Clown World Chronicles: Justice In Clown World

Aristotle considered justice, and its application, to be the basis of civilisation. A just society will lead to few resentments, which will keep tyrants out of power and everything running smoothly. An unjust society leads to many deep resentments, which leads to the people championing a tyrant to get revenge for them. In Clown World, injustice reigns – and it’s getting worse.

As with a few other areas of life, the justice system arguably became clownified before 9/11. For many people, the OJ Simpson trial in 1994 made apparent that something was severely faulty with the world’s moral reasoning.

For a while, most places were able to delude themselves into thinking such verdicts were unique to America. The hysteria that followed 9/11, however, caused the West to totally lose the plot. In this hysteria, the average person lost their sense of proportionality. With that went any accurate conception of justice. It took a while for this mentality to filter up to the upper echelons of the justice system, so it wasn’t until recent years that the Western justice systems became truly clownified.

Now, however, our justice systems are run by morally defective people. Ultimately, these justice systems stopped being just because we drifted away from our foundational moral philosophy: the works of Plato and Aristotle.

The logic used to be that “the punishment fits the crime”. In other words, the more suffering caused by the crime, the more severe the punishment had to be. This was the only way to both assuage the victim’s desire for vengeance and protect society from future crimes. Up until recently, that logic worked well.

In Clown World, however, the severity of a sentence depends on the social status of the person committing the crime.

The wealthy and powerful are exempt from full justice. This is why George W Bush, Tony Blair, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did not, and will never, stand trial for the war crimes they committed. Not even leaving one million dead (as Bush and Blair did in Iraq) is too heinous to get away with. In Clown World, laws are for the weak.

The Sackler family is another example of this principle. Facing thousands of lawsuits on account of their central role in inflaming America’s opioid crisis, the Sacklers arranged a settlement with the Trump Administration that would see them completely escape all criminal liabililty. This is despite the fact that opioid deaths in America rose from 21,088 in 2010 to 46,802 in 2018.

Certain categories of supposedly underprivileged people are also exempt from full justice. If you’re a Pakistani or Bangladeshi living in Britain, you can form a grooming gang, rape tens of thousands of underage British girls and get away with it for decades, because the Police will be too afraid to investigate you in case they get called racist.

Clown World justice, like so much else of Clown World, is beholden to politics. Whether or not justice is served is primarily a political question, in particular the question of whether or not justice would serve the interests of those in power. It doesn’t even matter if thousands of teenage girls are getting raped by foreign men in racially-motivated hate crimes – justice has to serve the Establishment to happen at all.

Working-class people, whatever their race, get hammered. The New Zealander Philip Arps, who shared a video of the Christchurch mosque shootings, was sentenced to 21 months in prison for the act, despite that it didn’t harm anyone. It’s common for Black Americans to be sentenced to decades in prison for drug offences that caused less harm than the Sacklers.

The severity of a sentence also depends on the social status of the victim.

Muslim rape gangs in Britain got away with it for so long because they were raping working-class girls. These cases encapsulate justice in Clown World. If you’re the wrong type of victim you don’t get justice, unless it coincides with the political intentions of the Establishment. Getting raped by a foreigner doesn’t mean much if you’re working-class and if drawing attention to the case would jeopardise the multicultural project.

In a similar vein, if you are a working-class person and report a petty crime against you to the local police, chances are they’ll just tell you to fuck off. The likelihood of them investigating a burglary on a working-class home or an assault on a working-class person are minimal. In Clown World, the police are the army of the rich.

Normally, a system this corrupt would be overthrown. However, the rulers of Clown World have learned that they don’t have to rule society justly as long as a sufficient pre-emptive effort is made to crush dissent. Today’s propaganda techniques are so sophisticated that, as Huxley feared, we have been taught to love our servitude.

A consequence of this is no-one protests outcomes of the justice system anymore. The moral sophistication of the average Westerner has disintegrated to such a degree that a celebrity saying something racist elicits more outrage than a child getting beaten to death. Our philosophical foundations are lost, and with them has gone our sense of justice.


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