The Abrahamic Origins Of Wokeness

A new moral fanaticism has swept the upper echelons of Western society in recent years. Called Wokeness, it’s cancelling wrongthinkers everywhere with the fervour of a jihadist driving a van through a crowd of Christmas shoppers. Although most people consider it an entirely new phenomenon, Wokeness is, in fact, another form of Abrahamic religion. This essay explains.

As first observed by Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya, Marxism is itself another form of Abrahamic religion. He defined it as an atheistic Abrahamism, in recognition of the fact that the Abrahamic cults are political religions and not spiritual ones. As a form of Abrahamism, Marxism shares with Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Baha’i a megalomanical desire to control the world and a psychopathic hatred of outsiders.

Wokeness developed out of Marxism in a similar manner to how Christianity and Islam developed out of Judaism. The only major difference between Wokeness and Marxism is that the latter was concerned with class questions, whereas the former has abandoned those for identity politics. In any case, Wokeness shares many characteristics with the Abrahamic religions.

Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya observed that the Abrahamic cults shared “A profound sense of religious exclusivity, creating two strictly delineated camps of ‘believers’ in opposition to everyone else.” The ‘with-us-or-against-us’ logic of Abrahamism has been adopted directly into Wokeness. The absurd outcomes of this can be seen in the purity spiral phenomenon.

One central belief of Wokeness is that those who follow it are considered saved, in the sense that they need not fear future judgment, whereas those who don’t follow it are considered damned. This judgment is absolute: anything a person may have achieved in their lives, any good works they may have done, are secondary to the question of whether they were Woke. In this manner, Wokeness builds a sense of community in the same way that the Abrahamic cults do: through hatred of outsiders.

Another observation of Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya is that the Abrahamic cults share “The belief that there is only the sole true faith, and that any other form of religious expression external to the ‘one true faith’ is necessarily wrong.” The Woke follow this belief, only with regard to political expressions.

They don’t care much what your religious beliefs are, but if you hold a contrary political opinion then you are the enemy. This is because the Woke have never questioned their own righteousness, not even once. So if you disagree with a Wokist, you’re simply wrong. There is no room for dialogue or discussion, because, to them, that would be to platform evil.

This attitude is similar to the Abrahamic attitude that no outside religious ideas can ever be entertained, lest it lead to a crisis of faith. The same way that Abrahamists seek to eradicate all trace of competing religious dogmas, the Woke seek to eradicate all trace of completing political dogmas. As their idol, Joseph Stalin, once said: “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?”

Yet another observation is that the Abrahamic cults share “The acceptance of terrorism, violence, mob action, looting and aggressive missionary tactics to spread their religion.”

The Wokeness equivalent of crusading and jihading is cancel culture. The Woke don’t like to use mob terrorism to lynch people – that’s too working-class. The middle-class way to use mob terrorism is by doxxing wrongthinkers and trying to get them fired or deplatformed. The apogee of cancel culture is getting the mainstream media to run a hitpiece on someone.

Like the Abrahamists, the Woke derive a powerful sense of group bonding from destroying outsiders. The thought that those outsiders might take revenge thrills them because it suggests an escalation of conflict. Also like the Abrahamists, the Woke look forward to the one glorious day when they might destroy their enemies completely.

A further aspect of Wokeness shared by Abrahamism is “A common sense of being at a war to the death with the Dharmic (‘Pagan’) world that preceded Abrahamic ascendency.”

It has often been remarked that, for all their blustering about tyranny and oppression, the Woke don’t really care about the prohibition of spiritual sacraments such as cannabis and the psychedelics, and the countless people whose lives have been ruined by its enforcement. VJM Publishing has produced multiple books on the subject of cannabis law reform. But the Woke still consider us bad guys.

Some find this highly odd, but the explanation is simple. The Woke are politically religious, not spiritually religious, and as such they fear genuine spirituality, which they see as a competing ideology. Being soulless, the freedom to use spiritual sacraments such as cannabis and the psychedelics is not important to them. Moreover, people who do use such sacraments are usually anti-authoritarian, and therefore anti-Woke.

There are further similarities between Wokeness and the Abrahamic cults besides those observed by Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya.

Like Abrahamism, Wokeness is a conduit for sadistic and controlling urges, and attracts people with those urges. The sneering, arrogant superiority of the Woke is a mirror image of how Abrahamists behave towards non-believers. The Woke, just like the Abrahamist, want people punished for rejecting their religion. Also like the Abrahamic cults, Wokeness appeals to that base desire to punish.

Wokeness is also a universalist religion. A core part of Woke mentality is that it is a mindset for all times and all peoples. In the same way that individuals today can be judged as unworthy of respect for not being Woke, so too can individuals from centuries ago. Any person or any group of people is morally obliged to be Woke, even if they didn’t know about it.

The Woke believe that the Laws of Wokeness are written upon the hearts of men at birth.

Like Marxism and Christianity, Wokeness explicitly seeks to raise up the low and tear down the high. The difference is that instead of raising the proletariat above the bourgeoisie, or the meek above the cruel, the Woke raise the dark-skinned above the light-skinned, the homosexual above the heterosexual, the insane above the sane. The fact that this mentality harms the white working-class is seen as a bonus, as it punishes them for their rejection of Wokeness.

The most telling fact of all is that Wokeness is heavily promoted by Abrahamists. Jews, Christians and Muslims love nothing more than lecturing goyim/infidels/kaffirs about how concern for one’s own nation is the same kind of in-group favouritism that inspires genocides, and therefore evil. Wokeness can therein be understood as an ideology that serves the wider Abrahamic objective of destroying natural political organisation, and thereby competitors to Abrahamism.

Ultimately, Abrahamism and Wokeness share a great many characteristics because they are both forms of slave morality. Just like the Abrahamic cults, Wokeness is based on resentment for life, and saying No to it. As such, Wokeness can rightly be considered an evil that increases the human suffering in the world.


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