We’re Still Living In The Dark Ages

Mainstream history tells us that the Dark Ages began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, and continued until the Renaissance. Since then, the light returned to Earth and now we surpass the ancients in all forms of knowledge. The reality is that the Dark Ages never ended. We surpassed the ancients in some ways, but in others we still lag far behind.

The usual reason we’re given for the Dark Ages occurring is the Christian conquest of the Western Roman Empire.

Being unintelligent and superstitious, the Christians destroyed as much of the existing Greco-Roman culture as they could. They burned every text, sacked every temple and slaughtered every hierophant they could get their hands on. This plunged Europe into a dark age of ignorance and intellectual destitution.

Fortunately, much of the ancient Greco-Roman learning was preserved elsewhere, such as in Persia. Over time, this filtered back into Europe, kickstarting the Renaissance in medieval Italy. Mainstream history has it that once the Renaissance began, we soon caught up to – and then surpassed – the level of knowledge possessed by the ancients.

The usual story has it that we recovered all of the lost knowledge by about 1600 A.D., around the time that Copernicus published his heliocentric theory. The truth is that the Christian Dark Ages brought with them a loss of spiritual knowledge that has still not been recovered. The spiritual sophistication of the Greco-Roman world has never again been reached.

Central to this superior spiritual knowledge were the Eleusinian Mysteries, which were practiced in Greece since before antiquity. For two thousand years, people from around Greece would converge upon Eleusis, a town near Athens, and get initiated into a secret society that taught the occult truths of human existence.

Foremost of these truths was the teaching that life continues after the death of the physical body. This teaching broke the chains of gold that bind people to materialism, liberating their minds as well as their bodies. This liberation resulted in the Greek Golden Age, a time which produced luminaries such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Alexander.

The truths of the Eleusinian Mysteries were taught in the form of lectures, but the participants were first made amenable to learning spiritual truths through drinking a psychedelic potion known as the kykeon. The recipe for the kykeon is now lost, but researchers believe that it either contained a psychedelic similar to LSD grown on wheat, or psilocybin from magic mushrooms (or both).

Christians destroyed the Mysteries at the end of the 4th century, by slaughtering the priests and sacking the temples. This heralded the beginning of the Dark Ages, when ignorance reigned and cognitive liberty was smashed down to the absolute minimum. It would be some 1,200 years of intellectual night before the Renaissance was in full swing.

Today, Western countries are still under the influence of that ghastly Christian superstition which considers spiritual sacraments to be “drugs” that intoxicate people. The modern West, soaked through with Abrahamic sentiment, does not see any difference between psilocybin mushrooms and heroin or methamphetamine.

All are classified in the same category in almost every Western country: extremely dangerous drugs with no medicinal value. Their use as spiritual sacraments is contemptuously denied. There is no such thing as spirituality, our political and intellectual leaders tell us. Those who speak of such things are mentally ill weaklings who can’t handle reality.

As a consequence, we have fallen into the coal-black darkness of materialism. The vast majority of people in today’s West are materialists who believe that the brain generates consciousness, and that consciousness is extinguished with the death of the brain. This empty, nihilistic outlook causes them to live as if animals, without a divine spark: psychopathic.

All this is proof that the Dark Ages never really ended.

We’re still benighted, we’re still trapped in a state of spiritual ignorance, disconnected from God. The results are seen everywhere – the soulless consumerism that has replaced genuine joy, the flickering screens that have replaced community, the empty superstitious gestures that have replaced genuine spirituality, the howling depression that sees a quarter of us forced to take psychiatric medicines just to survive.

Two things must happen before these Dark Ages, which have endured for 1,600 years already, can be ended.

The first is the complete eradication of the Abrahamic cults of hate. No quarter may be given to any of them. They have to be eliminated root and branch. This means destroying every Abrahamic holy place and every copy of their evil scriptures, and, if necessary, imprisoning those who continue to promulgate the cults.

The Abrahamic cults cannot be tolerated because of their deranged compulsion to destroy all genuine spiritual traditions. As soon as Abrahamists take power anywhere, they immediately start destroying the spiritual traditions of the culture they have subjugated. They still work today, in every Western nation, to persecute users of spiritual sacraments. This level of intolerance has to be reciprocated in the name of self-defence.

The second is the revival of genuine spiritual tradition. The Eleusinian Mysteries must be reinstated, whether in Eleusis or elsewhere. This will necessitate firstly the training of a new priesthood, who will not only have mastered the mystic teachings, but will be able to initiate other people into their secrets. It will also necessitate that the priests discover how to recreate the kykeon.

With a revived mystical tradition of initiation into the psychedelic mysteries, spiritual enlightenment will return to Earth and begin to spread. Something this excellent will soon become fashionable, and, once the world’s elites come to regularly participate, its popularity will herald the end of our current spiritual Dark Age and the advent of a new Golden Age.


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