Clown World Chronicles: What Is A ‘Simp’?

Many people are getting called ‘simps’ nowadays, thanks to a marked rise in simping all across the world. Simping is another phenomenon that increases the further a civilisation decays, so in today’s West it’s all around us. This article explains what simps are and what role they play in Clown World.

Life in Clown World can be characterised by a lack of rectitude. Confucius considered rectitude to be the fundamental characteristic of the masculine, that which attracted the devotion of the feminine. For society to function, men have to have rectitude, because it is this quality that imposes correct order upon society.

In Clown World, men are no longer capable of rectitude. Now, like women, they exhibit devotion instead.

In some cases, gender role reversals can be healthy. But when the masculine principle comes to show devotion to the feminine principle, chaos can be the only result. Confucius spoke about this over 2,500 years ago, having observed that the feminine, being an expression of Nature, cannot order itself.

The masculine, being an expression of Heaven, can order itself. Its doing so is the virtue known as rectitude. In a healthy society, the masculine is esteemed for doing this, in the same way that the feminine is esteemed for devotion in a healthy society.

In Clown World, everything masculine is torn down with venom. Rectitude itself is shunned and mocked, seen as highly unfashionable. As such, there is nothing to correctly be devoted to. In the absence of rectitude, people become devoted to crude material pleasures and base instincts instead, and in doing so they lose touch with the spiritual.

One of the characteristic aspects of the Kali Yuga prophecised in Hindu eschatology is spiritual darkness. Leaders no longer take measures to promote spirituality in their lands, being more concerned with money and power. This absence of correct spiritual order is why Clown World is so rotten in so many aspects.

A simp is specifically someone who actively enables someone else’s bullshit on account of that they lack the rectitude to resist. Enabling is, according to this Psychology Today article, “offering help that perpetuates rather than solves a problem.” An enabler is someone who contributes to another person’s dysfunction.

A common example is a person who enables another person’s drinking by shouting them drinks, or who helps another person score drugs. Just about any vice can be – and is – enabled by friends, including any imaginable form of neglect or abuse. When this enabling is done by a person who should know better, it’s simping.

The archetypal example of a simp is a horny incel who donates money to a roastie‘s OnlyFans account. Society doesn’t really need 15-year old girls selling nude pictures of themselves over the Internet to sex-crazed old men, but the prevalence of simping means that there’s a niche for it.

It’s possible to simp for women, for blacks, for Muslims, Jews or Christians, for drug users, for homosexuals, for rednecks, for children – in principle it’s possible to simp for anyone who behaves poorly and who should know better. Any obsequious behaviour that tolerates that which should not be tolerated falls into the simp category.

That so much shitty behaviour is normalised in Clown World is because of all the simps out there. In a world with the usual amount of rectitude, shitty behaviour gets dealt to in short order. As rectitude declines, this behaviour starts going unpunished. By the time society has turned into Clown World, simping is widespread.

Simping is one of the main drivers of the Weimarisation of the West. As such, it is indirectly one of the main reasons for the rise of authoritarianism – too many simps lead to the dissolution of the social order, and when society falls into chaos people start searching for a man of iron to impose that order.

‘Simp’ is a noun, but it’s common to see it used as a verb. ‘To simp’ for someone is to enable their pathological behaviour. It’s often used in the present continuous tense, in forms such as “X is simping for Y”. It’s usually apparent from the wider context that ‘simp’ is a derogatory term.

It’s unclear whether the contemporary use of the word ‘simp’ derives from its original use in the 2000 A.D. comic strip. The simps in the 2000 A.D. series were passive, dysfunctional degenerates who lived in a cyberpunk dystopia, much link the simps today. The relation may be coincidental.

The difference between a soyboy and a simp is that the former are just weak, whereas the latter have enough strength to actively make the world worse. A soyboy can perhaps be forgiven for his weakness, but the simp is morally defective. Subsequently, his weakness has a much more corrosive effect.


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3 thoughts on “Clown World Chronicles: What Is A ‘Simp’?”

  1. This is one of the best things I’ve read in a while, and my readin list regularly includes some of the world’s top periodicals like the financial times, and books by librarian of congress Daniel Boorstin.

    Keep at it I really enjoyed this. I used to be a simp and I know first hand it’s evil by viewing my own life and a microcosm of where it will lead society.

    People need to hear this. I’m amazed you don’t have a lot more fans.

    Fuck that clown above who is either a salty can girl or a simp himself

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