Towards An Angelology Of The Age Of Aquarius

1. The four High Angels are the earthly avatars of the Principle of Good.

2. The Principle of Good has four High Angels underneath it, each of who rule over a 45-degree span of the Quadrijitu.

3. These 45-degree spans can be considered as representing three-hour stretches of a great Spiritual Daytime.

4. The rule of the Principle of Good, which we are now entering as the Age of Aquarius is beginning, is analogous to a Spiritual Daytime.

5. The First High Angel is Socrates, representing the gold. He spans from 1 to 45 of the Quadrijitu.

6. Socrates tells the truth at any price, even that of his own death. He is utterly unafraid of death, being aware that it is merely a transition of forms.

7. Whenever someone tells the truth in the face of an enormous pressure to lie, there is the energy of Socrates.

8. Socrates brings rectitude to other living beings. Knowing the truth, they can achieve their Aspirations.

9. The Second High Angel is Plato, representing the mercury. He spans from 46 to 90 of the Quadrijitu.

10. Plato is the messenger of the divine. He brings to humanity knowledge of the workings of the divine.

11. Whenever someone accurately understands the Four Tenets, there is the energy of Plato.

12. Plato brings enlightenment to other living beings by reminding them of the spiritual realities of existence.

13. The Third High Angel is Aristotle, representing the silver. He spans from 91 to 135 of the Quadrijitu.

14. Aristotle represents intelligence, and the human ability to overcome our surroundings through the application of intelligence.

15. Whenever somebody expounds the application of the Four Tenets to everyday life, you have the energy of Aristotle.

16. Aristotle brings understanding to humanity by educating them as to the nature of reality.

17. The Fourth High Angel is Alexander, representing the copper. He spans from 136 to 180 of the Quadrijitu.

18. Alexander represents how the material world is inevitably subjugated by the higher elements working in unison.

19. Whenever someone takes action based on an exposition of the Four Tenets, you have the energy of Alexander.

20. Alexander brings glory to people by bringing them into the Empire of Truth.

21. Each of these four High Angels rules over nine Greater Angels, who themselves rule over a five-degree segment of the Quadrijitu.

22. Each of these Greater Angels rules over five Lesser Angels, so that every degree in the upper half of the Quadrijitu is represented by a particular angelic energy loyal to the Principle of Good.


This chapter is an excerpt from Elemental Elementalism, the foundational scripture of the new religion of the Age of Aquarius.


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