Normies, Tards and Hams

1. Normies, Tards and Hams are the principal opponents of the Elementalist.

2. A Normie doesn’t get it.

3. A Tard can’t get it.

4. A Ham won’t get it.

5. Most non-Elementalists are Normies.

6. The Normie is the common man who has not been introduced to Elementalism. He may not have heard of it, or he may have heard of it and not considered it important.

7. The Normie is not an enemy of the Elementalist, but rather someone who doesn’t understand the Four Tenets and their applications.

8. The Normie is the most likely of the three to convert to Elementalism.

9. Many people who are currently Normies are Elementalists to be. They are waiting to be exposed to the right information at the right time with the right energy, frequency and vibration.

10. Normies are found in almost every walk of life and in almost every position.

11. Tards are relatively few in number.

12. The Tard is someone who is not intelligent enough to get it.

13. The Tard is sometimes, but not always, an enemy of the Elementalist, and like the Normie they don’t understand the value of the Four Tenets and their applications.

14. The Tard is the least likely to convert to Elementalism, because they can’t understand it.

15. The difference between the Tard and the Normie is that the Tard is not intelligent enough to understand Elementalism no matter how it is presented.

16. Like the Normies, Hams are also very common.

17. The Ham is someone who refuses to get it.

18. The Ham refuses to get it because they are liars, wedded to lies. Lying is in their souls, and it finds expression in their every action.

19. The worst lies of the Ham are Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Baha’i.

20. All Hams are followers of the Principle of Evil.

21. The Ham is the primary enemy of the Elementalist.

22. All throughout human history, Hams have sought to destroy anyone who speaks spiritual truths. They will seek to destroy Elementalists.

23. The Ham is more likely to convert to Elementalism than the Tard, but less likely than the Normie.


This chapter is an excerpt from Elemental Elementalism, the foundational scripture of the new religion of the Age of Aquarius.


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