Clown World Chronicles: What Is A ‘Social Justice Warrior’?

If Clown World can be summarised as the combination of excessive capitalism and excessive Communism, the Social Justice Warrior, or SJW, is the foot soldier of the Communism. They can be found all over the West, in a variety of different environments. The SJW is one of the major forces contributing to making Clown World more like a circus.

SJWs can be found at the forefront of any delusional attempt to improve the world for the sake of the greater good. Like the Communist revolutionary of a century ago, the SJW is obsessed with the greater good. This nebulous and ill-defined concept justifies any amount of totalitarianism. It means that anyone resisting their will is, by definition, on the side of the greater evil.

The SJW doesn’t have much time for the argument that Communism, if ever truly implemented, would naturally evolve back into a hierarchy based on who can best interpret the greater good, and that the people at the top of this hierarchy would be just as tyrannical as the people on top of all the others. Not even when it’s pointed out that this is precisely what happened in Russia, China and Cambodia.

This wilful naivety is one of the main reasons why the SJW is so roundly despised. Not only does it lead the SJW to personal danger, but it leads those around them to danger. The SJW’s child-like faith in the goodness of all humans leads them to support policies that endanger their fellows, such as open borders and prison abolition.

The SJW wants to fight, they want war, they want conflict. This is the ‘Warrior’ part of Social Justice Warrior. They have defined themselves by the struggle for their cause, and their every waking moment is devoted to victory. They believe that there is an evil out there that is plaguing humanity – creating social injustice – and that it’s their mission to fight it.

Characteristic of the SJW is that they strive for social justice despite not having their own lives sorted out. This is why Jordan Peterson’s advice to “clean your room” aggravates them so much – it reminds them of the personal shortcomings that they have tried so hard to deny. Like all evil people, the SJW is focused on controlling others, and not on controlling themselves.

Also characteristic of the SJW is that, in their minds, they are the good guys in a war against evil. As such, they are disinclined to be reasonable towards their enemies. To the SJW, as to the Abrahamist, being reasonable is considered a form of submission. So the nastier they are, the more virtuous they feel.

Part of this warrior mindset is the need to have enemies. In the absence of proper enemies, the SJW will make some. They are fractious, rude, and quarrelsome. This is also why they are so ineffective – put several SJWs together, and they will inevitably end up competing with each other in a purity spiral.

It is from this unhinged desire for confict that the SJW loses their ability to correctly identify who their actual enemies are. Because the desire for conflict comes from within, and not from without, the SJW always finds enemies around them. A person can be neutral to the SJW or even an ally, and end up getting attacked because they said a single unfashionable word.

One consequence of this mentality: the true enemy goes without blame. The SJW seldom raises a peep about the gargantuan profits made by the banks. They hardly ever complain about the working conditions of iPhone factories. Nor do they care much about housing affordability. The most important thing is to signal the highest level of virtue one can.

The SJW imagines that they’re fighting Nazis, but most of the time they’re just getting trolled by alt centrists. They are easy to troll: it’s usually as simple as stating that intelligence is mostly genetic, or mentioning the gulag system. Glorifying the Finnish resistance to Soviet invasion during the Winter War is another common trigger.

Curiously, SJWs and Christcucks spend a lot of time fighting each other, despite being a very similar sort of person. Although they are both preening, sneering, self-righteous hypocrites, their point of distinction is that the SJWs consider the Christcucks hopelessly misguided while the Christcucks consider the SJWs hopelessly degenerate. They are near-identical personalities despite clashing head-on when it comes to sexual freedom, drugs and Muslims.

If the Christcucks are the Establishment Right, SJWs also spend a lot of time fighting the Alternative Right. The alt right is all kinds of problematic. The authoritarian alt right is problematic because it seeks to take away rights from SJWs; the libertarian alt right is problematic because the SJWs seek to take rights away from them. Both have problematic views on human biodiversity.

The best way of explaining the psychology of the SJW is to make reference to both Ted Kaczynski and Friedrich Nietzsche. In short, the SJW represents left-wing slave morality (as opposed to the right-wing slave morality represented by the Christcuck). This is a collectivist, hive-minded, henpecking nanny mentality.

SJWs mostly propagate through the education system. This occurs when a SJW infiltrates the education system and then brainwashes impressionable young people into becoming SJWs. This has been going on since the 1960s. Ever since then, young people have been taught to hate nationalists, and to love globohomo.

Even without being created by the education system or by media brainwashing, SJWs arise as a consequence of the course of history. Whenever you have wealth and comfort for too long, you end up with soft-headed weaklings, and when you get too many of those they start wanting to change society for the greater good. The multiplicity of the SJW is a function of Clown World’s disconnection from reality, both physical and metaphysical.

The only cure for an SJW mindset is to move from a slave to a master mentality. There is no easy way to do this. The likeliest path is the one that involves intense, honest self-inquiry and a reconciliation with one’s own shadow. That sort of thing won’t become popular until Clown World is overcome, and, until that happens, the SJW will continue to proliferate.


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