Navigating The Great Fractal (redux)

1. The vastness of the Great Fractal cannot be described in words, but describing how to navigate through it is much simpler.

2. Those unfortunate wretches who don’t know how to navigate the Great Fractal are condemned to live lives of maddening confusion as they are hurled to and fro by the winds of change.

3. Because the materialist paradigm is currently dominant, most people are used to thinking about setting goals in terms of time.

4. According to the received wisdom, time passes, and eventually when enough time has passed and enough effort has been expended, the goal is achieved.

5. Elementalists understand that both the material world and time are illusions. So how, then, does one get from Point A to Point B?

6. Everything that one could possibly wish for is in the Great Fractal: every possible situation in every possible world. One simply has to find a way to navigate there.

7. Getting to where one wishes is not easy, primarily because most people are used to thinking of reality as a planet that one walks around, and are unused to thinking of reality as a metaphysical fractal that one navigates through.

8. Understanding this navigation is a matter of understanding frequency and how frequencies match with similar frequencies.

9. A person’s frequency is the frequency of their consciousness. This can be estimated on a scale from 0 to 1, where 0 is pure unconsciousness (like an NPC) and 1 is pure consciousness (like Buddha).

10. The lower the frequency, the closer to psychopathic behaviour will be exhibited. The higher the frequency, the more it will ease the suffering of the beings around them.

11. A person’s frequency is the sum total of their actions, in both this life and in previous ones.

12. If that person has taken selfish actions that ignore the divinity of others, their frequency will be dark and heavy. If they have taken actions that respect the divinity of others, their frequency will be bright and light.

13. People incarnate into this world because the actions that they have made in previous lives has caused their consciousness to resonate at a particular frequency. This frequency happens to be a close match to the frequency of this world.

14. Every part of the Great Fractal has a frequency that matches closely to the frequency of consciousness possessed by its inhabitants.

15. Given that there are a practically infinite number of worlds in the Great Fractal, there is a world to match every possible frequency that a consciousness might resonate on.

16. In every person’s previous lives, they have been presented with a string of moral dilemmas, just as they have been in this one. In response to those dilemmas, they have made a variety of decisions.

17. The sum total of the correctness or otherwise of those decisions is now represented by every person’s frequency of consciousness.

18. Thus, if you have lived a life where you were selfish and cruel, you will incarnate in a universe populated with other beings on a similar frequency. And this will be perfectly fair – after all, you justified those behaviours by performing them yourself.

19. Therefore, you decreed that such actions were legitimate – even when they’re performed against you.

20. Elementalists call this process assortative reincarnation. It’s an application of divine justice, because every individual consciousness gets assorted to a universe that is appropriate to their frequency.

21. As such, navigating through the Great Fractal is simple. All one has to do is resonate at a frequency of consciousness that matches one’s desired destination.

22. Altering the frequency of consciousness at which one resonates is primarily a matter of applied will.

23. The longer and harder one applies one’s will to the achievement of a goal, the more one’s frequency of consciousness will alter to match the expression of that will.

24. If one’s frequency of consciousness matches one’s desired destination, eventually one will find oneself manifesting there, whether in this life or a life to come – this is actually unavoidable.

25. The laws of the Great Fractal demand that this must be the case, for it is unjust for a high frequency of consciousness to be cast among the lower, or for a low frequency of consciousness to be cast among the higher. This applies on the scale of both one lifetime and a hundred thousand.


This chapter is an excerpt from Elemental Elementalism, the foundational scripture of the new religion of the Age of Aquarius.


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