How To Deal With Extreme Suffering

1. Suffering can make a person say No to life.

2. Extremes of suffering can make a person deny the spiritual truths about reality.

3. It is true that this world is one of the Hell Realms. However, there are still many ways that extreme suffering can be relieved.

4. The foremost way to alleviate extreme suffering is to understand that the physical world and all the phenomena in it were created to entertain the gods.

5. Only the Tard asks “If God is real, why does suffering exist?”

6. The Elementalist understands that suffering must exist so that we have something to overcome.

7. The greater the suffering, the more glorious the overcoming.

8. Those who have overcome extreme suffering must not look back on it with resentment. The crack in one’s heart is the same conduit through which the light enters.

9. Both homicidal and suicidal ideation are best dealt with by taking a calm moment to appreciate how much the gods would be entertained by you overcoming such feelings.

10. Extreme suffering can be likened to standing at the foot of an extremely tall mountain. A great challenge awaits, with potentially great rewards.

11. When others are suffering, the correct response is calm compassion.

12. The Elementalist cannot solve the problem of the great suffering of the world, nor the great suffering of others. But the Elementalist, still having the power to alter his frequency of consciousness through the application of will, does not despair thereby.

13. The best way to alleviate general suffering is to transmute low-frequency aspects of one’s own consciousness into high-frequency ones.

14. Physical suffering is best alleviated by a return to the body’s natural state. The hungry must eat, the thirsty must drink, the tired must sleep.

15. Extreme physical suffering cannot be alleviated so easily. The solution is to keep that suffering in perspective: all sensory impressions of this world are illusions that rise and fall.

16. Emotional suffering is best alleviated by kindness and solidarity based on common feeling. The most reliable way to achieve this is to help other people who are suffering.

17. Extreme emotional suffering requires that a person look inwards and master their emotions. The easiest way to achieve this is through extensive meditation practice.

18. Intellectual suffering is best alleviated by knowledge.

19. Extreme intellectual suffering requires that a person return to the ancient masters. A person subject to extreme intellectual suffering should read Vyasa, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Buddha, Mencius, Chuang Tzu, Plato and Aristotle.

20. Spiritual suffering is best alleviated by wisdom.

21. Extreme spiritual suffering requires that a person meditate upon the Four Tenets. Only by understanding the Four Tenets can a person free themselves from illusion and delusion.

22. It is important to practice meditation as often as possible, so that thoughts and feelings of suffering can be mastered.

23. Meditation alleviates physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual suffering.

24. The Elementalist, understanding the Fourth Tenet and the Good News of Elementalism, does not experience true suffering. Although the body and the mind of the Elementalist may suffer, the soul does not.


This chapter is an excerpt from Elemental Elementalism, the foundational scripture of the new religion of the Age of Aquarius.


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