How The Mainstream Media Stifles Dissent

Many regular followers of the mainstream media have noticed a pattern: every time any opposition to globohomo stands up, the media immediately rips into them. This is the result of a deliberate propaganda strategy, carried out by the ruling class, to stifle dissent by using the mainstream media as the gatekeepers of which ideas are allowed to be normalised. This essay explains how they do it.

The general rule is that anyone who stands up to represent their people, but without the approval of the owners of the mainstream media, will be smeared by that media as either insane or evil.

Noam Chomsky likes to point out that the mainstream media normalises opinions by limiting the opinions expressed, but allowing vigorous debate within those limitations. They do this by platforming people who have similar opinions, and then exaggerating the import of any differences. The impression created is that the true, reasonable position is between these two apparent poles.

The use of this strategy meant that dissenters could simply be ignored. Anyone outside the narrow window of acceptable opinion never had their voices heard, so their ideas never entered the mainstream consciousness. This strategy worked excellently until the rise of the alternative media, particularly the Internet-based alternative media, which allowed people to share content without corporate or governmental oversight.

Power is control of the minds of the masses. However, before one can gain that control, one must first gain the attention of the masses. The main power of the mainstream media is to gatekeep that attention. Alternative media, such as VJM Publishing, might produce higher-quality content, but we are not yet in a position to broadcast it to the masses. Despite this limitation, we can reach enough of them to force the mainstream media to adapt their strategy.

Their new strategy is simple: everyone who opposes the owners of the mainstream media is labelled insane or evil. Those are the two labels that get placed on every single free thinker, without exception. If they are incompetent, like most people are, they are labelled insane. Only the competent – and therefore, truly dangerous – are labelled evil.

The standard tactic is to find the most influential authority figure who is willing to smear the target as insane or evil, and then to give that figure a platform. An example is given in the image at the top of this article. The Groundswell protests do not have the approval of the globalists who own the media (unlike the Black Lives Matter protests), so the organisers of those get smeared as “crazy”.

The natural reaction of the average credulous pleb is to assume that the Groundswell organisers must actually be crazy, for, if that wasn’t true, an authority such as the leader of Federated Farmers would not have been allowed media space to make the claim. Surely such a bold statement, if false, would have been denounced by some other authority figure. It must therefore be true.

By featuring a cavalcade of authority figures disparaging the target, the media reduces the standing of the target in the mainstream consciousness. This reduces their influence, as people become shy to be associated with the next nutjob or the next Hitler. This makes it hard to get any resistance movement going.

Examples abound.

Sue Grey of the Outdoors Party regularly gets disparaged as insane, and has done ever since she came out in favour of cannabis law reform. Being female, and being associated with cannabis, she’s a prime target for accusations of mental illness. Reddit provides several examples of her being called a “wingnut” and multiple calls for her to be silenced or fined into oblivion.

Paddy Gower tried to smear Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern as evil, but he only succeeded in making himself look like a clown. That didn’t stop the rest of the mainstream media from referring to the Canadians as “far-right”. Anyone questioning the foremost addiction of the Western ruling classes – the addiction to cheap labour – is tarred with the Nazi brush.

The mainstream media has brought out the big guns for the ongoing protests by Australian tradesmen in Melbourne and other places – these protesters have been dismissed as both “conspiracy theorists” and “far-right”. The tradesmen are too obviously masculine and based to get dismissed as crackpots, so they get compared to Nazis. It’s an absurd comparison on the face of it, because the tradies are protesting for freedoms and the government is trying to impose authoritarianism. But not too absurd for Clown World.

In short, if a person is feminine or does drugs they’re written off as schizophrenic; if they are masculine or oppose the mass importation of cheap labour they’re written off as Nazis. Insane or evil – that’s how every alternative to the Establishment is smeared by their lackeys in the mainstream media.

The truth is that the dissenters are much less insane or evil than the current ruling class. Not only has the current Western ruling class built an economic system that is destroying the planet, but they’re happy to destroy any of us in order to keep that system running full speed. The mainstream media, and their owners, are more insane and evil than their targets.


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2 thoughts on “How The Mainstream Media Stifles Dissent”

  1. Although VJMpublishing is not a fan of the Abrahamic relgions, today was a great example of coordinated FUD from the corporate media and highlights this article nicely against the Freedoms and Rights Coalition gathering in Auckland.
    One News at 6pm opened up by labelling this a potential super spreader event and showing the police being upset and potential legal ramifications.

    ‘The lowest of the low’: Kiwis lash out at ‘parasite’ Brian Tamaki after anti-lockdown protest breaches restrictions

    Super-spreader risk: Tamaki’s lockdown protest ‘highly irresponsible’ – expert

    Covid-19: Fears of virus spread after Brian Tamaki’s anti-lockdown protest in Auckland

    No arrests at Auckland anti-lockdown protest
    The controversial church leader said he wasn’t responsible for anyone who didn’t wear masks.
    While some are wearing masks, many are not, with very little social distancing happening.
    1News reporters sighted gang members among those at the protest, as well as young families.

    Hundreds break lockdown rules to protest restrictions

    Further more the boot licking lemmings of reddit new zealand were dehumanising, marginalizing and libelling their fellow kiwis as super spreaders.
    If only they fought for your freedoms like they did over toilet paper.

    The best way to get back at Brian Tamaki is to hit him where it hurts. His pocket.
    Fight for the removal of tax exempt status for churches.

    2000 protests including gang members at the Domain right now.
    If the police don’t bother to enforce Covid requirements today against these idiots nobody is going to bother anymore. Why the fuck should I be stuck inside if some dropkick is going to parade himself all over the CBD?

    How many Aucklanders would sign an online petition to say they want Tamaki arrested?
    He wouldn’t be of course but if we got a really large number it might show that we don’t care about his freedumb and that he won’t become the big martyr like they worry he will because he doesn’t have that much support. He should get the same punishment other people in Auckland did for breaking lockdown rules. Yes we have a right to protest. No we don’t have a right to break other laws to do so.
    And I read that police say they ARE considering prosecutions over this because the social distancing measures and masks promised by Tamaki prior to the gathering mostly didn’t happen.

    How tone-deaf are the police rn?
    Are the police so far out of touch with current community vibe that they seriously believe that giving Profit Brian Tamaki and his bunch of merry sheep a free pass is the best option?

    Brian Tamaki’s anti-lockdown protesters labelled ‘dickheads’, gathering at the ‘worst time’

    Is it possible to bring a public legal suit against Brian Tamaki / Destiny for today’s protest?
    Does anyone know if it’s possible in NZ law to collectively bring some kind of legal suit against Tamaki / Destiny?
    If so… Who’s up for it? I’ll definitely put some skin in the game – time and money. Collective funding of legal costs?

    1. That’s an excellent example. This is exactly how the mainstream media destroys the reputation of people, leading to shit like the Reddit thread at the bottom.

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