both Britain and France will fall away, ruined by their suicidal decision to accept mass Muslim and African immigration. Africa doesn’t have the genetic infrastructure to ever become a power.

In the beginning of the new age, the Anzac Empire would work very closely with America. This is a natural alliance on account of the shared culture, history and values of the two nations. It would also work very closely with Singapore (New Zealand’s ban on foreign buyers of property has two exemptions: Australians and Singaporeans), for similar reasons.

As the new age progresses, the Anzac Empire will become a great power in its own right, and America will once again take more of a support role in a wider Pacific sense. The basic geopolitical order of the new age of the world is all but certain at this point, barring any major upheavals.


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6 thoughts on “The Geopolitical Order Of The Coming Age Of The World”

  1. The World to Come… a beautiful golden brown race of Kiwis to be a light unto the world and to show its people that the greatest, most resilient, and peaceful societies are based on shared conceptions of citizenship, not race.

    It cannot come soon enough. Today is already too late for the arrival of the our tanned saviour and the world he will rule over from the Auckland Viaduct Basin!

    1. >beautiful golden brown race
      That is what the Persians though too. It was the complete end of their empire. They haven’t been relevant since.

      98% of the worlds inventions and innovations have come from the male genetics inside of the Golden Triangle; Rome, London and Berlin.
      Without these genetics there is no ‘light’ unto the nations.
      Also, so much for ‘diversity’, right? Brown eyes, brown hair, black eyes, black hair. Boring (IMO)!
      It is refined recessive DNA that produces true diversity of outcomes genetically. Blue Eyes, Green, Grey, Violent, Gold, Heterochromia, Brown, Hazel Eyes. Red, brown, golden, copper, mahogany, blonde, auburn, black, walnut, white hair with all the possible genetic combinations as well as skin tones.
      The least diverse populations on the planet are that way because they have no refined recessive (stable) DNA, thus no Civilization (Civilization =/= Culture, most races have a ‘Culture’), since the entire world lives in the Civilization that Western European Males created.

      Too much ‘diversity’ in DNA (behavioral/IQ code) means that civilization cannot be maintained over generations. It takes 3 generations, Grandparents, Parents, Children, with Family as the cornerstone to make a functional Civilization. With the ‘diversity’ of ‘brown’ and ‘black’ you cannot have 3 generations of refined genetic stability because there is too much ‘diversity’ in the DNA to support the behaviors needed to produce Civilization. You can have cultures (so funny hats and recipes) but you can’t have Civilization.
      ‘Diversity’ is our weakness. Refined recessive DNA (Stability) and Nationalism is our strength, as well as being the sole key in the production of a Civilization on the planet.

      If we were all equal, wouldn’t we all produce a Civilization, rather then everyone living in the one that White European Males produced? I dare you to look around you right now or the next time you are in town and count the number of things or processes that were invented/produced by White European Males, if you are honest it will be in the hundreds of thousands of objects, processes and functions. You are literally surrounded with every good thing our Race has produced.

      Electricity, computers, internet, vehicles, transportation, manufacturing, metals, textiles, medicine, construction, science, debate, mathematics, chemistry, agriculture, food additives and stabilizers, steam power, coal power, airplanes, space travel, surgery, bacteria, microscopes, telescopes, satellites, modern drugs, sewage treatment, recycling, internal combustion, oil refining, plastics, glass, weapons, metallurgy, mining, lasers, Spectron microscopy, clean water, nature preservation, nano tech, robots, music, musical instruments, etc etc etc. On and on and on; everything good on the entire planet has come from Western European minds.

      98% of the worlds inventions came from White Males who also received most of the Nobel Prizes before the prize became a joke and was given to mass murderers.
      European DNA and Civilization is worth protecting and preserving because it is the only one of its kind to have ever existed. Everyone does what they want, but if you breed out, you will go the way of Persia and the Middle East, not what you are thinking (we are starting to see the ‘fruit’ of this experiment right now for people who never bothered to study the genetic history of Empires or the reasons for their collapse).

      If they were our equal, they would have equal contributions. They never will. FYI the average IQ in Persia/Middle East is 84. This is why they will never be relevant again, nor will any of their offspring in terms of being a great Empire (the time when they had Indo-European DNA and contributed to civilization). There is no way to recover from the genetic destruction of ‘diversity’. If you had two 5 gallon buckets of paint of two different colors and you mixed them together and stirred for 1 hour, you aren’t going to ‘separate’ that ‘diversity’ back out again for 10,000 years or more, perhaps never depending on environment pressure.

      Do not mistake the ‘bearers of Civilization’ (the true Light) with the ‘bearers of culture’ (costumes/funny hats and food recipes) like the modern day Persian and others. Both can be ‘successful’ in terms of ‘financial evaluations’ of society but only one is responsible for bearing the light of Civilization.

      1. The one factor that predicts a nation’s success more than any other is the quality of its genetic infrastructure.

        1. I 100% agree. In this case the most valuable genetic material on the planet is that which has been refined through hundreds of millions dead to produce our current society and civilization. I have been banned once again by Reddit, second to the final ban and closure of my account as they are running around deleting all my comments in every place they can find them, but this is my latest OP and the reason that I was banned. Obviously I cannot finish part 2 which was far more important since they banned me while I was writing it. I was going to explain everything but the second that posted they had a shitfit and started deleting all my recent comments, I may actually have a final ban, but I won’t know it for a week. Their knee jerk reaction to ban me over this was about as lame as you could imagine…they just picked some really boring comment and said that ‘it was hate’ when it was nothing of the sort. I think they just clicked on the first thing they found in my comments and claimed ‘hate’ the second they could.

          1. That Reddit post is brilliant! It’s apparent that you not only understand the basic philosophy of anarcho-homicidalism, but you have also pushed it further into places that I had not foreseen it going. Please continue!

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