Infantilisation, Feminisation, Negrification, Uglification, Stupefaction, Pacification

Observing the collapse of the West into Clown World, six sociological trends stand out above all others. Each of these trends has been deliberately engineered by the ruling class to make their subject populations weaker and easier to control. All of them involve promoting one set of behaviours and attitudes over another, to the detriment of the subject population.

The first trend is infantilisation.

Infantilisation involves keeping people in a state of helpless dependency even into adulthood. In particular, this involves inducing them to think and behave like adult children. Emblematic of this trend is the 40-year old collector of Star Wars figurines. Infantilised people are encouraged not to solve their own problems, but instead to tug the skirt of the local authority. This is also true of scientific disputes. Independent thought is strongly discouraged.

It’s essential here that people be kept ignorant about the true nature of reality. Instead of being informed accurately about the scientific nature of humankind and of the world, people are presented with a Disneyfied, Tellytubby version of affairs. It is never admitted that life is suffering and that the good guys die in the end just like the bad guys.

The second trend is feminisation.

This involves forcing women and feminine energy into male spaces. Anything traditionally masculine has to give way to feminine involvement. This trend is why one sees so much mainstream media decrying “not enough women in X” or praising “first woman in X”. All male spaces have to be broken open.

Today this can be seen most obviously in sport. The obsessive promotion of women’s sport has had the effect of removing an avenue for masculinity. Now there are even female referees and commentators in male games. The forcing of women into the military is a more extreme, if less obvious, example. The end result is a generation of feminised males unable to inspire any physical resistance.

The third trend is negrification.

It’s rare to see a white family in the mass media nowadays. A long-running series like Friends, without token diversity, would be impossible today. Much as children have been forced into adult spaces and females have been forced into male spaces, so too have non-whites been forced into white spaces. This is also accompanied by propaganda about “not enough non-whites in X” or “first non-white in X”.

Following from the increasing proportion of non-whites in traditionally white spaces is a lowering of general standards. As a result, r-selected behaviours and attitudes are driving out K-selected ones. The growing cultural obsession with analingus is perhaps the most telling example – arse fetishism is almost non-existent in fully white countries.

The fourth trend is uglification.

This can be seen most clearly in music and architecture. Today’s popular music is almost antithetical to the high culture of Beethoven and Vivaldi. Orchestral music has been replaced with crude jungle beats that appeal to the brain stem. A similar phenomenon has taken place with architecture. Brutalism is a name given to the architectural style that emphasises minimalism and concrete, but it’s so common today that most people think it’s normal.

Uglification can also be seen in fashion. The most notable example today is the promotion of Lizzo, a monstrously obese woman, as a model of beauty. Genuinely beautiful women are starting to become rare in mainstream media. The combined effect of the uglification of music, architecture and fashion is that people have lost their conception of what beauty is. This has had severe moral consequences.

The fifth trend is stupefaction.

In the early days of the Internet, it was possible to easily find information about any subject. These times were known as the Golden Age of the Internet. But as the information superhighway became more commercialised, hobbyist and enthusiast sites were pushed to the bottom of search results in favour of big advertisers. As the ruling class put more and more advertising between the people and the information, the masses became dumber and dumber.

Part of stupefaction involves the promotion of unqualified people as authorities. Bill Nye, “The Science Guy”, only has a Bachelor’s degree, and is therefore less of a scientific authority than the author of this article. Unqualified people are promoted as experts everywhere in the mass media, lowering the quality of public discourse and popularising misconceptions and falsehoods.

The sixth trend is pacification.

Aldous Huxley warned that the ruling class would one day train the masses to love their servitude, and that’s exactly what has happened. We have been pacified by having just enough of our material needs met to prevent any real discontent. No-one really has to go without food or entertainment nowadays, and this has led to an oversatisfied population that is willing to accept all kinds of human rights abuses.

Pacification is the end result of the infantilisation, the feminisation, the negrification, the uglification and the stupefaction of the masses. All of these trends have created a population that is utterly incapable of resisting the abuses of the ruling class – this being, of course, the ultimate reason why they were all pushed.

In the tyranny to come, no adult spaces will be allowed to exist, no male spaces will be allowed to exist, no white spaces will be allowed to exist, no beautiful spaces will be allowed to exist, no intelligent spaces will be allowed to exist and no space for courage will be allowed to exist. In short, no place of order will be allowed to exist, because any order among the masses provides the basis for resistance.

Much of the logic behind Clown World is about forcing chaos into orderly spaces for the sake of destruction. The more the ruling class can sow chaos among their lower-class enemies, the less the lower classes are able to resist the depredations of the rulers. And so, the more infantilised, feminised, negrified, uglified, stupified and pacified society becomes, the harder it becomes to own a home and to raise a family on one wage.


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11 thoughts on “Infantilisation, Feminisation, Negrification, Uglification, Stupefaction, Pacification”

      1. Imported Danish coed porn in the 90s was the first wave of arse munching to cross my colleagues desks over at the censor’s office. Granted, it was rare to see a full-blown asshole let alone a tongue in one in the mainstream glossy Anglo-Saxon porn that dominated the period, but the tip tip of the spear of the anilingus uptick we are experiencing today was thrust forward well before the “normalise buttstuff” trend of the naughties and it was thrust enthusiastically forward by Nordic blonde Scandinavian university students – living embodiments of the Aryan race.

        1. >Nordic blonde Scandinavian university students
          They probably financed it as well, right? Because we all know that Nordic blonde university students have the money and access for worldwide distribution of porn as well as the best inroads, access and knowledge into the global porn mafia primarily run by Jews.
          I find it disturbing that you would have an interest in this blog NZSIS.

        2. NZ Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) Director-General Rebecca Kitteridge spoke on Wednesday at an annual review of the agency, chaired by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and with members including Opposition leader Judith Collins.

          “There’s no doubt that we are seeing an increase in white identity extremism in New Zealand and around the world. >>>That is an unfortunate international trend,<<<" Kitteridge told the Intelligence and Security Committee.

          It is 'unfortunate' that Whites have an identity, NZSIS? Too bad you don't have the balls to suggest to the Chinese that it is unfortunate that they have an 'identity' as well…but they are worthless when it comes to productive slaves, aren't they? Whites without an identify are easier to enslave. Lets not pretend that this is not the real goal here for the tribe you represent.

        3. If you were concerned about ‘violent extremism’ maybe you should give a thought to your own position being pro-mutilation for children and castrating them (‘transitioning them’ or your other pedophile activities) instead of lurking on blogs of your citizens. You are so full of SHIT it is unbelievable. Fucking demonic. It doesn’t get any more violent or extremists than your own pedophile oriented positions but those you think are ‘normal’.

        1. Just an FYI. One of the mods on Reddit is a Muslim/Semite, so a mortal enemy of European people in the ongoing WWIII. So that is why you, and I, got reported to Kitteridge (Kitteridge is loyal to the Jewish crown of England; QE is heir to both Jewish King David as well as direct descendant of Mohammed, so Muslims are ‘her people’ more than Europeans will ever be since she is genetically Semitic and not European).

          “Jewish hopes for the future depend on two linchpins. One is the League of Nations idea, and the other is the British Government, and we need scarcely say that we refer to Jewish hopes in the widest application of the term.” The Jewish World, London, January 15,1919 (No. 2392), p. 5

          That is the joy of living in a ‘multicultural’ society (or Bolshevik communist as well both permanently undermine social cohesion as a strategy in order to kill, maim and control the people). The left hides in conservative spaces and then reports you from within ‘anonymously’…all the while wearing the mask of the ‘conservative.’. In case you were wondering where Kitteridge, the pro-child mutilation, Semitic she-male came from out of the blue…I believe she was summoned by one of the ‘mods’ at reddit and I don’t know which one or by u/ynthrepic (who seems to share her values, ‘reasoning’ and speaking style in an almost perfect match).

          I hate multiculturalism as much as I hate communism.

          At any rate, they couldn’t help themselves when they were banning me the last time. They always have to rub the (from their POV) ‘win’ in peoples faces.

          So you have the timeline correct. I was banned no reason given but had no idea why. I sent them a question asking, “Why was I banned?” They sent me back their Islamic phrase in the first photo on imgur [tHhfwqw], gloating that they were in control of the Reddit sub under the guise of tracking and monitoring ‘conservatives’. So I decided to see who was who by posting the first imgur file [tHhfwqw], which is just a screenshot of a comment I wrote and never posted [2nd photo in [tHhfwqw]. On reddit I replaced it with the actual post in imgur file [0zLxXTh] and the link to [tHhfwqw]. I did it in the middle of your night so that I could check and see if the AutoMod was intelligent or capable of banning people. It was not. So I waited. When Joey woke up and checked his comment replies and saw [tHhfwqw]. He erased it completely and not with a normal ‘reddit’ moderation erasure…but rather completely erased that it ever existed…so he is not ‘your average moderator’ since a normal deletion always a little notice that says that it was deleted by the moderation, see for evidence that they are capable of erasing comments and leaving no trace whatsoever online.

          There is no ‘we’ with JoeyJoJoJrShabadoo99, I tested him and he failed.

          The NZ government has been compromised, IMO since Jacinda groveled at the feet of Erdogan (that is where her loyalty really lies) after Tarrant shot up one of his major [planned] terrorist/drug/illicit running hubs in Christchurch that was engineered to undermine and destroy NZ.

          IDK if you care about any of this…I am just sharing so that you know how deep in the shit your nation is, how compromised Reddit is and so that you can make informed decisions about what you value or want. The Reddit mods are in DEEP with MI6 and those who are pushing for the genocide and extinctions of Europeans (first, followed by all the other races) and global government.

          “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because WE WANT A WORLD OF OUR OWN (aka without the rest of the people in it; global genocide).” You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155.

          The planned genocide of the planet continues unabated…

          1. How did you know I was a “shemale”, as you put it, or a person of cock (POC)?

            I do not work with the Reddit mods, C.

            In fact, Neither I not my colleagues at the NZSIS and GCSB are concerned with Hate Speech but only violent extremism.

          2. > IDK if you care about any of this… I am just sharing so that you know how deep in the shit your nation is, how compromised Reddit is and so that you can make informed decisions about what you value or want.

            I care immensely, and it’s certainly worth sharing. Things are bad in New Zealand but we are just following trends established elsewhere. All of us are waiting for the Fed to raise interest rates.

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