How To Deal With Normies

1. The Normie is innocent of his ignorance of the Four Tenets.

2. The Normie is thrust into the world without much forethought.

3. The parents of the Normie are usually Normies themselves, and as such breed like animals.

4. The Normie can therefore be considered primarily a herd animal, mostly unthinking and instinctive.

5. The Normie is like a child in many ways, blindly trusting of authority figures.

6. The Normie is an artificial and not a natural creation. For the Normie to be possible, the institutions that teach spiritual truth must first have been destroyed.

7. Normies typically react with incredulity upon hearing about the Four Tenets. The Normie is not to blame for this.

8. The correct response to this incredulity is infinite patience.

9. Although the truth of the Four Tenets is the most obvious thing in the world to the Elementalist, this is not so for the Normie.

10. The Normie is most impressed by the certitude of the Elementalist. As such, it behooves the Elementalist to meditate regularly upon the Four Tenets.

11. The Normie is less dangerous than the Tard, and much less dangerous than the Ham.

12. Spiritual sacraments are the easiest way to get the Normie to understand the truth of Elementalism. Such sacraments have enlightened countless Normies throughout history.

13. The world is built on the backs of the Normie, and as such the Normie is to be cherished despite their ignorance.

14. Resolute patience is the way to win Normie hearts. Let them see that the Elementalist is entirely unconcerned by their ignorance of the Four Tenets.

15. The Elementalist treats the Normie as a man should treat his younger brother or sister.

16. The peaceful joy of the Elementalist inspires curiosity in the heart of the Normie.

17. The greatest weakness of the Normie is his fondness for television.

18. The greatest evil of the Normie is that he will destroy anyone the television tells him to destroy.

19. The greatest fear of the Normie is exclusion from the herd. The Normie will kill anyone, including his own offspring, if he thinks it’s necessary to prevent being excluded from the herd.

20. Keeping onside with the Normie demands continual propaganda from the Elementalist side. This demands infinite patience and generosity.

21. Let the Elementalist lead the Normie into the Age of Aquarius!


This chapter is an excerpt from Elemental Elementalism, the foundational scripture of the new religion of the Age of Aquarius.


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