How To Deal With Tards

1. The Tard is innocent of his ignorance of the Four Tenets.

2. Unlike the Normie, the Tard cannot understand Elementalism. He is not intellectually capable of it.

3. If the Normie is like a younger sibling, to be gently nurtured to independence, the Tard is like a pet, who cannot be nurtured to independence.

4. Although the Tard cannot become an Elementalist, he is not thereby the enemy of the Elementalist.

5. As the Tard cannot understand the Four Tenets, he must be dealt with on the physical level.

6. Tards tend to react with confusion and indifference upon hearing about the Four Tenets. As such, it is best to engage with them on the simplest, most animalistic level.

7. Dealing with Tards therefore requires a degree of physical rectitude. This means maintaining physical strength and fitness.

8. Dealing with Tards is an excellent opportunity for the Elementalist to simplify their life and jettison unnecessary thoughts and behaviours. Let the Tard represent not tardation, but simplicity.

9. The most important thing when dealing with Tards is to impress Normies.

10. Tard-wrangling is a skill that the Elementalist must master.

11. The Tard should be gently mocked. Not mocked with hate, or bitterness, or a will to dominate, but mocked enough so that other people reject tardation.

12. The Tard is more dangerous than the Normie, but less dangerous than the Ham.

13. Like the Normie, the Tard is not inherently immoral. Herein he contrasts with the Ham.

14. The Tard uses spiritual sacraments to escape from his tardation, not to commune with God. Therefore, such sacraments are wasted on him.

15. The Tard is only permitted to exist because of slave morality. Therefore, like the Ham, and unlike the Normie, the Tard is fundamentally impermanent.

16. The Elementalist does not resent the Tard. The correct approach is to value the Tard for the opportunities he offers to raise one’s frequency of consciousness.

17. The greatest weaknesses of the Tard are his own animal instincts. Whereas the Normie has some degree of self-control, the Tard simply reacts.

18. The Tard fears little, because he doesn’t have enough imagination to fear. When his tardation catches up to him, it tends to be swift and brutal.

19. The best place for an Elementalist is as far away from Tards as possible.

20. The self-destructive nature of Tards means that the Elementalist is not obliged to oppose them. The Tards will do all the work themselves.


This chapter is an excerpt from Elemental Elementalism, the foundational scripture of the new religion of the Age of Aquarius.


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