Why The Mainstream Media Does So Much Race-Baiting

Many people ask themselves why the mainstream media does so much race-baiting. It’s apparent that there a conscious and widespread effort to divide every Western nation along racial lines, and to promote racial consciousness wherever possible. The mainstream media does all this as part of a deliberate strategy to divide and conquer all Western nations.

The first thing to be understood is that the mainstream media of almost every Western nation is owned and controlled by international banking and finance interests. This is true of New Zealand, and it’s true of almost everywhere else as well, and has been true for over a century now.

These international banking and finance interests don’t permit the journalists of the mainstream media to present the news objectively. Control of the narrative is far too valuable to allow mere journalists to decide what information gets presented to the masses.

The mainstream media serves as the apparatus of propaganda, through which consent for the desires of the ruling class is manufactured. The owners of that apparatus make sure that its every action serves their interests. To that end, every story, article or bulletin is manicured to achieve the maximum possible propaganda benefit to the ruling class.

The major interest of the international banking and finance interests, a.k.a. the ruling class, is to maintain their position at the top of the social dominance hierarchy. Staying at the top, when you are grossly outnumbered, is primarily a matter of dividing and conquering the masses and setting them against each other. That way, they can’t unify and set themselves against you.

It is in serving this interest that the mainstream media does so much race-baiting. Their repeated emphasis on racial issues distracts from the class issues that are harming both working-class whites and working-class non-whites. This is true of every Western country.

Whether it’s whites and blacks, whites and Muslims, whites and Maoris – both or all sides have to be set against each other through constant emphasis of their differences and denial of their similarities. At no point, ever, may it be acknowledged that working-class whites and working-class non-whites have anything in common.

This is why the mainstream media dishes up shit like this week’s report about the Vodafone CEO telling one of his customers to fuck off in Maori, which is not news in any sense. The only purpose of stories like this is to normalise the division of the nation into racial groups, which is achieved by normalising race consciousness.

The Vodafone CEO is a wealthy, ruling class man, who benefits directly from the division of the working class, whose wages are his biggest expense. He is not a friend of Maoris in any sense, especially not working-class ones. But the apparatus of propaganda is willing to present him as an ally for the sake of race-baiting.

This is why New Zealand’s Stuff, the 12th most-visited website in the country (according to Alexa rankings), has an entire section devoted purely to race-baiting. The ‘Pou tiaki’ section runs nothing but race hate stories, usually with a particular focus on demonising white people. Even when white people are not demonised directly, this section propounds the narrative that every New Zealander is their race first and foremost.

Such narratives have an extremely destructive effect on working class solidarity. Working-class whites, many of who are still suffering intergenerational trauma from their ancestors’ participation in World Wars I and II, naturally resent being told that they are privileged. Working-class Maoris, for their part, are torn between loyalty to their fellow working-class whites and their own Maori elders, who tend to push race hate narratives.

This resentment and divided loyalties make it impossible for the working class to present a unified front to the ruling class.

The mainstream media, and the people who own them, don’t care whether the average white Kiwi sees Maoris as an angelic race of innocent victims or as a criminal race of grifters and gang members. All that matters is that they’re seen as an other. There’s a white Us and a brown Them, and class narratives don’t come into it at all, ever.

As long as people think that “we are our race”, they don’t ever think that “we are our class”. That would be the real danger – if working-class whites and working-class Maoris would come together to assert their class differences in the face of the ruling class. It is to prevent this outcome that the ruling class directs its lackeys in the mainstream media to fill the airwaves with race-baiting propaganda.

Normalising racial consciousness also abnormalises the idea that a random working-class white and a random working-class Maori can come together in bonds of solidarity. Racial consciousness means that the first thought of a white upon seeing a Maori, or vice-versa, is suspicion and mistrust. Class consciousness, by contrast, means that working-class people put all their mutual suspicion and mistrust aside to achieve a greater goal.

So the reason why the mainstream media does so much race-baiting is to keep the enemies of their owners divided. The owners of the mainstream media want a divided working class, one that cannot come together to effect any real change to the status quo of the political and economic systems. Every story about racial injustice is a story that distracts from class injustice.


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5 thoughts on “Why The Mainstream Media Does So Much Race-Baiting”

  1. Speaking of class division, I had an interesting thought today. I was thinking about billionaires and thinking about how they don’t say a word about the ‘great reset’ where they are supposed to ‘give all their possessions’ and money by 2030 and ‘merge with the machine’ and become part of the ‘internet of things’ as Human 2.0 GMO (patented genetic ‘human resources’).
    So here is a test for all these pricks…because they seem very relaxed about this whole scenario; whomever doesn’t object to this communism IS IN ON IT. From the trillionaire/billionaire class on down. The people who are objecting to this are the people who are going to get screwed by it. But if you know someone who is mildly wealthy (in the scheme of things) say to the tune of 20 million (which is practically poor by todays standards of wealth) and they are not speaking out against this great reset, that is because they know something and are working deals in the background without your knowledge and not informing you or fighting against this grave injustice.
    Interesting to think about, right? Because that means there are a lot more traitors to the people than you might first think…and there are a lot more people who know what is really going on than you might think as well. I wonder what it would take to get one of them to spill the beans about everything they know? The greater ‘plan’ for the working class.
    Think about Musk not saying a word about any of this. So he is in on it as well. Otherwise he would be fighting the agenda as hard as he could; we all know how much these people love money and couldn’t bear to live without their horded wealth.
    “All’s not well in Denmark.”

    1. Elon Musk was born into a hundred million-dollar emerald mining fortune, he’s definitely an aristocrat on a global scale.

      It might be that the coming economic age involves an international corporate warlordism under which men like Musk, Zuckerberg, Bezos command world governments to do their bidding.

      1. I didn’t know that. Thanks.

        Well they do have private merc armies that are larger than many small nations armies.

        I guess I was hoping that people would begin to question the fundamental unfairness of the working class having to give up everything so that these billionaires could enjoy even more wealth off their work. Who needs ‘robots’ when you can have biorobots/AI controlled slaves that will also do your every bidding because they are coerced or forced to by their ‘programming’ which is actually integral to their physical body (like the horror show of neural link which they will probably just inserted into babies at or slightly before birth). Meaning that never once would they be ‘free’ their entire life, birth to death. Really, who would need governments at that point.

        You would simply have to own the controller AI to operate the entire planet in an orchestrated manner. If AI tells a human to ‘jump’ and you don’t do it, you will be frog marched to the open pit involuntarily (neural link activated by AI will control your body functions) and disposed of as defective garbage.

        Reminds me of the end of Assassins Creed where the real war of all wars is against ‘free will’.

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