Is New Zealand The Worst Country On Earth?

New Zealand – paradise if you’re wealthy, but if you’re not (and especially if you’re also young), living here is a curious psychological torture. We have the highest teen suicide rates in the developed world, and this essay looks at some reasons why.

Like every other country on Earth, our mainstream media likes to paint a picture of everything being excellent and the country having never done better – this being the well-known strategy for putting the receivers of such media in the optimal mindset for buying the products advertised in it.

Our mainstream media has a unique level of shamelessness in doing so, however, because in no other country in the developed world are teenagers as likely to decide that they’d rather be dead than living here.

New Zealand is close to the worst country on Earth to be young. There’s nothing to do here, we’re all psychologically damaged and our authority figures lie to us all the time.

This is especially true for the current generation of youth, who grew up in the wake of Ruthanasia, the sadistic welfare policies of the Fourth National Government. These policies taught our youth that the country couldn’t give two shits about them and that empathy is for the weak – once you’re born, you’re on your fucken own.

The consequence of this lack of empathy is a generation of youth without much empathy, and a consequence of that is that they kill themselves at world-record rates. There’s nothing surprising about it – they’ve simply internalised the lack of worth with which they were treated.

Understanding how we got like this requires that we understand how isolated New Zealand is. Australia is itself an isolated country at the arse-end of the world, but they’re practically Greece compared to us.

In almost any other country on Earth, it’s possible to get into a car, drive a short distance across a border and have an entirely different cultural experience, with new people, new thoughts and new ideas.

We don’t have any of that in New Zealand. We’re stuck here. For all of the generations before the one that grew up with the Internet, all we had was the television, and that taught us to consume, not to think.

And as we stagnated, we turned our rages on each other.

Perhaps the worst thing about New Zealand is the petty, vicious, cowardly streak in the national character that has us always lashing out at the person at the bottom of society rather than daring to criticise the people at the top.

This is reflected in our obscene school bullying culture. Unfortunately for New Zealand teenagers, our culture of abuse is so deeply entrenched that many teachers will argue that bullying is a good thing because it forces kids to develop social skills or “toughens them up for the real world” (or some other 19th-century logic).

It’s also reflected in our third-world mental health system, which regularly throws sick people out onto the street with no help or funding. Many teenagers have committed suicide after trying to get help from the New Zealand mental health system only to find that no-one working in it could care less about them.

Unfortunately for this country’s mentally ill, especially if they are also young and poor, being mentally ill is still seen as a personal failure in New Zealand – depression is a failure to harden the fuck up, bipolar disorder is a failure to calm down, schizophrenia is a failure to sort your shit out.

In this way, New Zealand has failed to move on from the 1950s, in contrast to almost everywhere else.

A natural consequence of this brutal, brain-dead attitude is a national unwillingness to talk about mental illness. Doing so engenders so little natural sympathy that our youth would rather kill themselves than try and broach the subject with an adult New Zealander.

Not only do we have less of an influence from without, but we actively stomp down any new thought that might arise from within – and not only through the Tall Poppy Syndrome.

New Zealand managed to produce an intellect great enough to win a Booker Prize recently in Eleanor Catton, and Prime Minister John Key bullied her out of the country by publicly stating that her opinion on intellectual matters wasn’t worth more than that of a rugby player.

No other country is shit enough to do that. Almost anywhere else, it would be recognised that intellects like Catton’s are necessary to prevent a culture from rotting from the inside, and especially so in New Zealand where new ideas do not flow in from across the border.

We weren’t always like this: studies have shown that our teen suicide rate actually used to be lower than that of other countries.

But in the mid-80s we got sucked into the con job that was neoliberalism, and none of our current politicians have the guts to suggest any change of track.

The country that once led the world on social issues like women’s suffrage and old-age pensions is now more backwards than South Africa on social issues like gay marriage and cannabis law reform.

Without a fundamental change of attitude that brings us into 21st-century modes of thinking, the standard of living here will only continue to deteriorate, and our teen suicide rates will only increase.

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  1. Yes we have an incredibly high youth suicide rate but actually adults are high in the statistics as well. Helen Clark shut down the Mental health Hospitals in the early 1990s despite opposition. Of course Carrington came in her Electorate. Nothing surprising she garne red favour from her rich constituents. The Hospitals were just getting it right okay so some of the Mental health workers and the system got care and responsibility wrong but I am sure a lot of them and new Graduatesite would welcome bringingredients back jobs and proper care of patients. Yes patients not “clients ” not “consumers ” and not “service users “. The Hospitals had gradients of levels of dangerous to not dangerous patients with Oakley and other high needs part of the Hospital system. Society is more dangerous because of the closing of the Hospitals. There would be less patients in prison. Patients who have been compromised in safety and security. We need these Hospitals reopened to care for the disenfranchised and society would be a safer place. But of course they were on prime land that the ACT section of the Labour party were into selling as many assets under Roger Douglas as possible. We need the community mental health services as well as supported living homes that used to be. Unfortunately short sighted. Now we have the Mentally ill on the streets of Auckland and the rest of NZ Aotearoa

  2. Oh how terrible it is being in a 1st world country. Oh how boring it is. Think about the hundreds of millions of people who wake up in slums or on the streets in places in Africa and in parts of Asia for god sake. Stop your whining, suicide and all is awful, but the majority or the population lives a happy life and you saying it’s the possible the worst country on Earth is ridicolous, you clearly have a lack of world knowledge, or just very ignorant.

    1. Edward, do you know much about this world? Before coming to NZ, I lived in 3 countries and visited over 40. After 2 miserable years in NZ, I managed to GTFO and I feel so much better being as far away from that hell as possible. I can write a lengthy essay on how horrible this place is and how all those “good” things pale in comparison with all the crap that’s happening in your so-called “paradise”. If you do reply, I’d be happy to elaborate. Cheers.

  3. Wow, that’s some straight up rat shit right there. You talk about problems that the whole world faces. In Japan the teens hardly have anyone to turn to but at least NZ you have places to go. Maybe the one worker you encountered didn’t give a rat’s ass (which is your fault if you didn’t report him and get him fired) there are always people who care. I’m young and very poor but nothing’s wrong with the way I’m living. Yeah Milk is expensive but if you get a job you can afford most things you need. You probably got bored cause you don’t have any friends. It’s not like you need extravagant cruises 24/7. Hell it sounds like your misplacing your frustration because you’re lonely and broke, pakeha. If you don’t like the way life is, then it’s your fault for not taking the wheel but relying on fallible systems, and you must love getting pushed around.

  4. move to china man its an under populated place with like no povity at all and nz is just a little island with people and speak ching chang there just a bunch of chinks and not good asian chinese are the best asians

  5. When crime happens, the police do not show-up- its rare. North Island is worse than the South Island. The crime rate is shown to be low because the police do not report over half of the crime that takes place in New Zealand. Drugs, alcohol and sex, sex, sex problems. Part of the suicide problem too. A high immigrant sex working population as well- they even get visas from brothels or massage parlours to work in NZ. Prostitution is decriminalised btw. Costs are high everywhere in NZ esp rent… clothes food and eating out. Most places are pretty scungy to rent and no protection if property owner lives on the property and bothers you in any way- you have no rights. More than 50% of population uses cannabis. Alcohol drinking rate for the male drinking population is 85%. 1 out of 3 women get physically assaulted by male partners in NZ. Violence is an issue, mainly due to the drinking or meth/P problems that highly exist throughout the society. Several women who get raped or experience sex harassment experience NO support from the police or system- you must have evidence like a recording or video and even if you have these, the police may not use them… Many people have a low reasoning skills- overall a working class culture. All your rights in NZ are in ACTS and that is what they actually are acts, not laws. Good luck getting agencies to enforce them… you will have to hire a lawyer. Sex abuse of children or pedophilia are just as common as anywhere else in the world. The laws in NEW Zealand hardly protect human rights. There is no way to redress issues without paying a lawyer really. the ambulance, hospitals and government system make huge oversights and mistakes and it appears to be worse than other Western countries and 3rd world countries. The standards are overall low. The academia world also has low standards. Its really a hard place to live but visiting is another matter as everyone in NZ likes you when you are spending money or having fun drinking or gambling. It is a hard-nosed bullying culture and the hospitals operate in some of the poorest fashion imaginable. It may seem all like fun and games visiting but yo have better rights and often better healthcare in other countries including Aus. I do not recommend anyone from the Americas to live in NZ – its a big mistake. 1080, Roundup, Atrazine and many pesticides are used throughout NZ and poison the natural atmosphere. There is a lot to be depressed about in NZ esp when you have no rights and feel that you cannot get ahead.

  6. As if an extravagant cruise in new zealand would be something amazing anyway. everything looks the same! LOL. I 100% agree with this guy! He has honestly summarized new zealand down to a T and I love the brutal honesty because as we all know honesty is in many ways brutal because people can’t handle the truth. i would vote for this guy any day. Why? because hes not full of shit like the rest of people that are too afraid to speek up and would prefer to live in a state of denial

  7. 100% Agreeded very true, thanks so much so I can show my parrents this and get my motherfucking ass send out of the country and get a solid GF and solid life.

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