VJMP Anzac Day Address 2021: A Radical Proposal For The Future Of Anzac Civilisation

The future of Western Civilisation is starting to look grim. It appears as if we are transitioning into tyranny – as Plato and Aristotle warned was the inevitable fate of democracies. This proposal suggests that the Anzac Empire intentionally position itself as the last bastion of free civilisation, in stated opposition to globalist tyranny.

The cancer of identity politics has destroyed both America and Europe. No-one knows who they are anymore. No-one can agree on anything anymore. The resulting confusion has led to a permanent state of low-level civil war. Aristotle explained in Politics how this state inevitably leads to the rise of a dictator, as people realise that only a ruthless strongman can get anything done.

This cancer has also infected Anzac civilisation. Over recent decades, a concerted effort has been made to erase our culture and to create a division between the white settlers and the natives. Today’s mainstream media pushes a narrative of white Anzacs battling for supremacy against the natives, as if any victory for one side inevitably meant a defeat for the other.

However, the low population of Anzacistan means that the emotional pressure of this cancer is weak. In the same way that the low population of revolutionary America allowed it to make rapid ideological changes that took it on a greatly different path to Europe, so too can we make rapid ideological changes that take us on a greatly different path to the rest of the West.

Americans have been enslaved by a power structure that has deliberately pit them against an implacable African minority. Europeans have, likewise, been enslaved by a power structure that has deliberately pit them against an implacable Muslim minority. It is apparent that this globalist power structure has a similar plan to divide and conquer Anzac civilisation.

That is, unless we organise to stop them.

It’s time for a revolutionary vanguard of Anzac nationalists to stand up and take control of the direction of our civilisation. In doing so, we must explicitly reject the neoliberal totalitarianism that has befallen the West over the past four decades. We must explicitly reject the debt slavery, the open borders, the soulless consumerism and the struggle sessions. We must plot a new course through this new century.

This proposal is for the Anzac people to recognise:

1 – That the current order of the world is disintegrating;

2 – That this disintegration will cause immense suffering to those peoples of the world who rely on good order to provide a decent upbringing for their children;

3 – That the most effective way for those people to avoid this suffering is to reassemble in the Southeastern corner of the world and bring a new political order into being.

The great waves of colonisation, from Europe and elsewhere to the New World, primarily attracted a certain type of person. The landed gentry and the peasantry mostly stayed behind, unwilling or unable to change their environment. Those who did make the move were mostly those from the rising middle classes. This is why people from the New World today are more masculine than their Old World counterparts.

People from the New World, in comparison to people from the Old, are extraverted, adventurous, assertive, dynamic and determined. These are the kind of people who build new countries. They are the same ones who built Australia and New Zealand, and we can enlist them to build an Anzac Empire.

This Anzac Empire could rise by intentionally attracting 100 million or so of the most creative, ambitious and tenacious people from America and Europe as they collapse into brazilianised cesspits over the next 80 years. In doing so, we would chiefly appeal to the young and educated people who are currently getting strangled by their moribund home economies and suicidal popular cultures.

This proposal would make the lands of Anzac into one great citadel of civilisation, where the valued learnings of the past can be preserved as the rest of world disintegrates into chaos. By attracting the most intelligent people from the formerly wealthy parts of the world, we will ensure a rise akin to that of America during the 19th and 20th Centuries.

In 1860, the population of America was just over 30 million, roughly the same as that of the Anzac Empire today. A century later, the American population was 180 million and the nation was established as the most powerful military, economic, scientific and cultural force since the Roman Empire.

The Anzac Empire could undergo a similar transformation – from middle power to world’s leading nation – over the next century. All we would have to do is maintain (or, even better, improve) the genetic and cultural infrastructure of these lands by encouraging immigration from high-IQ cultures that look after their children, and discouraging immigration from low-IQ cultures that don’t look after their children.

First of all, we need to clear the current crop of scum out of our ruling institutions. This will require that our revolutionary vanguard swear never to work with, accommodate or appease any globalist or authoritarian elements. Any and all such elements must be forever excluded, because their presence will prevent the rest of us from introducing a fair set of laws that suit our genetic and cultural temperament.

One of the laws of this new empire must be that anyone promoting the mass importation of cheap labour, or immigration from r-selected countries, is sentenced to death. Anyone championing mass immigration for the sake of pumping up house prices must die so that the Anzac people – and the world – may live.

Other laws can follow the Sevenfold Conception of Inherent Human Rights.

This radical proposal for the future of Anzac civilisation is that the K-selected and noble people of the world fall back to our Southeastern corner, so as to best outlive the deluge of chaos and misery that the ongoing population explosion of the r-selected is inflicting upon the rest of Planet Earth. Let the Anzac Empire become an eternal citadel of all that is valuable in the world, the worthy heir to the Greco-Roman-Anglo culture that preceded us.


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