Clown World Chronicles: What Is ‘Bioleninism’?

‘Bioleninism’ describes a familiar phenomenon in Clown World – social rejects coming together to force their will on society at large. A feature of Clown World is that people who normally keep themselves hidden away out of shame are out and proud. Even worse, they are organised and controlling the narrative. Bioleninism is the thread that binds them all.

The original Leninism was a kind of slave morality that attracted many of society’s misfits. Much like Christianity in the Roman Empire, which first became popular among slaves, Leninism first became popular among those at the bottom of society. In the case of Russia, it wasn’t slaves but drunkards, prostitutes, petty criminals and those shunned for cruelty.

Characteristic of all popular slave moralities is that they bring together the resentful. Christianity did this, the original Communism did this, and now the bottom-feeders of Clown World are coming together to do it again – this is Bioleninism.

Bioleninism is the name given to the phenomenon of all of society’s genetic rejects coming together with a view to force their will on the population at large. Its coining is usually attributed to a mysterious Internet commentator known as ‘Spandrell‘.

For better or worse, much of human life is a mating contest that primarily revolves around genetic quality. Society favours the good-looking, the tall, the strong, the intelligent and the vigourous. All of these qualities can be affected by nutrition, but the reality is that their expression is fundamentally a matter of genetics.

Evolution selects for genetic quality first and foremost, and in the modern human animal it does so mostly through sexual selection. In practice, this means that women decide which males pass their genes on and which don’t. Like the other workings of Nature, this is a brutal process that involves a great deal of suffering for all, especially those who are found wanting.

If a person loses the genetic lottery, and cannot find anyone to mate with, it’s common for them to become resentful. At worst, this resentment manifests as a bitter form of anger that desires the destruction of everything good in the world. The logic is that if I can’t have it, no-one else can have it either. This spite probably evolved alongside jealousy, envy and all the other emotions as a way of ensuring breeding opportunities.

Some people ask themselves how it’s possible that people still propound Communism, given that it has a track record of a hundred million deaths and has failed every time it’s been tried.

The reason is that the people who support Communism are primarily motivated by resentment and hate. They don’t care whether or not Communism lifts up or empowers anyone – they just want to see the people they envy brought down a level or two. As long as someone above average is smashed down to the same level as everyone else, then all is good.

Bioleninism draws together the same kind of slaves that would ordinarily be Christians. Only now, instead of burning infidels at the stake, the wrongthinkers they persecute are political enemies. Those healthy enough to assert the value of their families or nations are hounded into silence. Instead of being labelled infidels or bourgeoisie, they are labelled Nazis.

Characteristic of the Bioleninist is an obsession with equality, which is held up as a virtue for its own sake. The logic is that the genetic reject feels a deep sense of humiliation in the presence of the genetically healthy. Only by rubbing the latter’s face in the shit can the reject avoid this humiliation.

One of the reasons why Clown World is so terrible is because its rulers understand the phenomenon of Bioleninism, and use it against the people. As such, they take measures to destroy the genetic infrastructure of any place they lord over, making resistance to their will less likely. This is achieved in two major ways.

The first is to destroy any natural leader that arises before they can become influential. The rulers of Clown World know that human populations naturally produce great leaders, and that these great people will lead their nations towards ending their suffering. So these natural leaders have to be dealt to before they liberate their nation from control.

In practice, this doesn’t require that the leaders be destroyed so much as that the people are induced to follow natural slaves instead. This is achieved through mass media programming, which platforms entertainers and celebrities instead of intellectuals and philosophers. By raising up these clowns, the rulers of Clown World ensure that the natural leaders are not followed.

The second major way to destroy the genetic infrastructure of a nation is through mass immigration. The rulers of Clown World know that only high-IQ people are capable of maintaining an uncorrupt society. Therefore, since they want corruption, they want the kind of population that enables corruption. So they hold the border open to the dumbest, most impulsive people they can find.

The plan is to have one global seething mass of borderline-retarded consumer whores who can be played off against each other without ever seeing the man behind the curtain. The end goal of original Leninism was to have a society where everyone is reduced to the lowest common social denominator. The end goal of Bioleninism is to have a world where everyone is reduced to the lowest common genetic denominator.


This article is an excerpt from Clown World Chronicles, a book about the insanity of life in the post-Industrial West. This is being compiled by Vince McLeod for an expected release in the middle of 2020.


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3 thoughts on “Clown World Chronicles: What Is ‘Bioleninism’?”

  1. Actually the lack of physical fitness is found among the far right as well, but neoliberals are the ones who take bioleninism to an extreme.

    Generally the trouble makers in society are those that are less physically appealing. You rarely, rarely, see genuinely beautiful women doing anything aggressive whether this is politics, social media. This goes across all racial lines, as well, with the best looking people of all races generally keeping to themselves while the less attractive run rampant through society promoting all kinds of social ills.

    Corporations and neoliberal politicians took up bioleninism as their selling point, so capitalism has in fact enabled it and vice versa.

    Very, very good looking women are incredibly rare and while they fraternize with billionaires, I suspect they pick the genes of the fathers of their children a lot more carefully.

  2. I’m really enjoying reading these essays, glad to see you’re still somewhat active too. This essay brought me here via Googling bioleninism after someone explained it to me, I expected a bunch of mainstream bullshit to be plastered everywhere but was pleasantly surprised, and now that I’ve read some of these articles I’ll probably pick up the book because a lot of this is really good shit. I’m from Weimerica myself so a lot of this resonates with me, but was especially surprised to see the more esoteric and psychedelic related stuff, and i gotta say the hippienazi essay is what sold me, haha. I also must ask are you looking for/interested in writers by chance? If so, I suppose you have an email of mine. Writing is something I’ve had a knack for and always wanted to pursue, but as you know most jobs associated with it now strip you of any intellectual freedom, short of publishing your own book which is increasingly difficult to do and reach an audience. On that note, if you’re not looking for writers, any advice or pointers about setting up something like this would be nice.

    1. Cheers for the support!

      The Nazihippie concept might sound strange now, but it is the future. There are many like us! Our great war really is a spiritual war, and the rulers of the West really have failed us – the inevitable result is the Nazihippie.

      We’d love to have more writers! Please understand that we are primarily a philosopher’s collective that has seen beyond. As such we are alt-centrists, and adhere to the Five Rejections and the Five Acceptances. If that sounds okay to you, please email us at and we can talk.

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