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The 13th chapter in Free Speech Under Attack is ‘Speaking Controversially’ by Robert Stanmore. This essay begins by looking at the controversy over Israel Folau when he quoted a Bible verse promising eternal punishment to sinners. Stanmore cites Mark Latham as stating that corporate elites are intruding upon workers’ rights by punishing them for what they say on social media outside of work hours.

This also happens in New Zealand, as shown by the example of Ray White Real Estate, who sacked two of their agents for social media posts critical of Islam. Given that a large proportion of the population is critical of Islam, and for very good reason, this seems like an excessive and callous response. Stanmore concludes by claiming that the possibility of offence being taken is a fair price to pay for free speech.

Chapter 14 is ‘Free Speech and Universities’ by David Round. Here, Round recounts how the Education Act guarantees academic freedom. The primary concern of universities is to develop intellectual independence. But the general societal trend is towards intolerance of free speech and free expression. Round wisely points out that today’s generation is both tolerant in some ways and intolerant in others when compared to their grandparents.

Round details the social media attacks against himself and his reputation for supposed racism, and the efforts made by cancel culture to shut down the Canterbury University Law Revue and Don Brash’s scheduled speaking appointment at Massey University. He also discusses the attempts made by Muslim and Chinese interests to buy influence in Western universities through making donations.

Chapter 15 is ‘Silencing the Public on Immigration’ by Robert Stanmore. This is another short essay, at only five pages. Stanmore begins by noting the unprecedented increase in Third Worlders moving to the West, and by pointing out that these moves are happening without the consent of the local populations.

Stanmore states, correctly, that the United Nations is inescapably opposed to the interests of individual Western nations. Free speech is, unfortunately, far from a universal human value. He also discusses the evil of the United Nations Compact on Migration, and how our Government kept it secret from us. He ends with an appeal to learn from the experience of Europe and only allow immigrants who are compatible with our way of life.


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One thought on “VJMP Reads: Free Speech Under Attack V”

  1. How did the little worm get a job at Newsroom? One of the directors is married to one of the country’s top Zionist propagandists, but that can’t be it, as surely as Stefan Molyneux, a Jew who claims Jews have the highest IQs, is a white, and not a Jewish, supremacist.

    Imagine if I turned up in New York a few months before 9/11, a foreigner barely out of my teens with no previous connection to New Zealand, and was immediately granted a prominent reporting role at a top media outlet, let’s say the NYPost, covering the historical event that was to befall that city a few months later… with my other reporting concerning social engineering and geopolitics. It would make me extremely lucky in respect of my chosen profession, would it not, to be granted that opportunity, especially with so many local reporters out of work – as they are everywhere -and the local nature of the tragedy, one with such a strong identity. Alas I, a foreign greenhorn barely out of my teens, would be unlikely to be embraced by New York as a important voice if not the legitimate voice from Ground Zero on the events of that awful day.

    I don’t have the “X” factor!

    For politeness’s sake, let’s call it talent.

    Marc’s innate talents, comparatively, are such that us clam shuckers and potato farmers can only wonder at them, and how they – totally reasonably, if not naturally, inevitably, genetically(?) – led to Marc fulfilling an equivalent role in respect of 3/15 to the one that would be denied me in respect of 9/11.

    3/15? Never again! Let March 15 and the Christchurch Call bring an end to global anti-antisemitism (cough), I mean Islamophobia, once and for all. Nothing about us without us! If not us, then who? If not now, when? Leave (((no one))) behind!!!

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