The Great Feminine Axis

1. The Great Feminine Axis connects the Autumn Pole to the Spring Pole.

2. This axis represents the multitudinous and multivariate glory of Nature, which populates the Great Fractal with an infinite number of forms.

3. The nature of the feminine is to distinguish horizontally. This it does by distinguishing between masculine and feminine.

4. The Great Feminine Axis distinguishes all material expressions from each other on the basis of how masculine or feminine they are.

5. All material expressions within the Great Fractal have their own unique frequency, depending on their proportion of masculine and feminine.

6. The soft rule is that the higher the energy potential a material expression has, the more masculine it is. The hard rule is that the more masculine it is, the closer it is to the Spring Pole.

7. The Great Feminine Axis represents becoming, and can therefore stand for many things. On one level, it stands for energy potential. On another, it stands for physical dominance. On another, it stands for age. On another, it stands for social status.

8. The Great Feminine Axis could be said to represent any and all things apart from the hierarchy of spiritual rectitude.

9. The Spring Pole is equivalent to a frequency of 1 (or 0).

10. The Autumn Pole is equivalent to a frequency of 0 (or -1).

11. All frequencies, without exception, can be found somewhere between these two poles. As such, every material thing that exists, having a frequency, exists somewhere between these two poles.

12. The white and black dots represent how good and evil can be found, in varying proportions, all throughout the material world.

13. The Great Feminine Axis is represented materially by the horizon, which divides the air and fire of the sky from the earth and water of the land.

14. The Spring Pole is represented materially by light, which inspires devotion.

15. The Autumn Pole is represented materially by darkness, which inspires rectitude.

16. The Spring Pole also represents warmth, activity, energy, action, up and forwards.

17. The Autumn Pole also represents cold, passivity, matter, rest, down and backwards.

18. The Great Feminine Axis explains the different levels of vitality among all living things and the different levels of energy potential among all material things.

19. Matching one’s frequency on the Great Feminine Axis to that which is appropriate to the physical, emotional, social or intellectual environment will cause one to climb the Great Masculine Axis.

20. War calls for a fiery frequency; merriment calls for an airy frequency; romance calls for a watery frequency and healing calls for an earthy frequency.

21. The Great Feminine Axis can be broken into any number of points. The four most common arrangements are twofold (masculine and feminine), threefold (creation, maintenance and destruction, or sulphur, salt and mercury), fourfold (fire, air, water and earth) and eightfold (heaven, lake, fire, thunder, wind, water, mountain and earth).


This chapter is an excerpt from Elemental Elementalism, the foundational scripture of the new religion of the Age of Aquarius.


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