Open The Door To Islam, Open The Door To Hell

With the terrorist attack at the New Lynn Countdown supermarket last night, Kiwis will now have to live with what Europeans have suffered for the past 20 years: ever-present ambient terror while out in public. The more intelligent Kiwis will soon come to realise something that intelligent Europeans realised 20 years ago: when you open the door to Islam, you consign your country to Hell.

The most predictable thing about the terror attack at the Auckland supermarket was the chorus of cries to not blame Islam. Even though we were told by Jacinda Ardern herself that the Christchurch mosque shootings were the collective responsibility of all white people, we have also been told by Ardern that last night’s terror “was carried out by an individual – not a faith, not a culture, not an ethnicity – but an individual person.”

Perhaps the second most predictable thing about the attack is that no-one in the mainstream media will ask who let the terrorist into the country to begin with. No mainstream journalist will track down who approved his visa. No-one will ask why a person like this was allowed into the country in the first place. VJM Publishing already figured out who opened the gates – it was our 53rd Minister of Immigration, National’s Jonathan Coleman.

As for why a New Zealand Minister of Immigration would open the doors to a terrorist, the answer depends on how much conspiracy theory you can handle.

The first thing to establish is that the supermarket attack was not an isolated incident. Since 2014, Muslims have carried out over a hundred terror attacks in Europe, with almost 400 total deaths. This is nothing unusual – it’s merely a hundred more examples of the now well-established 1400-year pattern of Muslims slaughtering anyone foolish enough to let them in.

Although the mainstream media will act like the motivations for the supermarket attack are mysterious, they’re actually very simple. The terrorist was an Islamic supremacist who believed that we Kiwis are filthy kuffirs who ought to submit to Islam or be destroyed. He was motivated by the idea that he was fighting a holy war against the enemies of the God of Abraham.

His intention – as with all who think like him – was to keep stabbing us, and shooting us, and raping our women and children, until one of two things happen: either we convert to Islam, or we disappear.

Ardern claimed that the terror attack “was carried out by an individual, not a faith, not a culture, not an ethnicity, but an individual person who was gripped by ideology that is not supported here by anyone or any community.” The reality is that plenty of Muslims support ISIS and the general ideology of Islamic supremacism. The Muslim community is the grass in which snakes like yesterday’s terrorist hide.

A Pew opinion poll found that “support in some degree for suicide bombings among younger European Muslims ranged from 22 percent in Germany to 29 percent in Spain, 35 percent in Britain and 42 percent in France.” A BBC poll in Britain found that a quarter of British Muslims sympathise with the Charlie Hebdo terrorists of 2015. Things are so bad that it’s more common today for British Muslims to join ISIS than to join the British Army.

What Kiwis have utterly failed to understand is that Muslims view the Muslim conquest of the world in much the same way that Kiwis view the All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup: as the best possible thing that could happen. Last night’s terror attack was, for them, like watching the All Blacks scoring a try is for us. It was a victory for their team (the believers) against the opposition team (the infidels).

The Islamic State will happily admit to what is written in the paragraph above. Anyone doubting this needs to read Issue 15 of Dabiq magazine, the English-language magazine published by ISIS to explain their intentions and aspirations. One article in Issue 15 of Dabiq is titled ‘Why We Hate You & Why We Fight You‘. Here it is openly admitted that “We hate you, first and foremost, because you are disbelievers; you reject the oneness of Allah…”

There are believed to be some 60,000 Muslims in New Zealand. We know from the polling mentioned above that at least a quarter of Muslims living in other Western countries are ISIS sympathisers. If a similar proportion of them are ISIS sympathisers in New Zealand, that works out to be around 15,000 people.

Can you handle the idea that there are 15,000 people currently resident in New Zealand who consider yesterday’s mass stabbing to have been a good thing that increased the glory of Islam? That’s the reality that we now have to face. We’ve opened that door.

The grim, blood-stained reality is: now that we’ve opened our borders to Islam, and allowed it to gain a foothold here, the terror attacks will never end. We know this because the established modus operandi of Muslims in every area in which they gain a foothold is the same: to terrorise the locals until they submit to Islam. To never allow them a moment of peace otherwise.

Attacks like last night’s, and a hundred times worse, have been happening in Europe for decades. In Britain, 19,000 girls are raped every year by Muslim grooming gangs. New Zealand already has the refugee that won’t stop offending. Why open the borders any further to this menace?

The correct response to the supermarket attack is twofold.

First, a complete and total stop to all Muslim immigration to New Zealand. This means a total stop to all entry into New Zealand of Muslims from other countries. No refugees, no students, no family reunification, no work visas. Only apostates and women (i.e. victims of Islam) will be allowed into New Zealand from Muslim countries.

Second, everyone who supported or facilitated mass Muslim immigration to New Zealand has to be removed from public office, and barred from ever holding public office in the future. These people have demonstrated such a degree of poor judgment that they’re indistinguishable from traitors. They’ve opened the door of Hell to New Zealand, and people like them have to be discouraged from doing so again in the future.


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4 thoughts on “Open The Door To Islam, Open The Door To Hell”

  1. You speak the truth. Thankyou. The Muslim agenda is to damage and hurt new Zealand and its people. Stop immigration of these terrible islamists

  2. I’m an Englishman living here in NZ And last weeks attack is all too familiar to me. A very accurate article which means it was hard to read as the truth hurts. It’s too late for England hopefully not for NZ.

  3. Your article offers zero evidence as to the opinions of the 15,000 Muslims that you say think the stabbing was a good idea! Your theories and opinions read as ignorant bigotry and boarder on paranoia. A terrible article wish I never wasted my time reading it.

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