Towards A Demonology Of The Age Of Aquarius (redux)

1. The Age of Aquarius is upon us: its liberating light both warms and burns.

2. This new age has a demonology that upsets the old order.

3. In this new age, it is understood that the Principle of Evil is none other than Yahweh, the Demon God of Abraham.

4. The Demon God of Abraham has three High Demons under him, each of who rule over a 60-degree span of the Quadrijitu.

5. These 60-degree spans can be understood as representing four-hour stretches of a great Spiritual Nighttime.

6. The rule of the Demon God of Abraham, which we are just now escaping with the end of the Age of Pisces, is known by Elementalists as the Spiritual Nighttime.

7. The First High Demon is Abraham himself, the father of lies, representing the lead. He spans from 181 to 240 of the Quadrijitu.

8. Abraham tells lies to confuse those he hates: all conscious beings.

9. Wherever there are malicious lies told for the sake of causing suffering, there is the energy of Abraham.

10. The energy of Abraham is also present wherever there is a willingness to follow orders even when those orders clearly increase the suffering of conscious beings.

11. Abraham appears as an old man, conspicuously insane, ranting about Yahweh. Knife in hand, he commands people to do evil in the name of the Principle of Evil.

12. Abraham’s favourite lies are those that encourage parents to harm their own children. The favourite of all is the lie that male infant genital mutilation is not harmful.

13. The Second High Demon is Jesus Christ, the father of weakness, representing the tin. He spans from 241 to 300 of the Quadrijitu.

14. Jesus Christ preaches weakness in the guise of moral superiority. He tricks people into feeling pathological altruism, leading them to their destruction at the hands of enemies.

15. The energy of Jesus Christ lowers people’s spirits, so that instead of being fearless and proud they surrender meekly to tyranny.

16. Anywhere there are slaves abjectly obeying their masters there is the energy of Jesus Christ.

17. Jesus Christ appears as a sickly, trembling weakling. He cries about how everything that everyone does is evil, and how all borders should be opened.

18. Jesus Christ likes to perform masochistic acts of self-harm so as to trick people into doing the same.

19. His favourite thing is to cause so much despair that a person surrenders, in desperation, to the Principle of Evil.

20. The Third High Demon is Muhammad, the father of cruelty, representing the iron. He spans from 301 to 360 of the Quadrijitu.

21. Muhammad preaches cruelty in the name of order, justice and morality. His energy can be found anywhere there is oppression claiming to be righteousness.

22. The energy of Muhammad can also be found anywhere a person unjustly asserts themselves upon another person. All murderers and rapists possess some of the spirit of Muhammad.

23. Muhammad appears as a black-eyed, black-bearded Arab. He is usually seen acting as a judge or executioner.

24. Muhammad loves to destroy anything beautiful, especially anything feminine. His favourite thing of all is to rape and impregnate any female he can take as a slave.

25. Abraham destroys the Spiritual Daytime with his lies, leading to the weakness of Jesus Christ, whose passivity intensifies the Spiritual Nighttime, leading to the cruelty of Muhammad.

26. A follower of the Principle of Evil will usually have an affinity for one of the three High Demons.

27. If their affinity is for Abraham, they will call themselves a Jew; if it is for Jesus Christ, they will call themselves a Christian; if it is for Muhammad, they will call themselves a Muslim.

28. The will of the Principle of Evil is to increase the suffering in the world, and all followers of the Principle of Evil seek to cause as much harm and misery as they can, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

29. Each of the three High Demons rules over twelve Greater Demons, who themselves rule over a five-degree segment of the Quadrijitu.

30. Each of these Greater Demons rules over five Lesser Demons, so that every degree in the lower half of the Quadrijitu is represented by a particular demonic energy loyal to the Principle of Evil.

31. Hams worship one or more of these three High Demons, and any number of the Greater and Lesser Demons.


This chapter is an excerpt from Elemental Elementalism, the foundational scripture of the new religion of the Age of Aquarius.


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