Clown World Chronicles: What Is A ‘Struggle Session’?

Sometimes it feels as if Clown World takes the worst aspects of other political systems and combines them all into one infernal whole. From capitalism we have taken soulless, materialistic overconsumption and from Communism we have taken resentment-fuelled narratives of hate. It is from Communism that Clown World has adopted struggle sessions.

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Communist revolutionaries formalised their systems of humiliation and abuse into what were known as ‘struggle sessions’. The target of a struggle session would be subjected to ritualised public degradation for an extended time, with the intent of breaking them down and making them submissive towards the Communist Party.

The idea was that certain wrongthinkers harboured opinions that threatened the viability of the Revolution. These counter-revolutionary ideas put everyone at risk, and therefore they had to be driven out. This was considered to be as much for their sake as anyone else’s, because a struggle session might prevent someone from being sent to a labour camp.

In reality, struggle sessions were used to destroy any and all enemies of the Communist Party.

Struggle sessions were banned in China after Deng Xiaoping came to power. But the demand for them didn’t go away. In Clown World they have been reintroduced, under various guises, to workplace training and education. As with Revolutionary China, they achieve the same objective: to eliminate wrongthinkers.

Today’s wrongthinkers are, as then, anyone who disagrees with Communist Party dogma. If you disagree with the dogma that human nature is a blank slate upon which anything can be written, or that evolution stops at the neck, or that past discrimination justifies and necessitates present discrimination, then you are a racist.

‘Racist’ has replaced ‘bourgeoisie’ as the label describing the chief enemy. All rightthinkers know that if we abolished borders, the world’s working classes would come together in an international brotherhood of man, ending suffering forever. People who believe in borders are wrongthinkers motivated by an irrational hatred for their black and brown fellows.

The desire to purge people of wrongthink prompted the Maoist struggle sessions. Since that desire still exists in Clown World, struggle sessions have made a comeback.

In Clown World, struggle sessions are repackaged as “anti-racism seminars”. Today’s leftists don’t give two shits about poor people anymore – they just want to persecute people they hate. Because they don’t care about the poor, their enemies are no longer the rich people in the landlord class. The enemy is any wrongthinker, even (or especially) working-class ones.

These seminars achieve precisely the same goals of the Maoist struggle sessions.

The most obvious way is by humiliating the enemies of the Communist Party. In today’s era of Brown Communism, the enemy is white people. In struggle sessions, white people are told that their moral values cause suffering, and are made to feel shame in an effort to get them to repudiate those values.

White people are told that their racism is the reason for all of the evils of the world. Without it, all of the world’s peoples would live in harmony. As such, anyone harbouring “lingering racist sentiments” has to have them ripped out – again, for their own sake as much as anyone else’s.

Possibly the most insane example of a Clown World struggle session was that inflicted on the staff of Sandia National Laboratories, a contractor involved in constructing America’s arsenal of nuclear weapons.

These workers were subjected to a struggle session in the guise of diversity training, during which the white males on the staff were made to apologise for their white privilege. They were also made to acknowledge a connection between white male culture and mass killings. This closely mirrors how educated people were made to apologise for all the ills of the world during the Maoist struggle sessions.

According to those running the struggle session, White Men as Full Diversity Partners, a willingness to work hard is white supremacist oppression that causes suffering to people of colour. Resourcefulness, self-confidence and a will to take the initiative are also signs of white supremacy.

Employees in the Seattle City Council have had to go through similar struggle sessions – but only if they were white. Non-white employees, not being the enemy, were exempt. The white ones were taught how they need to make themselves accountable to people of colour, a transparent attempt to humiliate.

Public sector workers in Australia and New Zealand are subjected to struggle sessions in the form of indigenous values training. Although these are presented as dispassionate sociological lessons, their real purpose is to sow doubt and confusion. In this sense, diversity training is the workplace equivalent of Drag Queen Story Hour.

A struggle session in England saw students at Glenthorn High School first segregated by race, following which white children were taught that their heritage was shameful, while black and brown children were taught the opposite. Struggle sessions are now just as common in education as in the workplace.

Ultimately, these struggle sessions are conducted against master morality. Maoism (like all forms of Marxism) is a slave morality, primarily motivated by resentment. Struggle sessions are intended to humiliate the targets of that resentment, so that the slaves feel less ashamed about themselves. In Clown World, the slaves call the tune.


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3 thoughts on “Clown World Chronicles: What Is A ‘Struggle Session’?”

  1. Great article, awesome how you make the connections between historical communism and current expressions of that very same ideology. Best case scenario we are only a decade or so away from full blown death camps ( non-ironically) in the West.

    The way in which racially based attacks on hundreds of thousands of whites across the west is being institutionally ignored is the biggest betrayal in the history of the West.

  2. I was previously unaware of the Maoist struggle session; assuming little middle-ground for doubters of the regime (either dont Get caught Or get a bullet.

    The links with today’s smoke-signal buzzwords (there’s no virtue in them) is articulated clearly and has provided me with another tool in my ideological arsenal.


  3. Thank you for this article. “Struggle Sessions” are deeply psychologically damaging and must be therefore resisted at all cost. Employees who get fired or threatened to get fired for refusing to take part in something that will permanently damage them should make it clear they will sue for unfair dismissal. We also need more awareness of parents to prevent this assault on a person to be committed against their children. Will share.

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