Want Free Speech In New Zealand? Better Cultivate Your Capacity For Violence

When Posie Parker tried to speak at Albert Park on Saturday, and was attacked and silenced by a frenzied mob of far-left extremists, a dark and cold wave washed through the nation. Many Kiwis, lost in the blissful ignorance for which our country is reknown, had little idea of how precarious our rights to free speech had become. On Saturday it was driven home to us by a multitude of shrieking, hissing lunatics.

The anti-Parker protesters had been emboldened by a number of wins for the authoritarian side in recent years.

One of the first was shutting down VJM Publishing’s ability to sell ‘It’s Okay To Be White’ t-shirts on TradeMe. This was a double win for the globalist authoritarians, because not only did they silence someone who was satirising them, but they also established that they could silence their enemies at will by telling lies (there is nothing “white supremacist” about saying that it’s okay to be white).

Another big win was silencing Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern when they attempted to speak in Auckland in 2018. Molyneux and Southern had some redpills to share about the nature of mass immigration from certain cultures, so the globalists whipped up a crazed mob in order to stoke fears of violence, when they then used as an excuse to shut down the Canadians.

The authoritarians struck again when VJM Publishing’s best-selling book, Clown World Chronicles, was banned from TradeMe on false grounds. It seems that you can be an admitted far-leftist and former terrorist fundraiser, and still TradeMe will delist a book on your word.

These examples set the precedent: the far left decides if you get to have free speech or not.

Emboldened by these victories against free speech, the far left expected that they could shut down Posie Parker in Auckland. And they were correct. On Saturday a mob – incited to hysteria by a week of mainstream media scaremongering – attacked the rotunda on which Parker was to speak, and drove her away under Police escort.

It’s now apparent, if not publicly spoken, that your rights to free speech only exist if you have political power.

Such events underline the genius of Brian Tamaki. He never gets silenced, because he effectively travels in a gang, and this gang provides security for his talks. His entourage consists of dozens of high muscle mass males, most of who also have a past history of violence. They surround him like beta chimpanzees surround their tribal chief. Anyone mocking him for the crudeness of his approach is a fool; he gets to speak where few others do.

New Zealand is now much like an Anglo Somalia where only warlords have any true freedom of speech, and that only on account of their command of a capacity for extreme violence. Thus, anyone expecting to use their supposed right to free speech in the future best start lifting weights, training in martial arts and making friends with violent people.

The contrasting examples of Parker and Tamaki prove that anyone who wants the right to speak freely in New Zealand needs their own gang to protect them. So if there’s anyone out there who dreams of providing a genuine alternative to the political Establishment: don’t start with a manifesto or a million-dollar donation. Start by assembling a fighting community of high muscle mass men who are willing and capable of following orders.

If a fighting community of honourable and loyal men sounds like something out of the 1920s, that’s because it is.

In the same way that German Communists in the 1920s were inspired by the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the German Revolution of 1918-19, the far-left extremists of 2023 have been emboldened by the victories of recent years. Just like in Russia, ultimate victory for the far left means physically destroying the people they hate.

Antifa terrorists have been known to stalk freethinkers and attack them with hammers and metal bars, as they did on six separate occasions in Hungary last month. This is the sort of thing that any free-thinking person (right-wing or otherwise) now needs to deal with.

If you want to exercise your free speech in New Zealand today, you need to get fit and strong. Lift weights. Get used to receiving blows to the head. Study the basics of all the major martial arts. Find like-minded men and create bonds of solidarity with them through ritual and spending quality time with each other. When you have a group, learn some basic drills.

Today’s Albert Park protests taught us that anyone who wants to prevent New Zealand from sliding into tyranny needs to study the Laws of Iron.


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3 thoughts on “Want Free Speech In New Zealand? Better Cultivate Your Capacity For Violence”

      1. It’s certainly getting near a time for fighting fire with fire. The problem we have is they have the monopoly of power and violence, ie the police. The media can and will write anything they’re ordered too, and the judiciary will convict whom they’re told.
        We have a mountain to climb, and yes, we need men with guts who’ll be ready to take the knocks.
        Up and coming politicians doing their tours of NZ right now are showing their fear already by not wanting to draw the ire of the propagandist media machine.
        Only a grass roots movement/ leader with the backing of tough men who can scrap can succeed in making NZ a better country.
        Failing that we’re doomed to third world tribalism where being white and not LGBTQ….P is being relegated to third class citizenship.

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